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Glorrrrrrry to God ! Hallelujah!

Glorrrrrrry! Hallelujah!

#mydelaration. I walk in supernatural ability, supply, strength, insight, wisdom, knowledge, health. This's my time to arise and shine.

I born to win, rule, and reign in life. I've Victory in every situation! I'm a winner!

#myfaithdeclaration. My children are protected from evil an unreasonable men of this world. Hallelujah!

#my declarations.iam born of God, all things are working together for my my good. Iam a success, divine life is working in me.

PhotoSpeaks: What a time of relishing the word at CE Campground Service today! New Week, New Testimonies... #celagoszone1

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5. Sunday Udofia. 6. Itoro Solomon Udofia. 7. Etimbuk Goodnews Udofia. . 8. Partricia wude; Baby Ifoema Okafor; Emmanuel Edwin Azom-Chine.

Pastor chris prays for my family. 1. Victor chiwuike Azom-Chine. 2. Lopez Chukwumma Azom-Chine. 3. Solomon Udofia. 4.Margret Edemawan Udofia

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Tonight at the Garden Tomb (historical site of our Lord's burial & resurrection), we had a most special teaching and communion service with our Man of God. The glory was indescribable but the impact will bear testimony! Pastor showed us clearly from scriptures God's plan for Israel; where the Church is, in God's calendar; and the urgency of the moment. Brothers & Sisters, there is not a moment to waste. We must work the works of the Lord like never before. And we are anointed to do it. Communion was served, and Pastor shared about God's love and passion for us. Oh, how God loves us! Enjoy His love and share lavishly with others. More to come...share these posts widely, and be sure you are following to get more (click follow button at top right). Pastor Lanre

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The day started with another glorious Service with our Man of God at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Beloved, thank God for Pastor! He further expounded on the calendar of the church, including the rapture, events after the rapture and climaxed with the revelation of Jesus as the perfect expression of love. Oh, what joy to know we are loved of God so perfectly and how we should walk in love, and act in love. It is the more excellent way. During the Day we visited sights that chronicled the last week of our Lord's earthly ministry leading up to the crucifixion. Including the Via Dolorosa (streets our Lord walked with the cross), the Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives. We also visited the amazing site of the Pool of Bethesda. So much inspiration and blessings, but above all gratitude to the Lord for saving us! #thankyouJesus Pastor Lanre

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Children's Church will be super this Sunday...plenty of fun and learning! Don't miss it. Let the children come and bring their friends too.

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Happy Sunday! Plan for Service and take others along. Participate joyfully in all that we will do in church. Remember that alll our platforms (cell ministry, partnerships, multi media and others) are all to help us fulfill our calling and do the work the Lord commited to us. The Holy Land Tour today was epic as we had an indescribable Service with our Man of God right on the Sea of Galilee! The place where the events of Jn 6 happened and numerous others. We saw the sea and the mountains that our Lord Jesus saw, breathed in the same air, under the same clouds! The place where the 1st disciples were caled. The place were our salvation started! Pastor then took time to explain again the nearness of the Rapture and used Acts 4:10-12 to drive home why we must preach Jesus. Brethren, our salvation is real and our mission is urgent! Earlier in the day, we visited Bethshan, an amazingly preserved Roman city from 749AD lying between the mountains of Gilboa and Gilead. The events of 1 Sam 31, the death of Saul & his sons, happened here and we saw the remains of the walls of Bethshan upon which their bodies were hung by the Philistines. We later drove through the valley of Jezreel and Meggido, the food basket of the entire Nation, and prophetically the site of the biblical battle of Armaggedon. Then went by the Port city of Haifa located by Mount Camel famous for Elijah's showdown with the prophets of Baal. Then to the city of Akko on the Mediterranean Sea, a world heritage site being the most well preserved Crusader City from the 11th Century. The Crusaders were groups from Europe who were zealous to regain the Holy Land from Muslim occupation around 1091 and ruled it for about 200 years. Just before getting to the Sea of Gallilee via Tiberias, we stopped by Magdala, the home town of Mary Magdalene! Our bible is real! Our salvation is real! Our purpose is real! Our Lord is coming again! And it is worth all our effort! #doingmoreforJesus Pastor Lanre

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Thank you my dear Pastor for giving my life a meaning, and beautifying my life through the word of God. Thank u daddy!

welcome to IPPC 2015,a year of triumph. Indeed it's a triumphant year. congratulations, we made it

good evening all

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