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My wish for you this special day, is that God will lift you even higher and expand your coast beyond imagination. God bless you abundantly as He opens a new page of Glory and anointing over you and your ministry. Happy Birthday once more #Teamballroom @Zions

The way you handle the whole ballroom team is just marvelous.. thank you for all the things you do for the ballroom team , the way you lead,guide and care for us(Not to talk of the wonderful dress I got ☺️).. Happy birthday ma #Teamballroom @Zions.

Happy birthday Pastor Ma... I thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom of understanding..The way you handle situations is just so amazing ma.. I love you ma.. #Teamballroom @Zions

Happy birthday Pastor Ma. I wish you good health, or should I do have good health, happiness and lots of beautiful things in this world and beyond.. I love you ma. #Celebratingperfection #Teamballroom @Zions

A4A YOUTH BAGS INTERNATIONAL GRANT, GETS FEATURED ON FORBES MAGAZINE Following an innovation in Renewable Energy which has garnered international interests due to its immense contribution in addressing the United Nation's SDG 13 (Climate Change), an A4A Youth from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration has been featured on the world renowned Business Publications Outfit - Forbes Magazine. This publication was preceded by an International Grant Offering to aid upscaled production capacity for CleanChar - An eco-friendly alternative to the regular Charcoal produced from coconut husks. CleanChar has burgeoned to become a frontliner in Africa-led actions towards combating the challenges of global warming, environmental pollution and a consequent reduction of associated hazards. ...maximizing Africa's resources.. #Africa4Africa #A4AYouth #A4A

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Public Service & Governance Boot Camp 1.0! Finally, it’s here! It's a continuous & long term transformative Mentorship program for the deliberate evolution of a new generation of informed and purposeful leadership/public servants across the continent that will transform the public sector landscape of African nations. The first set of 100 mentees have been selected from tertiary institutions across Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and Kenya) to participate at the maiden edition of the A4A School of Government scheduled to hold from Thursday, 18th July to Saturday, 20th July. Taking place at the prestigious Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, Nigeria, it is packed with rich content to give the 100 mentees a well rounded experience; - Specialized Mentorship classes - Q & A with President Obasanjo - General classes - Breakout sessions - Group research & presentations - Tour of the Presidential Library - Wild life park tour - Bonfire Night - Sunday Service @ CE Abeokuta Ministry Center - Lots more! ...stick around for updates A4A...maximising Africa's resources #Africa4Africa #SchoolofGovt #A4AYouth

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EPISODE 1 On Faith's Friday Watch this 🙅🙅🙅💣💣💣 Kindly Like, Comment and Reshare. 👍💬🗣 #AbeokutaMC #yeaofLights🌟

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A4A YOUTH INITIATIVE DEBUTS IN SOUTH AFRICA!!! Young people from tertiary institutions across South Africa convened at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg for the grand unveiling of the A4A Youth Initiative. The costume-based event had the attendees turn out in choice attires representing different Southern African tribes. There was a rich display of music and arts, constructive discourses, and a special exhibition to showcase the diverse Southern African culture. An online session with the esteemed A4A Director - Pastor Chike Ume, left the youths enlightened, with a fresh passion ignited in their hearts for the development of our continent. A4A... maximising Africa's resources #Africa4Africa #A4AYouths

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Today, I celebrate the rock from which I was hewn. Thank you sir for raising me to be strong and faith-filled. Thank you for your fatherly love and words of direction which has imparted discipline. Happy Supernatural Birthday of Lights Dad. I love you Sir! #pmb10special #blw_UI

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Mujebaleko Uganda! A4A Debuts in the Pearl of Africa this weekend!!!! A4A... maximising Africa's resources #Africa4Africa #A4AYouths

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Dear pastor, you’ve blessed so many lives through your ministry and I’m glad to be one of those people that would witness the grace and anointing..may you be exceedingly blessed beyond your expectations. Happy birthday pastor!!!!!! #BlwZoneE #Blwui...

Live at the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative #a4a #africaforafrica

7 DAYS TO GO! The GRAND UNVEILING! AFRICA RISING! Young, intelligent Africans orchestrating new and positive outcomes for Africa; changing the African narrative. Visit #Africa4Africa #A4A

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Psst.. THE Unveiling!

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Pastor, wonderful birthday  to you sir..... There is no better way for us to wish you the best but to pray for it and offer them to the Lord. Every day, we thank God for placing you among us and giving us a guide to the road of faith......

Happy birthday father..... My life coach, dad... Thank you father for all the teachings.... Love you dearly sir.....

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