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Thank you Pastor Sir. As CE Norton 1 Church we reached out to all the grade 7 pupils from two Primary schools namely Porta and Mutipitipi Primary Schools. We donated some stationery items to help them write their exams. #InternationalDayOfService #cenorton1 #cesazone5

Im on it #virtualreadingparty #world'sgreatestauthor #cesazone5 #cesaregion

#mfszimbabwe #healingtothenations #cesazone5

Just a split second! Zimbabwe is flying high with intense communion and fellowship unto the Lord for 24 hours, so grateful to Our Man of God, Pastor Chris for such a privilege. Hallelujah. #cesazone5 #pclprayathon

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Hello everyone!! Today is a special day for me because I have something to shout about, It's the birthday of my Pastor, my Mother, Pastor Dr Ruth. Pastor thank you so much for changing my life with the gospel. Happy birthday Ma and I love you so dearly!!!

My father, My teacher, I'm a result of the words you invested in my life. Happy birthday Pastor sir, I love you dearly. #december7 #ids2019 #myspecialblessingfromGod #cesazone5 #cenorton1

Happy birthday Pastor Clemence Hikwa, God's general. You future is bright sir, keep on shinning for the gospel. Enjoy your day.

19 days to go!!! We are having Faith In Action Crusades all over in our beloved nation of Zimbabwe, starting in Norton on the 13th of July!!! Are you ready? Spread the news!!! It's time for salvation to many, it's time for giving hope!!! Don't miss it!!! #PastorRuthInNorton #FIANwithPastorRuth #cesazone5

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Surely Norton will never be the same again!! #faithinactioncrusade #norton


FIAN 13 July 2019

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Aheadship, Supremacy... We are God's choice. The word says that we are the head and above only!!!!! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #monthofleadership #cesazone5 #cenorton1


7 Spirits of God #BestAuthorPastorChris

All our family members and brethren are protected from the wind of evil, from the wind of violence, from the wind of destruction during this Easter period. They is protection from accidents, death, injuries and blood shed.Glory!!!! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #cesazone5 #cenorton1

As we believe in the Lord our God, we are established, and as we believe in those whom he has appointed over us to lead and guide, we prosper!!!!!! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #monthofdirection #cesazone5 #cenorton1

Totally Transformed Activists for Jesus. Communities of Practice Conference with Our Director of Corporate Affairs, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka. We will never be the same again #LWCommunitiesofPractice #cesazone5 #cenorton1

Our children, elderly and pregnant women are divinely protected from every intention of the devil. They are blessed . The Holy Spirit is guiding them even in this month of direction. Glory be to God! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #monthofdirection #cesazone5 #cenorton1

Hallelujah, Iam guided always by the Holy Spirit. I am focused always. My spiritual antenna is always alert to the voice of God. Oh yes am on the right course for iam directed by the Lord always!!!! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #monthofdirection #cesazone5 #cenorton1

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