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Mothers' Day Service at Christ Embassy Irving.. #CeIrving #TexasZone2

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in Christ Embassy Irving.. #CeIrving #TexasZone2

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Starting tomorrow May 9th is the 3rd Edition of *WordFest!* Maximize your participation and impact by doing the following πŸ”Έ Watch and study the message for the day πŸ”Έ Organize WordFest outreaches in your sphere of contact πŸ”Έ Sponsor a language translation of the messages of our Man of God #WordFest2021 #WordatWork #watchonpcdltv #CETXZONE2

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HBD to a great woman of faith Esteemed Dcns Gloria, full of the word of God, always willing and ready to preach the gospel. Wow thank you Ma, for the many years of leadership, love, and care. Thank you for being so committed to the work of the ministry We love you so dearly Ma.

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Happy Birthday to an amiable woman of God, Esteemed Deaconess Gloria Wiggle. Your love, passion and zeal for the gospel is what emulating. Thank you for your immeasurable love,thank you for being a mother to many, your light Illuminate so bright. We love you dearly Ma.

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Our Global Dcns, Dcns Gloria Wiggle's birthday is tomorrow. We can't wait to celebrate a Woman of Love, Grace, and Excellence. #DGW2021 #May6th #Womanoflove #CEArlington #CETXZONE2

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Celebrating Global Impact Celebrating Global Excellence Celebrating Global Uniqueness Celebrating Global Excellence Celebrating Global Perfection Celebrating Global Deaconess Gloria Wiggle ... a few hours to go #DGW2021 #May6th #WomanofLove #CeArlington #CeTxZone2

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πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Glorry Celebrating An Epitome of Grace....Happy birthday to our Esteemed Global Dcns Gloria Wiggle. This is the day that the Lord has made specially for you. Thank you for all you do in the body of Christ.. We join the host of God's children to celebrate you and pray that the light of God's word will flood your heart and cause you to enjoy infinite Blessings.Β Thank you Ma for loving us specially in Texas Zone 1. Enjoy your day and year to the fullest. We love you lavishly Ma.πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ₯ #Texaszone1 #DGW0506

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Happy birthday Esteemed Dcns Gloria Wiggle. Thank u 4 ur selfless love and passion for ministry. Glorious things are spoken of u and d lines are fallen unto u in pleasant places. Enjoy this new year in perfect health. Keep radiating d light of God's word. I luv u mucho. #DGW0506

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It's celebration time πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸ’ƒ Happy birthday to our dear Esteemed Deaconess Gloria Wiggle. Your love for Jesus is inspiring. Your commitment to the vision of our man of God is unwavering. Your passion for souls and soul winning is contagious. Thank you for loving us and always challenging us to win for Jesus! We love you dearly ma! #DGW2021 #May6th #Womanoflove #CEArlington #CETXZONE2

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HBD my darling, Through the years, you have remained graceful & beautiful.I love u more each day for all that you are. You are very humble and full of God's wisdom. You are a virtuous woman .Your love for the ministry & our MOG is an inspiration.You are one in a billion. I luv u.

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Global Dcns Gloria Wiggle, The Lord has increased your influence and caused your name to resound with praises in highest places. It’s your season of enlargement and expansion.... I love you ma. 🎊🎊 #DGW2021 #May6th #Womanoflove #CEArlington #CETXZONE2

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Wow wow!! A happy glorious birthday to you ma. I’m sure heaven is smiling at you because of your exemplary lifestyle. When someone follows you ma, he/she will surely make the first flight. We love you dearly.οΏΌ #DGW2021 #May6th #Womanoflove #CEArlington #CETXZONE2

BUILDING DIVINE LEGACIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Today we reflect on the heroic and courage of missionaries who traveled many seas to bring the gospel to Africa. We have the memories of Christians who refused to deny Jesus on the que to their bodies being graded on a grinding mill. We celebrate the heroes of Christianity who withstood and resisted the invasion of Islam Turks on Christian Europe. Every generation that came before us have checked their own boxes perfectly. The Middle East is our own mission field, how would you want heaven to document our story, will your name be mentioned? Decide today with your partnership with LoveWorld MENA TV.

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#saythiswithme THE WINNING LIFE! I’m alive to God, awakened to the realities of the Kingdom! He’s real to me, in me, and through me! I hear and know His voice; I know His thoughts, His will, and walk in His divine destiny for me. I live and function in the Kingdom of light, with authority over Satan and the cohorts of darkness. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. I live in the victory and authority of Jesus Christ, and my faith is a weapon of defense against the fiery darts of the wicked; an instrument of victory over and against the adversary and adversities. I live triumphantly in Christ, every day. Hallelujah! Download cLoveWorld mobile App on the link below, to watch live and engaging programs on the LoveWorld TV networks, and CeTunes mobile App, for access to 270 LoveWorld Radio stations. https://cloveworld.page.link/excellence https://cetunes.page.link/excellence #mydailyconfessions

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Wht a way to Celebrate Mothers Day comng up ths Sunday. I just won ths soul to Christ. She's excted to know her right in Christ even concernng her health as we read d Rhapsody of Realities tgether. Lookng forward to winning more souls b4 sunday #mothersDay #Ceirving #TexasZone2

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