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Happy birthday pastor sir. #pte06 #dynamicpte #celebratingexceptionalism #j6 #NCZ1

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#J6. Is my daddy's birthday today, happy birthday to my precious daddy I love you sir.


#mydeclaration. I declare that me and my household are functioning in the supernatural. We do supernatural things this 2018.

#mydeclaration. I declare and I see things turning around suddenly for my good. Glory to God

#mydeclaration. I declare that all things are working for my good in 2018, doors of opportunity are opened for me by the spirit of God.

#HAPPENINGNOW NORTH CENTRAL VIRTUAL ZONE 1 REGIONAL PRAYER AND FASTING PROGRAM ...making power available for the SUPERNATURAL Rev. Tom "Whenever the Lord gives us His word, that defines a path which makes everything about us conform to the trajectory of the Holy Spirit; God settled His word in heaven; but it is your responsibility to have Him settled in your own life through meditation and speaking it forth; James 5:16 KJV "...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." #NCVZ1 #NCRegion #2018yearoftheSupernatural #Yearofthesupernatural

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NO OTHER PLACE I'D RATHER BE..HOW I CAME TO CHRIST EMBASSY PART 1 "Young man get up. We are going to church now" That was my eldest brother waking me up one  Sunday morning somewhere in Akoka, Lagos state so many years ago. I had come to do a holiday with him. We got ready and journeyed in a bus to where I later found out was Ikeja. We got off the bus and walked a short distance along a street called Oyeleke in oregun ikeja. We entered a building. Inside the building I saw many young people jumping and shouting at the top of thier voices "in excitement" to what I coundt fathom  "Why are they all so excited?"....I didn't get an answer. Then the choir sang a song I cannot remember till thing was sure though; I liked the song and I liked the energy of the singers and the keyboardist got my attention....hmmm. Then suddenly I noticed someone walk in from behind the stage. He was tall, slim,very fair, and of course very good looking. He was also well dressed in a black suit. He said some things I coundt hear. But I noticed everyone immediately lifted up thier hands and started talking strangely. I was awed. I turned to my brother. Alas!!! He was doing the same thing. I thought to myself " I thought you said we were going to church" My goodness what are they all doing??? Then everywhere got quiet. Then the handsome man  in front of us started talking . I was like how come I can hear him all over the building. He's not holding a is well o. What my eyes are seeing today o. He spoke for a while, like 30 minutes I guess. I can't remember a word he said that day but I was overwhelmed by his presence, how he talked, how he kept on smiling all through his "speech", how that he refused to stand behind the pulpit or even stand on one spot. He moved around a lot. My thoughts were if he is a pastor why isn't he behind the pulpit reading his "sermon" from a jotter of some sort. How come he knew everything he wanted to say without looking into a book . My questions were many. As I thought of these things he finished! I can't remember what else happened but I know my brother put me in a bus and he headed somehwere else. All the way in that bus back home I coudnt get "him" off my mind. I closed my eyes and he was on my face staring at me and talking. The impression  was indelible. I was so engrossed replaying all I saw in my mind that I didn't realise we had passed my bus stop . We eventually got to a place where the bus conductor asked the last of us to come out of the bus. Only then did I realise I didn't know where I was . Everywhere looked strange. This is not Akoka. I was lost !!!!!!!!!!!!! be cotinued

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HOW I CAME TO CHRIST EMBASSY PART 2 ( NO OTHER PLACE I'D RATHER BE) Someway somehow I found my way home after being lost in Lagos. Fast forward to few years later and it's 1996. There we were taking a walk along one of the roads in UNIBEN on our way to the lecture theatre. I was with sis Tosan Oni ( Pastor Segun Oni's wife) and pastor China of Lagos zone 4. They were my classmates in medical school. As we walked and talked the scriptures Tosan suddenly said something I considered very ridiculous, heretic and annoying. She said " I'm a saint" And then went on "I do not sin." By this time I felt like looking for a stone to throw at her. "How dare you ???????? "I said with rage....Lol. She just continued quietly as though I didn't say a thing. I just closed my religious ears so I don't hear any more "heresy" Few days later we saw again and pastor China said "WE are having CAMPMEEETING in Lagos during easter. We would like you to come with us". I said No. They however persuaded me. I consented and followed them to Lagos. So there we were in Lagos. We arrived in the evening at ASCON BADAGRY. We entered a large tent where I saw a large number of people excited and having a great time in that tent . I immediately thought to myself "this is deja vu" I have seen this kind of people before few years back at Oregun. They were doing the same thing....praying so loudly and with so much passion. I looked at Tosan and Pst China and lo they immediately joined in the "strange prayers" I was getting concerned. Who are these? Why are they like this ? Are they from this earth? As I pondered these things the unbelievable happened. Lo and behold far up in the stage THAT MAN CAME OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Thesame handsome and smiling face I had seen few years ago. This time he was wearing a white shirt and black pants with a tie. He had a moustache. And boy was he handsome. He started singing " You are my hiding place, you always fill my heart with songs....." I was stunned, looking at him in bewilderment. Jesus is in BADAGRY Lagos and I didn't know. He preached a message titled LIVING IN TWO WORLDS" I will never forget it till rapture takes place. I was enraptured in that atmosphere I didn't want it to end. Then he started praying for the sick. Most amazingly I saw a lady sitting by me with a lump on her wrist. Right before my eyes it disappeared. I coudn't take it amymore. I cried so much through that night. This man of God has what I have been searching for for years!!!!! The following morning we broke into smaller groups. I went into a group where the teacher asked us to pray in tongues. Then he left us and walked away. We prayeeeeeeedddddd!!!! He came back like half an hour after and said the next prayer point is....and we prayyyyeeeed I was like why do these people pray so much. I didn't know what I was getting into but I loved it. That evening, Pastor Chris ( I had come to know his name) came out and taught about the law of commandments being abolished. I didn't believe, I didn't agree! Fast forward we went back to school in UNIBEN Benin City. I opened my bible out of curiosity and behold it was there: the law of commandments that were against us have been abolished in Christ Jesus. My eyes popped out. These things have been there and I didn't know . I cried again. I wanted more. I told Tosan and pst China. They said " come to our fellowship". How ? I was a leader in my fellowship already. But then my heart coudnt stop yearning for more. One day I peeped into BLW UNIBEN and saw pastor Wale Adenuga preaching. He was saying thesame things I had heard pastor Chris preach in Lagos. It's time I said. I walked up to my fellowship leadership and told them I had to leave. They saw it my eyes. After few weeks they prayed for me and did a sendforth for me and I came to BLW. The first day I walked into that campus fellowship, I walked from the gate of the venue straight to the keyboards and started playing. No one stopped me. And I have been at it since that day. NOW I HAVE COME TO 10 FOR 1. It's my year of the SUPERNATURAL. Where else could I have gone. Like Peter, I say where else could I go. Thou Pastor Chris, hast the word of eternal life. I'm home. I'm home. And others have come to join me at home!!! I love you Pastor Chris sir. I love Christ Embassy. It's God's vision. And I'm a part of it.

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BREAKING NEWS: THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE JINGLES ARE LIVE ON SEVERAL RADIO STATIONS IN THE FCT #TheGloryofHisPresence #gohp2018 #PastorBennyinAbuja #CEAbujaZone Announcing the daily airing of our jingkes all around the FCT. Please tune in to listen at these times and invite others too: Ray Power:  9.45am - 10.45am 2spots,  12noon-2pm 1 spots,  4pm-7pm 2spots Cool FM, Wazobia FM & Nigeria Info FM: Today (10th Jan): 11 am to 1pm - 1 slot, 4pm to 6pm - 2 slots Jan 11th to 21st: 7- 9am - 1slot, 11am - 1pm - 1slot, 4pm - 6pm - 1 slot Jan 22nd: 7 - 9am - 1slot, 11am - 1pm - 2 slots Kiss Fm 99.9fm  7:45am  9:45am  12:50pm  3:45pm  6:45pm Vision 92.1fm  7:55am  9:00am  9:45am  12:25pm  6:25pm. Hot 98.3FM 9:15am 9:45am 10:45am 11:15am 4:40pm 5:15pm 6:30pm

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BREAKING NEWS: THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE WEBSITE: is now live!!! #TheGloryofHisPresence #gohp2018 #PastorBennyinAbuja #CEAbujaZone The Glory of His Presence registration website is live! Visit to register yourself and all your invitees.

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Today I celebrate a great Man of God, my Father, my life coach and mentor. The word u preach make a Victor out of me .I love u sir

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