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ALWAYS VISIT THE SITE NOT THE APP FOR #WORDFEST2020 MESSAGES, 🥳🥳🥳🥳its DAY 9 on the #WORDFEST2020.. 👌👌👌study and get insights, special thoughts from the message of the day, the epic title CULTIVATING A SPIRIT OF PRAYER this epic message is available on the PCDL Wordfest Portal @ www.pastorchrisdigitallibrary.org✅✅ NOT ON PCDL APP❌🚫 👍Post 5 of the most impactful one-liner statement that struck a strong cord in your spirit with #WORDFEST2020 #WORDATWORK #day9moststrikinginspirations

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Happy Birthday to an exceptional Sister Priscilla. Thank you for all that you do in our Ministry. May God wisdom continually shine in and through you. I am very proud of you. Enjoy your year of Perfection. I love you.

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An awesome tonight training for the labour ahead! #50DTGH #50DaysOfTheGreatHarvest

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#50DTGH #50DaysofTheGreatHarvest

They don't even know "50 days of the great harvest". #50DTGH the campuses in Ottawa will never remain the same!!

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💥RECEIVE THIS SPECIAL PRAYER FOR PARTNERS FROM OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR, REVEREND KEN. GLORY! HALLELUJAH!💥 *Remember to share the special prayer with others. God bless you. #RevKen #Perfection #Canada

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 😎 Come and try to best these moves 💁🏾‍♀️🎉💃🏾 All for our Daddy #RevKen WE CHALLENGE: Doreen Owase Nigel Dara Natanya Dara Andrea Okocha Valerie Okocha Jimmy Ifon Beverly Omoregie Naa Anorkor Adjei Esse Odenore Chevaunne Stewart #RevKen918 #CECanada

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💥Celebrating a Supernatural Luminary, a dispensation of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge. A Hallmark of unconditional Love and Grace. A Disposition of Unwavering Loyalty and Commitment to the Gospel. A true and Dependable Son of our dear Man of God. Thank You Sir for Revealing Christ to many of us across the Globe. We are Eternally Grateful to God for You Sir. We love you dearly Sir.💥 Counting Up! 3 Days to Go! #RevKen918 #Uplifting #Canada

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🌟 SHINE 2019 YOUTH RETREAT 🌟 The Shine Retreat 2019 held from August 16th to August 19th, at Georgian College, in Barrie Ontario. Youth travelled from several Canadian cities including: Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Greater Toronto Area, arriving to Georgian College in their buses, cars, and other forms of transportation. All the youth came in ready and excited for the first ever, collaborative retreat featuring youth from the Believers LoveWorld Campus Ministry and Teens Ministry. Pastor Zoë, Regional Coordinator; BLW Teens Ministry Canada, gave the youth a warm welcome. Conveying important and exciting information about the Shine Retreat and what to expect. Alongside all the fun and games, the youth took part in different activities and segments, specifically targeting spiritual growth and development. All attendees reported for morning devotions, workshops on evangelism & campus ministry, evangelism, as well as evening and afternoon super sessions. Glorious evening sessions were held throughout the retreat. The youth gathered for a powerful praise and worship session stirring up every person in attendance. The youth fellowshipped together and glorified God with songs of joyful worship and praise, as they prepared for the Word. The sessions emphasized on the importance of knowing the Word, who you are, and the abilities and limitless potentials that you have inside you. The youth were charged to let their light shine in everything they do and everywhere they go. A change in scenery; The youth participated in a beachside Sunday Service. With hearts filled with thanks, the attendees gathered along the coast to sing praises to our Father. Our dear directors, Pastor Nigel and Pastor Zoë, admonished them to develop and maintain the consciousness of who they are and what they have in Christ. As the atmosphere was filled with the presence of God, our special guest minister, the highly esteemed Pastor Jide Afolabi, came in to minister to all the young people. Pastor enlightened the attendees with an empowering message to remind them that they have so much power and ability in them to impact their worlds irregardless of their age! What a spirit-stirring message that was! The meeting concluded with an impartation to all current and transitioning campus ministry members, who received words of prophecy for the work that they will accomplish and be successful in for the upcoming school year. The Shine 2019 retreat with the first ever Shine concert. The youth gathered in praise and celebration to rejoice ahead of their soon-coming victories. It was an awesome time in the Lord’s presence as the youth showcased their talents in singing and dancing. The concert began with an enrapturing moment of praise and worship after which the youth were ushered into a lit session of turning up for Jesus. What an awesome time we had at this retreat, it’s impact will remain in the lives of all the attendees forever. “So, what's next?”, you may ask? Rounding up the retreat, the youth joined Pastor Zoë and Pastor Nigel for a Q&A session. The attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about all they learnt during the retreat, and any clarification they needed about the Word. Particularly about their inheritance as a chosen generation; saints of the Most High. It was clear that their understanding of the Word and devotion to the Word had been heightened to a much higher level. Testimonies have already begun rolling in! The youth are winning souls on their way back to their cities and preaching the gospel to all in their sphere of contact. The Believers Loveworld Campus Ministry and Teens Ministry in the region off Canada have moved! #CECANADA #BLWCANADA #TEENSCAN #SHINE2019

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🔥🔥🇨🇦 SHINE 2019 - A SUMMER YOUTH RETREAT LIKE NONE OTHER 🇨🇦 🔥🔥 From Saturday, August 16 to Monday, August 19, 2019, the BLW Campus Ministry Canada and LW Teens Ministry Canada will be having the very first of its kind - SHINE 2019! It is a youth retreat for all youth in the nation of Canada. Get ready to be transported, transformed, and translated to greater levels of operation in the kingdom. SHINE 2019 will take place at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. Registration is ongoing until August 11 at: tiny.cc/ShineRetreat It's going to be a glorious time in God's presence! God bless you. #ShineRetreat #CECanada #TeensCan #BLWCanada

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#TGOHP 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🎉

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💥Celebrating a nonquantifiable gift to the body of Christ, An embodiment of Love, Grace and Excellence. Celebrating our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor. The Epitome of loyalty to our dear Man of God.💥 We thank God for you Sir 6 DAYS TO GO! # RevKen918

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Future Leaders #2018summercamp #TeensCan #cetoronto

Great leaders take notes!oh how I miss camp! #2018summercamp #teenscan #CEYORKGROUP #cescarb

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Glory! Praise the Lord! Million dollar smiles all around! Teens coming back with testimonies, impacting their world, &taking the word to each and everyone in their contact! #teenscan #2018summercamp #CEYORKGROUP #cescarb

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Arnt my Pastors so handsome & Beautiful!! Thank you so much Sir & Ma for blessing us at #summercamp2018 such an honour and a privilege!!! #teenscan #ceyorkgroup #cescarb

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Kabaya! 2 Tim 4:12! These are the young people that will lead & shake the nation !! #summercamp2018 #teenscan #ceyorkgroup #cescarb

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Morning Drills #2018summercamp #TeensCan #cetoronto

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