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🎺🎶🥁🎺🥁📢🎺 TODAY IS THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED MOST REVEREND TOM'S BIRTHDAY 🥁 🥁📣🎺 CELEBRATING GOD'S GIFT TO US A man sent from God to us. The epitome of a shepherd's heart An unmistakable icon of the heavenly A dispenser of the anointing An extraordinary teacher, a loving father and a visionary Pastor Supremely blessed we are to have him as our Pastor He is to us, God's gift, by whose words, guidance and inspirational leadership we have been so greatly advanced in all areas of our lives. We thank the Lord for the day He chose us as the beneficiaries of this glorious gift. We celebrate the day our man of God, Pastor Chris announced that you were to be our Pastor. Today we tell the stories of promotion, advancement and impact in the Kingdom, and in our world. You Sir, are truly God's gift to us, a gift we cherish beyond words. Thank you for all you are to us Sir. We love you from our hearts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR PRECIOUS MOST REVEREND SIR!! HEAVEN CELEBRATES A GLORIOUS GENERAL!!! Saints of God around the world, join us to celebrate our Highly Esteemed Most Reverend. #R815 #CELEBRATINGREVTOM #REVTOM #CEAMC

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LOVEWORLD RADIO LIVE SHOUT-OUT FOR OUR MOST REVEREND AIRING NOW @ www.loveworldradio.fm!!! Beloved, kindly connect to www.loveworldradio.fm to participate in a live shout-out program in honour of our Most Reverend airing between 2:00pm and 3:00pm today. Please click on the blue play/pause button at the bottom right corner of the page to listen live. Number to call to give your shout-out is +2348170282995. Let's flood the airwaves!!! #R815 #REVTOM #CELEBRATINGREVTOM #CEAMC

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#R815 #CelebratingRevTom #Ceamc

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#R815 #CelebratingRevTom #Ceamc

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CELEBRATING GOD'S GENERAL; AN EXEMPLARY FOLLOWER, EXCELLENCE PERSONIFIED & A TRUE WORSHIPPER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIGHLY ESTEEMED MOST REVEREND SIR! We celebrate your exemplary followership, selflessness, loyalty and dedication to our Dear Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD. Thank you Sir for teaching us how to follow diligently and be relevant in Ministry. We love you so dearly Sir! From all of us in the South East Region #R815 #CELEBRATINGREVTOM #REVTOM #SERegion

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CELEBRATING THE MOST HIGHLY ESTEEMED REV. TOM AMENKHIENAN On this special day, we join the hosts of heaven and the millions of lives you have impacted around the world in rejoicing and specially celebrating you. Thank you, sir, for being a bright and shining light to the nations, and for joining our man of God in taking healing to the nations. We love and appreciate you dearly sir. #revtom815 #healingtothenations

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Happy Birthday to the Highly Esteemed Rev. Tom Amenkhienan. Thank you Sir for your labour of love and exemplary dedication to the vision of Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris. We love you dearly! #R815 #ShineWithPBL

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We celebrate God's General, A Hero of Faith! Join us today by 2:00pm on www.loveworldradio.fm You can download the app using Ref code : LWR #R815 #REVTOM #CELEBRATINGREVTOM

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Today a great man in our nation was born. Sir you are our pride we boast of you daily. You have taught us alot of things, how to be a good follower, how to love, how to pray, how to walk in integrity etc. We love you dearly and thank for affecting our lives. Happy birthday Sir.

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Celebrating God's Great General! Happy birthday highly esteemed Rev. Tom  Amenkhienan(CE Abuja Ministry Center). Thank you for making every minute on Loveworld Plus count. We love you dearly Sir!

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Happy birthday highly esteemed Most Rev Sir.Thank you for all you do for our father and us all.Thank God for your beautiful life. You have defined loyalty by all standard,I love you dearly Sir.

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THE HOST OF HEAVEN REJOICE; AN ICON WAS BORN THIS DAY.🎺🎺🎺🎺 Happy Birthday Most Reverend Sir, Heaven rejoices, Saints on earth celebrate, the Kingdom of darkness is in pandemonium, because you were born this day. We are still celebrating God's lead man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. #CEAMC #R815 #CELEBRATINGREVTOM #REVTOM

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JESUS LOVES ME! HE HAD MY LIFE ALL PLANNED OUT - REV TOM AMENKHIENAN - IT'S 8 DAYS TO GO💃💃💃📣📣📣 I was born into a Roman Catholic family setting, with a strong influence of the Roman Catholic culture running through the entire family because my maternal Grandparents had been very committed and recognized leaders in the Roman Catholic Church. I was baptized and confirmed at an early age and soon enlisted as an Altar Boy (Mass Server). At this early age, the Priests and Reverend Fathers in charge of our local assembly (mostly foreigners, especially from Ireland), deliberately sought to groom, tailor and mentor me in the direction of becoming a Roman Catholic Priest, encouraging me to attend the Seminary once I came of age. I grew up with this background and was indoctrinated in it until I had my first encounter with another Christian Group in my Secondary School days when a group from the Scripture Union organized a fellowship in our school and preached the gospel to me. I attended a few of their fellowship meetings and tried to practice their teachings on holy living. I soon gave up on this, because of the shallow understanding of the doctrine of salvation that I had at the time. My elder brother who by now had been born again and was in the University had a strong desire to pioneer a new Youth Fellowship in my school. Despite several efforts that he made to actualize this, because of my earlier experience, I happened to be one of those who didn’t take him quite seriously and chose to remain a committed practicing Roman Catholic. Later on in life however, I would again encounter and identify with a Christian youth group not associated with my Roman Catholic extraction, but this time, my life was never to be the same. Precisely during the 1983/1984 academic session in my earlier days in the university, I was invited by a course mate to a fellowship meeting on our University Campus. On the set date, I accompanied him to the meeting expressing obvious disinterest. With my books in hand, ready to leave at the slightest opportunity, I reluctantly attended the meeting ensuring to take a seat close to the exit to ease my departure once I got dissatisfied. As the meeting progressed, I found myself enthused by happenings in the arena which at the time were strange and foreign to me, but which I later was made to understand were the demonstration of the Spirit and power of God. Ministering up the platform was a captivating young gentleman, our man of God, Pastor Chris, simply known at the time as Bro. Christian along with some other leaders of the fellowship. The manifestations of the gift of the Word of Knowledge were so abundant; different cases were mentioned relating to different people present in the meeting. There was such an abundance of signs wonders and miracles, that I became oblivious of the world around me. At a point, as “Bro. Christian” ministered to a particular young lady she suddenly found herself lifted off the ground and suspended in the air. One miracle in particular that shook me up completely was when a Word of Knowledge was given about my own roommate. As the word came forth, it addressed an inner ailment which he had kept secret for many years, confiding only in me. He came out and was healed of the sickness. At this time, it became absolutely impossible for me to think of leaving the venue. I was feeling a discomfort and unrest which I couldn’t explain and then the call for salvation (altar call) was made. I fought back an urge to respond to the call, but my friend who had invited me came over to persuade me to do so. I argued with him, saying that I didn’t have to, since no word was given concerning me specifically. I however gave in to his nudging and went forward to receive Christ into my heart. As soon as I was led to Christ, my eyes and heart were opened to an entirely new realm of life. I’m always excited to recall that I received the glorious Holy Spirit that same day. When hands were laid on me to receive the Holy Ghost, it felt like a surge of electricity coursing through my entire being and immediately, I spoke in tongues profusely. When the meeting ended, I was transfixed for a while in the Glory of God’s presence that had experienced. I just couldn’t leave the arena, so I immediately made myself available to the technical personnel, assisting to disconnect and pack up their equipments. Since that day, I’ve never looked back, but have remained in the centre of activities of that fellowship which gave birth to the global and ever-expanding ministry we have today. So I always like to say that I received salvation in the days of supernatural firebrand evangelism and I haven’t had a single regret since then as I have been blessed by the mentorship and leadership of our beloved man of God from the first day till now. Every member of my family have all since been born again and serving the Lord fervently at various leadership levels in the ministry. Some of them I led to Christ personally, but all of them have been deeply influenced by this glorious life I have in Christ. I’d like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to my man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome (PhD) as I always would. Pastor, you are my father, my friend, my mentor, my prophet and my hero. Following you all these years has made life worthwhile. I can only but imagine how uninspiring life may have been if I had gone in the direction I had thought out for myself. But the supernatural intrusion of your person and message into the course of my life knocked me into a new orbit and has delivered me into a glorious experience of life; the Higher Life. I’d forever be grateful to you Sir for the place you have and continue to occupy in my life, after Christ, it is you Pastor Chris. Thank you for bringing me the gospel, leading me into salvation and leading me daily in the life of righteousness and devoted service to the Lord. I can never thank you enough Sir. I love you from the depth of my heart. Praise the Lord! . #CEAMC

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Celebrating Our Dear Zonal Secretary Admin Of The Haven Zone C; Dcns Onyekachi Igwe. Happy Birthday!! We love and appreciate you. From all of us in The Haven Nation.

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Happy Birthday my shining angel of a Daughter; Pastor Ebose Amenkhienan I bless the Lord for the precious gift and blessing you are to me and our entire family. Thank you for your special care for me, mum, and your younger sisters (Praise & Precious) You're always full of the Spirit, of life and of love. Look, what an excellent lady you've grown to become. You're a true leader with sterling qualities. Diligent, Prudent, Sagacious and Audacious. You're a precious angel - exceptional in every way. Your life of discipline epitomises God's word (standards) This new year, Lord has blessed and launched you into a new phase of greatness and His glory shall be seen in you more than ever, as you flourish in extraordinary abundance. Dada loves you sooo dearly. Happy Birthday!

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@pfm11 Celebrating You Today And Always! Happy Birthday to a very special mother to me. Thank you for showing me much Love.So glad I met you on this side of heaven in Abuja Ministry Centre.The Lord is mindful of you now and ever. I Love You without measure.Esteemed Sis Favour Ma.

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Happy birthday Super Dr Mimi. Thank you for an exceptional life of service to the Lord , uncommon commitment and leadership. Your future truly is a thousand times greater. Congratulations!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Happy Birthday to you Dearest Pastor Sir. Your love for God and the ministry is contagious. Thank you for loving me, for inspiring me, for teaching me and for not giving up on me.I love you liquidly Sir. Happy Birthday My Dearest Pastor Sir. You are Grace personified. #PCE

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Happy Birthday Sir. I love you specially.

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