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HBD to a very dear daughter of our man of God, Pastor Brianna. Today our Nation celebrates your life & times. You make God's word so real, your life reflects & communicates Christ. Thank u for constantly inspiring the younger generation with the Gospel. I luv u dearly my Brianna

HBD to you Pastor Esther. Everyone in our Region celebrates you today. We celebrate your person & personality in Christ. Your passions for soul winning & Partnership are extremely infectious & contagious. Thank you for being an unwavering follower of The man of God, Pastor Chris

HBD to a rising star in our Loveworld Nation, Ehinomen. This is the month of Truth. I say the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing But the Truth. 1) Original pickin of Pastor Chris. 2) You fine, not small. 3) You na correct candidate for Rapture. 4) Na your body Jesus dey relax.

HBD to you me Nora. Our Nation celebrates you today & always. I remember your first day at Christ Embassy. Since then, Its been upward & forward only. Thank you for these years loyalty & commitment to the vision of our man of God Pastor Chris. Keep winning. I luv you dearly

HBD to a Graceful woman of Faith & favored of the Lord. A dutiful daughter of our man of God, Pastor Linda Okocha. Our Nation celebrates you for your innumerable achievements & your undeniable commitments in ministry. Thank you for your life of excellence. I luv you dearly.

HBD to a graceful personality, Pastor Daba. Celebrating you comes with inexplicable joy. Your Beauty is divine. Everything about you epitomizes the wisdom of God. Thank you dear daughter of our dad for your powered commitment & relentless impact in our Nation. I luv you dearly.

HBD to a dear daughter, Bolatito. Thank you for being a huge blessing in our Region. Your love for the Lord and the vision of our man of God is addictive. Your life is full of Grace and Truth. Always caring and joyful. You will always walk in the wisdom of God. I luv you dearly.

HBD Esteemed Pastor Tomisin Fashina. April is the month of Truth! You are Pastor Chris Son - TRUTH. You are full of the word! - TRUTH. You have impacted thousands of lives with the Gospel! TRUTH. You are A Success- TRUTH. You are full of Love! - TRUTH. I luv you dearly - TRUTH.

Today our Nation celebrates a high profile personality, our man of God,s son born of David's line. A Limit breaker, a kingdom addict and a Soul winner. Your impact in ministry is loud. You are God's voice in the corporate world amplifying the message of our man of God. We luv you

King Terrence is one today!!!. Happy birthday to you sweetie. What a joy to celebrate this perfect miracle from a Glorious God. You are growing so quickly . We rejoice with you and celebrate your healthy life in Christ. You will grow and increase in the wisdom of God always.


Christ Embassy Canada profile on KingsChat Web

HBD to a remarkable son of our man of God, Pastor Mike Wiggle. Our nation celebrates you. A soul winner indeed, a limit breaker & a dangerous giver. You look like our Dad who looks like Jesus. You are an exceptional Personality with uncommon grace in your life. I luv you dearly.

HBD birthday to the greatest mum in the world. Heavenly father, thank u so much for blessing our generation with a mother of kings & priests, rich and poor. Thank you for her health, strength, beauty, wisdom & sound memory at 84. Lord, Loveworld Nation celebrates mum in you today

HBD to a dear daughter of our MoG, Pastor Lebogang. What a joy to celebrate excellence, grace & Beauty in one divinely favored personality. I celebrate your impact in ministry, working with Pastor Ose. I declare that u will always win & be victorious in all things. I luv u dearly

HBD to our MOG's Daughter, Pastor Lorraine. What a joy to celebrate an exceptional personality with an insatiable appetite 4 ministry. Thank u for making a difference in our Region. Your commitment these many yrs is contagious. There4, you will always win from GRACE to GRACE.

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Today, our Nation celebrates a General. A son of our father, a remarkable success with proven results. Thank you for your global impact in God's kingdom. Thank you for giving God a voice in our world. You have arrived this year with more grace beyond measure. I luv you forever.

HBD to a dear daughter in our Loveworld nation, Pastor Cynthia Saah. 2day our Region celebrates your life of absolute commitment 2 the Gospel of Christ. Your unwavering loyalty 2 the vision of our dear Man of God demonstrated in your Passion for The RoR. I luv you very dearly.

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