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#Apoc #APOC2017 #Ceaccraghanazone #ceLAA

The got their bus tickets wow Its time for a change glory to God #TECC

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where will be on that day? plan not to miss this program ooooo . #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC

One of it kind all roads lead cape coat that day. #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC.

A millionaire meeting level don change #globalfinanceconvention #lmam #lmamceaccraghanazone

Wow is glorious moment in the presence of God. Gloooryyyyyy #globalfinanceconvention #lmam #blw #lmamAccraghanazone.

The frst of it knd in the lnd of cape coat. is really going to be an experience pls dn't mss. 15 days to go. #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC

Where will you be on that day is the time for the transportation of the spirit. New level code actived. #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC

don't travel ooo it close. The set time is here #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC 16 days to go! Glory!!

It is a destiny making mting one mting lifetime result wht are you waiting for make the noise abt the prgrm. And don't miss it #ceaccraghz

Global finance convention one meeting different countries. Same atmosphere, many millionaires don't miss register now and attend #lmam

ONE MEETING different VENUE MANY millionaire. GLORY I WILL THERE . is global finance convention register now #LMAM #ACCRAGHANAZONE

Happy birthday Sinach. Thank you for blessing me and millions all over the world with your gift. I love you.

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Happy Birthday Dear Sis Sinach. Thank you for your commitment to this vision and for impacting us all with your gift. God truly called you. He has enabled and established you Ma. Your songs heal the sick, raise the dead and change lives, what more could we ask for? He is your increase and your song. He is your peace and your wisdom. Much more than the Palm tree, you will flourish like never before. We love and celebrate you always. Happy Birthday Ma. ~ Deaconess Soskie Omoregie #simarch30 #SponsoredbyGrace

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24 days to go - #TotalExperienceCapeCoast with Pastor Biodun Lawal. Date: Saturday 22nd April 2017 Time: 4pm Venue: Cape Coast Sports Stadium You can also get your family, friends and invitees to connect with us for updates via: Facebook: Total Experience Cape Coast Twitter: @TotexCapeCoast Instagram: @TotalExperienceCapeCoast #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Happy Birthday to the Esteemed Pastor Lisa Lawal! Thank you for being such a blessing to our Man of God and our great Nation. We love you so dearly!

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Mum, you are the best, you speak faith, it's just natural with you.Thank you for loving me pastor. I celebrate you today.Happy birthday mum

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I join dad to celebrate our gift from God.Happy birthday Mum.I love you dearly #lovepersonifiedPlisalawal #teenschurch1

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