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God is making everything in my life new Revelations 21:5 Glory #cesazone5

#cesazone5 The glory of his presence with Pastor Dr Ruth Musarurwa

What a masterpiece, so unputdownable

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ZIMBABWE MAKES HISTORY! Special Thanks To Our Esteemed Pastor Ruth Masarurwa and the Partners of Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 5 for Sponsoring the First Ever Translators Network International Conference in Zimbabwe. We love you dearly! #250millioncopiesin800languagesin2016

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#GlobalCommunionService Updates: March 2016: The Month of Power and Affirmation Put on the full armour of God...for we wrestle against principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. Put on this armour and no matter what happens, you will still be standing. (Ephesians 6:11-13) Follow LoveWorld TV on the KingsChat Superuser account for the best updates. #LoveWorldTV...Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Happy Mother’s Day! Today, in certain nations around the world, including Nigeria, Ireland and the United Kingdom we are specially celebrating the WOW mothers in the BLW Nation. Who’s a WOW mother? She is a Woman of the Word, who loves the Word and nurtures others in the way of the Lord.

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MARCH GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE with PASTOR CHRIS As we celebrate our Mothers and eagerly anticipate the Word of God to us for this Month of March, relieve the NOBGHANA as we watch highlights of the life changing program. Follow LoveWorld TV on the KingsChat Superuser account. #LoveWorldTV...Spreading Love, Changing the World.

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Highlights of NOBGHANA during the MARCH GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE with PASTOR CHRIS Follow LoveWorld TV on the KingsChat Superuser account for the best updates. #LoveWorldTV...Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Welcome to March, the month of "Power and Affirmation"

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Are you preparing yourself for the March Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris? Remember you can watch Pastor Chris Live on #LoveWorldSAT via Satellite, as well as the website:

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Totally Addicted Live wishes all our amazing Mothers a Happy Mothers Day! We Love and appreciate you dearly. Follow LoveWorld TV on the KingsChat Superuser account. #LoveWorldTV...Spreading Love, Changing the World

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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! From Loveworld TV❤ We love and appreciate you! Follow LoveWorld TV on the KingsChat Superuser account. #LoveWorldTV...Spreading Love, Changing the World

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EXCUSES DEVALUES A MAN- By Pastor Ose Oyakhilome (MIND BLOWING) Gbuyaaaaa

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Congratulations Ma on a most successful Cell Leaders Fire Conference. We were refreshed, energised and are fired up to spread with Cells in every street in our communities.Thank you so much Ma.Love you dearly

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JESUS STILL HEAL PEOPLE❗️ Healing Faith Seminar held in The Hague, Netherlands🙏 #healing #Jesus #God #influence #power of the #HolySpirit

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DAY 2 CELL LEADERS FIRE CONFERENCE PICTURE GALLERY Anointed music ministration heightened the expectations of the brethren.

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The Miracle Faith Seminar which held in Den Haag, Netherlands, was a time of divine visitation. The event was filled with glorious manifestations of the power of for more The Miracle Faith Seminar is coming soon to your city. #autumnsession2016 #healingtothenations

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HELP! I AM LOSING MY VOICE JUST AFTER ONE SONG This is a challenge perculier to many vocalists. When you have like 4 songs in your list and after song 1, you can barely sing out because your throat feels so dry 😱 DO THIS: 1. Warm up your voice properly before starting . A. Always warm up your vocals with gentle hums. For me, I speak in tongues in DEEP low tones that can cause my inner vocals to vibrate. Keep it GENTLE and steady for 10 to 20 minutes before you sing. B. Keep your voice in good condition. Keeping your voice lubricated should be your first concern. I usually take little sips of lukewarm water. Have nice collections of minty drops (that works for me big time). If it is an hour long singing and the weather is drying out your voice, keep your water and mint close by. C. Don't expose yourself to direct wind or weather of any kind that will dry up your voice. For example, air conditioning, fan , airplane, dust, extremely cold weather. if you can't help it, cover your nostrils and mouth with a scarf. 2. Avoid Shouting yourself hoarse from the first song. There is a tendency to start too strong but remember to pace yourself and your vocal energy . I had seen worship leaders shouting and jumping around so much before the first song even started trying to motivate the people to get into worship/praise mood and lost their voice and all their energy before the main song. Lol 😁 3. Do not sing above your vocal range Choose a comfortable key. You are the worship leader, choose keys that you are comfortable with so that you can lead comfortably from the beginning The trick is to know when you should choose a lower key or when your voice is in a very good shape to hit the very high notes. Memorize the keys that work for you. I sometimes will run through the song keys with my keyboard player at prayers before service if I am not sure my voice will hold and we will make adjustments.. Technology has offered us the luxury of having mobile instruments on our smart phones to work with so, use it (tricks) !!!!😉 Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more. Remember to invite someone (your worship team especially) to this page, and rebroadcast. All my Love SINACH All rights reserved

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Most times we worship leaders are also choir leaders and administrators in some other areas so, we will have many nights of rehearsals preparing that when the event begins we will be so exhausted and our voices too tired for the impressive delivery that we had planned for. Especially for growing local churches with smaller worship teams. Say Amen if you can relate!! 😜 Music is very wide but, we will only be looking at vocals as in live music. We will not be discussing vocal training for people who have not discovered they can sing but, will like to be trained. I will for now focus on WORSHIP LEADERS and VOCALISTS who are already using their gifts. I will be talking about their challenges and offer practical solutions.  Let us look at some of the vocal challenges that you have mentioned.   A. Help 😳 Losing my voice just after a song  B. Can you please lower the key? This is not the key we rehearsed with 😳 = Not maintaining a high note for a long period of time.   C. Breath control D. When you are off key and everyone knows but you = communication  E. Managing your worship team  F. High notes and low notes G.  We forgot the song on stage 😳 H.  Managing your vocals I. The star servant  STAY TUNED 🎼 SINACH  All rights reserved

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