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... We are the ones empowered to do good & help others. We have to do good & one way to do that is to ensure everyone in Togo gets Rhapsody of Realities! . . . Pastor Kemi Oluwole-Isaac. #StakeholdersForum #RhapsodyofRealities #ReachoutTogo2019 #CETogoGrp1 #EWCAZ2 #BuildingTogo

The Messenger Angel changing lives in hospitals in Togo... And the people kept asking for more! We've got something so great. It's a panacea! #RhapsodyofRealities #ReachoutTogo #ROTO2019 #EWCAZ2 #Changinglives

Happy Birthday dear sir. Thank you so much for all you do and all you are to our great nation. More graceful years ahead sir.

Beautiful? Yes, she is! Intelligent? Yea, super intelligent! Results? Oh, she's a go-getter! Got passion? Oops...her passion is passionately contagious! And what else? Oh, there's so much to say, but she loves our Director, she's so committed to our Man of God! Happy birthday ma!

Happy Birthday to someone so special and unique. You are one in a billion ma. More fruitful years ahead in influence and affluence. #solabration2019 #celebratingoureximiusgenius #RLM Team A #EWCAVZ2

This man’s story blessed me!! I decided to share, maybe you too may learn a lesson or two!! Determination and Persisitence... Never give up!! #auxanowithpastorobi #TLB MY WIFE’S UNCLE SHOT ME BECAUSE I WAS WOOING HER WHEN I HAD NOTHING, BUT SHE LATER HELPED TO BUILD THE COSCHARIS GROUP. Her parents actually shot me. I can say that because the uncle shot me three times. This is not an exaggerated story. It was a real story - the uncle shot me with a gun. She has been very helpful and instrumental in my success. The time I married her, I was really a strong, young man fighting to survive. I had just parted ways with my brother. I ventured into importation and the first consignment went wrong and I lost my capital. But, I am a very determined individual. I believe in dignity in labour. For instance, somebody who came to our wedding gave us a weighing scale. One day, things got so hard that I took it to the market and got people to weigh themselves for a fee. I was collecting 10 Kobo from each customer. I came back with some money and my wife wanted to know what I did, and I told her. She cried like a little baby. Later, to support me, she dusted her certificate and got a job where they were paying her N85. She would bring the money every month to keep us going and we did that until things got better again for me. So, she was my first employee. When you see the name Coscharis, it means Cosmas and Charity combined. So we own the company together because we built it together. She married me when I was driving a motorbike. She came to me when I had nothing. So, whatever I make today, she is my first employee and whenever I went to Japan, she stayed in the shop. Those days when things were hard for us, I used to ask her to give me a list whenever it was time to give her money to cook soup. I never gave her money without seeing her list. When she returned the week after for money for another soup, I would say ‘write another list.’ Then, I would bring out the former list to compare with the new one. And, if I saw a bottle of oil, I would ask, ‘you bought oil last week, why are you writing oil again?’ Then she would ask me if oil had become Coca-cola that she could drink. That was the level of poverty and training. But she had learnt from all of those things, and today she can sign a cheque of N10 billion and her credit card has no limit. ---DR COSMAS MADUKA, FOUNDER/PRESIDENT, COSCAHRIS GROUP

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If I want to multiply the grace of God in my life then I got to know more about God and Jesus Christ and this type of knowledge is not just the knowledge that I read in history books, it comes through revelation and part of it is already given to you in the word of God. The rest of it is through your relationship with him in fellowship through the Holy Spirit - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Growing Spiritually 1 #liftchallenge #monthoflifting

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Illuminating Benin Republic with Rhapsody of Realities.. It's ReachOut Benin #ROBE2019 Carnival Float Pictorial Report #LiveUpdates #UpLifting #CEBENINREP #EWCAZ2

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CELEBRATING COTE D’IVOIRE @ 59. #ewcaz2 #cotedivoire@59

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR EXCELLENCY SIS. CHANTAL TSEGAN. Today we celebrate a Burning and a Shining Light. Thank you for your commitment and for all you do for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Message of our Man of God. We love and appreciate you most dearly. Happy Birthday Ma. #ewcaz2

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🏅🎁🏅Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Francis Etormi🏅🎁🏅 Thank you for all you do for the furtherance of the Gospel in the ministry, we love and appreciate you dearly. Happy Lumious Birthday Sir!!!! #CELZ4 #celz4birthdays

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTEEMED PST MAXWELL OKORONKWO. Today we celebrate one so dear and so precious to us. We are ever grateful to God for you. Thank you for your labour of love and for all you do for the furtherance of the Jesus Christ and the Message of our Man of God. We love and appreciate you most dearly. Happy Birthday Sir. #ewcaz2

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DECLARE NOW!!! Dear heavenly Father, what a blessing it is to be a joint-heir with Christ! The world belongs to me. I don’t lack anything, because you’re my Shepherd. My wealth is limitless, inestimable, and unquantifiable; my prosperity is of the Spirit; therefore, it’s unending. Blessed be God! DOWNLOAD RHAPSODY 3.0! Visit #prayingnow #rpn #rhapsody

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Happy birthday dear Pastor. Thank you ma for being so uniquely wonderful. I join the host of heaven and God's Generals in the earth to celebrate your light. Keep shining ma. I love you!


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Happy birthday Dear Pst Stella. I thank God for your wonderful you. Enjoy your next level. We have moverd. I love you.

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Celebrating my amazing sister and friend, the very esteemed Pastor Ifeoma. You're one of a kind - the definition of excellence, commitment, dependability and passion. Your dedication to the ministry and our dear Man of God is truly exemplary and inspiring. Thank you for your love, staunch support and fellowship through the years. I love and appreciate you so dearly. Happy Birthday!🎉🎊🎈😍

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Follow and Pray with Pastor Chris on KingsChat 🙏🏼🙌🏻🙌🏻... Make it a prayer Of THANKSGIVING all month through 💃🙌🏻🙌🏻 Join in for just 15min every Monday Wednesday and Friday by 12 Noon and 10pm Spread the word !!! #joinpastorchrisliveprayernetworkonkc #prayerofthanksgiving #monthofthanksgiving

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