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Sunday Service at CE Westlands Church. #cekenyazone#sundayservice #FoundationSchoolInduction

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I'm specially inviting to this special program #LLNSINGLESPROGRAM #LLNBEAUTIFULYOU #LLNCEKZ

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BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!!! Happy Birthday to our dear Sis.Michelle! You're focused, hardworking, humble and you always have a cheerful heart. God's grace is multiplied in your life greatly and the top is for you! #cekenyazone

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ROAD TO HEALING STREAMS LIVE HEALING SERVICES WITH PASTOR CHRIS Loveworld Teens Ministry Kenya Interview on Ghetto FM, Kenya, concerning the upcoming Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris! #healingstreams #HSLHS #cekenyazone

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Praise Report 💥🙏 Special Highlights from winning in Your Academics Seminar that took place at Topline Highschool in Imara Daima Glory! More news to come💃💃💃 #254_tm #winninginyouracademics #impact

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Ready for ROCAN2021!! Please Like, Share & Leave a comment to vote! 🤩😊 #faceofrocan #faceofreachout #rocan2021 #rocan #BLWCanada

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Praise Report 💥 Loveworld Teens Ministry Kenya today started a program on radio titled 'Teevo Air Raid' . The program which involves study of the Teevo Devotional debuted today on Ghetto FM one of the community radio stations in Kenya. Glory to God !💃🏾 #254_tm #TeevoClubs

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#kingschatrecommends Prayer Post @pastorchrislive Pray-A-Thon 2021 - Mon June 28 'Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness... Click for full post - https://www.kingsch.at/p/NXBzUUo Remember to read, like, comment, share post @pastorchrislive, and pray. Also join the Pray-A-Thon for 15min today at http://pastorchrislive.org or on the Kingschat timeline.

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"WE HAVE BEEN ENTHRONED" Highlights of Our Sunday Service. Like, Share and Comment! #CEWestlands #CEKenyaZone

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#HSOPC WE ARE LIVE SAINTS💃💃📢📢📢 Have you logged in yet??? Are you ready to make changes? ✅Watch us Live @ http://prayer.enterthehealingschool.org/reg/KENYAZ And on all loveworld networks. SPREAD THE NEWS!!!! #cekenyazone#yearofpreparation #healingtothenations

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How Sleeping Position Affects Your Health Most adults settle into bed without giving a second thought to how they are situated. It is such a routine habit that many do not consider the health effects of sleeping one way or another. Yet, sleep researchers and doctors say that our sleeping position matters. Sleeping on your stomach, back or side can make a difference in terms of snoring, symptoms of sleep apnea, neck and back pain, and other medical conditions. Find out what the best sleep position is for your health. WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON SLEEP POSITION? The majority of people sleep on their side or back and the smallest percentage of people sleep in a stomach position. WHAT IS THE BEST SLEEP POSITION? It is not news that sleep is important to health in many ways. But you may be surprised to find out that the way you sleep at night may have an impact on sleep quality and other health conditions. So, what is the best body position for sleeping? WORST: SLEEPING ON YOUR STOMACH If you like to sleep face down, you are not alone, but you are in the minority. About 7% of adults sleep on their stomach, or in the prone position. It may help decrease the sound of snoring, but in general, stomach sleeping is not recommended. With your head raised on the pillow, it can be difficult to keep the spine in a neutral position. Sleeping on your stomach puts a strain on the back and neck. With the middle of your body being the heaviest part, it causes the spine to overarch. With time this can lead to pain and nerve issues. You may notice numbness or a tingling sensation in the extremities. Additionally, turning the head to one side while lying down can limit blood circulation and reduce the size of the airway. If you find it difficult to change your sleeping position, try to modify it. Keep the neck straight and prop only the forehead on the bottom edge of the pillow. In this way, the spine will be in a more neutral position while allowing room to breathe freely. You can also try elevating the pelvis with a thin pillow to help alleviate the pressure on the lower back. BAD: SLEEPING IN THE FETAL POSITION It is important to note that the fetal position is not recommended, however. Though the body is situated on the side, the extreme curvature of the spine can cause strain and discomfort in the neck and back. Being tightly curled while sleeping can also limit space for the diaphragm and restrict breathing. BETTER: SLEEPING ON YOUR BACK The supine position is the second most common sleeping position. Sleeping with your back flat on the bed enables the spine to stay in a more natural position. This prevents some of the neck, shoulder and back pain experienced with other postures. By elevating the head with a pillow, it can also be helpful in reducing problems associated with acid reflux. However, this position exacerbates snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. This is because as the tongue and soft tissues in the throat relax, gravity will pull them down into the airway. If you have been diagnosed with this sleep disorder, you should talk to your clinician about how to best modify your sleeping habits. If you enjoy sleeping on your back but notice that it leads to lower back pain, try modifying the position. Use a low pillow or cervical cushion to support the neck and a medium-sized pillow or large neck roll for propping up the knees. This will help reduce discomfort and strain on the lower back. BEST: SLEEPING ON YOUR SIDE The majority of people find this sleeping position to be the most comfortable, and for good reason. The lateral posture is recommended by physicians and sleep specialists because it has a number of benefits. With the right mattress, the spine can remain elongated and relatively neutral while on your side. This helps prevent undue neck, back, and shoulder pain. #healthylivingtips Source: https://www.sleephealthsolutionsohio.com/blog/healthy-sleeping-position/amp/

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Welcome to "Your Daily Family Prayer" FAMILY PRAYER TIME OUTLINE GUIDE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: 1. SPECIAL FASTING AND PRAYERS - 1ST - 3RD OF MAY 2021 2. GLOBAL SERVICE (COMMUNION) - 2ND MAY 2021 3. LOVEWORLD NETWORKS 24HOURS PRAYER AND FASTING CONFERENCE 14TH-15TH MAY 2021 THURSDAY 29TH APRIL 2021 1. Praise / Worship  - 5mins Song/Hymn Title: There's Something About your Name Verse: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; there's just something about that name Master, Savior, Jesus, like a fragrance after the rain Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, let the Heaven and earth proclaim Kings and kingdoms shall pass away But there's something about your name Kings and kingdoms shall pass away But there's something about your name 2. Prayer Segment - 15mins 1. DECLARE THAT YOU ARE SANCTIFIED BY THE SPIRIT THROUGH THE WORD ALWAYS  John 17:19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Pray earnestly in tongues and thank the Lord for separating you from the world through the Gospel and the sanctification of your mind and soul. Declare also, that you stay on the path of truth, yielded to the Word and the authority and guidance of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name. Amen. 2. PRAY FOR ALL THOSE YOU MEET ON A DAILY BASIS AT WORK, SCHOOL, RESTAURANTS, COFFEE SHOPS, PARKS, ALL WALKS OF LIFE ETC Isaiah 53:10 …he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand. Pray for the people that you meet on a daily basis, who may not your friends or relatives. Declare that through you, God's manifold wisdom, grace, perfection, salvation, righteousness, love, healing, wholeness and beauty are made manifest, bringing a lasting transformation to them, by the power of your Spirit, in Jesus' Name. 4. RHAPSODY OF REALITIES - 6 minutes RHAPSODY OF REALITIES THURSDAY, 29TH APRIL 2021 PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME FAITH FOR THE GOOD WARFARE   CLICK ON FULL ARTICLE BELOW 👇👇👇 https://christembassy.org/rhapsody-of-realities-thursday-29th-3/ FURTHER STUDY: 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2 Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have [free] course, and be glorified, even as [it is] with you:  And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all [men] have not faith. Proverbs 16:12|AMPC "It is an abomination [to God and men] for kings to commit wickedness, for a throne is established and made secure by righteousness (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation)." 1-YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN Luke 23:26-49 & 2 Samuel 4-6 2-YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN Mark 6:14-29 & Numbers 2 5. #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN/ #TALKINGSESSION/ #RHEMA FOR TODAY (Anyone of these is ok) - 3mins 6. Closing prayer - 2mins #yourdailyfamilyprayer #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecial  #pastorchris  #pastorchrislive #lwsat #lwusa

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BREAKING NEWS😍😍😍 A very Hearty Congratulations to our beloved MOG and @carissasharon and @iampf . Welcome sweet Princess Arielle....❤❤❤

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Arielle doesn't cry, she groans in the spirit🔥🔥. A beautiful and hearty Congratulations to our dear man of God and CSO & Phillip. We love you our Loveworld Princess😍💃 #Yourlaughworld #congratulations #loveworldprincess

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A BUNDLE OF JOY AND BEAUTY It is with a grateful heart and immense thanksgiving to God that we welcome the newest SOM member, as we join our beloved Sister Sharon and Brother Phillip Frimpong to celebrate the birth of their beautiful baby girl; 🎉🎉Arielle Rachelle-Marise!👑 The beauty of God in all resplendency! Hearty Congratulations Sister Sharon and Brother Phillip Frimpong!🎉🎉🎉 We celebrate you today and always❤️❤️ #SONSOFMINISTRY #PREPARATION

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So thrilled with boundless joy to welcome my new baby grand daughter, Arielle Rachelle-Marise. We're all full of praise to the Lord for His priceless gift and grace through Sharon & Phil, parents of the newborn. Glory to God.

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#Psdparty #psdmyfather

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#PSDparty 🤣😂

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FATHER! Thank you very much for loving me specially! I'm so grateful for teaching me the Word that has helped me fulfill God's plan for my life. Thank you Sir! I love you endlessly! #PSDsonofPastorChris #PSDLWExceptionalism #PSDourFather #PSD254

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