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HBD to my one & only Nicole. 2day I celebrate, Light, wisdom, humility, beauty, honesty & Peacefulness in one Personality. Thank you for being dependable & reliable in every ramification. I declare that of your wisdom, success & victories there shall be no end. Luv you plenty

Happy BD to a very special son in the House, a Loveworld citizen known for his excellent and exceptional impact in the Southern Africa Hemisphere - Pastor Alfred. Thank you for constantly igniting the Campus ministry with Lights and Fire. Your results are evident in their lives.

Happy Birthday to our dearest Sister Gwene. Today we celebrate an Associate of the God-Kind, a sister full of liquid love & Passion for souls. Thank you for your dedication to the Gospel of Christ. I declare that of your increase and grace, there shall be no end. We luv u dearly

HBD 2 our dear Dcns Andrea Williams. A special daughter of our dear MoG Pastor Chris Thank u 4 your solid commitment in our Region. Your Liquid luv for Gods people is beyond borders & breathtaking. I Welcome u to a new level of greater grace filled with lights. I luv u forever

Happy birthday to a very dear Son of his Father, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome. Today we celebrate your life and times of impact in your dynamic Generation. Your love for the Lord brings so much joy to our hearts. Thank you Pastor sir for bringing Jesus Alive to this Generation.

Happy Birthday to a very dear daughter of our Father, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome. We celebrate you in all ramifications. Your steadfastness, unwavering commitment & unreserved Loyalty are unapologetically indicative of your wholehearted devotion to our Loveworld Nation. I luv U

When u think of PYK, Certain qualities & Attributes come to mind. A Spirit in Motion, A Total Success, A Mother, A force - Field, A globe Trotter , Intellectually Intelligent, innovative, Humble, yet Bold, visionary, Smart , Focused, Beautiful, Prayerful and so loyal to DAD

The Quality of a Nation is determined by its citizens. 2day our Nation celebrates a VIP, an Achiever, a Limit breaker, A Light Force, A Magnet, A magnate with a Mandate. A proof producer, a living Legend and a special Daughter of our MOG (her dad) Happy birthday Dearest PYK

HBD 2 u, Pastor Brianna Keta. A powerful Soul winner in our Nation. A light Force emitting Grace & Glory, Beauty & Brilliance. An epitome of humility wrapped up in wisdom & divine intelligence. I celebrate your boldness, Tenacity & Audacity of Faith. A star u are. I luv U dearly

HBD to my dear daughter Brianna. 2day marks another upward journey of greatness in your life. Thank u for your loyalty & commitment in our Nation. Your Innovative ideas, Results & force of Excellence powered by d Spirit helped our work in Texas, & now in Canada. I luv you dearly.

Happy Birthday to our dear Pastor Nikky. What a joy to celebrate you in our month of Direction. Your exemplary commitment to the vision of our Man of God in the Gospel is so inspiring. Thank you for being a great helper of the war in Canada Region. We love you very dearly.

HBD To this remarkably Fearless General. Esteemed Pastor Siji. SiJi means "See Inside, Join Immediately " You saw inside our Man of God's Vision and you joined immediately. Today we celebrate your impact all around the world. Thank you for standing tall and tough in all things.

This is one of those occasions where words become inadequate to convey, communicate & precisely describe the extent of your Passion in our Man of God's Vision.The profundity and Propensity of your ministry success drive is Adaptive and Addictive . Happy birthday to you. I luv you

Happy Birthday to a beautiful, respectable and adorable Citizen of our Loveworld Nation. A woman whose life of uncommon Faith is characterized by a Rhapsody of results and impact in our Nation. Today and tomorrow we celebrate you for loving our man of God and walking in his steps

Waoooo! How fast the years fly, How far we have come in Ministry! Your birth is one more proof that our Loveworld Nation is a reality. Nothing can stop this blessed generation. The Seed, the Spirit & the blessings of Pastor Chris are inside & upon this Generation! I luv you Son!

HBD to a graceful citizen of our Loveworld Nation, Pastor Tomisin A dear son of our man of God. Thank u 4 these many years of ministry. U have impacted thousands of lives with the Gospel of Christ. This new year of your life comes with greater grace & glory. I luv you dearly

Happy birthday to a dear Citizen of our Loveworld Nation, sister Nora Nkuku. Thank u for being such a committed helper of the war in Texas. Your impact in ministry has been remarkable. Your lifestyle is reflective of our faith walk. What a joy to be born in the month of Direction

Happy birthday to this Beautiful Tarbanacle of Grace and Glory. Today we celebrate a prominent Citizen of our Loveworld Nation - Pastor Linda Okocha. You have impacted our lives in so many ways with your words, wisdom and magnetic personality. You are a Gem and a Joy to us all.

Happy Birthday 2 a very dear sister of mine, a selfless, tireless kingdom addict. A mother to many generations - Pastor Pat Ojeme. Today I celebrate you. Thank u for being a great pillar in our ministry work in South Africa. Your life is the story of God's grace. Iuv you dearly

HBD to our dear Deaconess Doris. Today our Region celebrates you. Thank you for putting Christ in many lives. Thank you for being a mother to so many. The care you give, the Love you show are rare to find. Your commitment to our Loveworld Nation is without apologies. I luv you.

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