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ANTICIPATE- COMING PRETTY SOON🚀 The InnerCity Charity Fashion and Exhibition #ICFE- THE FIRST OF ITS KIND💃 A Two day Event 30 Designers 30 Models 3000 Vendors Our bigest Exhibition so far...more details coming SOON! #ICFE2019 #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

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Something important you need to understand about grace is that it craves recognition and appreciation. If you fail to recognize grace, it will cringe and withdraw, walking behind you. Recognize the 'graces' of God in your life! #PastorChrisatTHC #liftchallenge

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SAFETY BLOG: THE CAR HAND BRAKE In road vehicles, the hand brake or emergency brake, is a mechanism used to keep the vehicle securely motionless when parked. The handbrake applies the rear disc pads via a cable and is used when the car is parked to stop it rolling forwards or backwards. To apply it, you hold the hand grip, press the button (usually at the end of the grip) and raise the lever. As you raise it, you’ll feel resistance as the brakes are applied. To release the brakes and move the car, you raise the lever slightly to disengage the pawl tooth from the ratchet, press the button and lower the lever. A ratchet is a mechanical device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction. The pawl tooth is a component in an automatic transmission that helps to secure the vehicle from moving. Note:- Some drivers don’t press the button when raising the hand brake. It still operates as normal, but over time it can wear and cause the handbrake - and the rear brakes - to fail, so it’s good practice to use the hand brake button when you’re raising the lever. #tcif #safetyblogs

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The Fight of Faith. The essentials for victory in the Fight of Faith are spiritual: Believing Strength (mind) Courage Meekness Faithfulness Self control Consistency To walk in the spirit, I must feed my spirit. The flesh profits nothing. All through life: from birth through school to love (courtship/dating, marriage children) to success. The human experience training focuses on feeding the emotions: comfort; status; ego; happiness; success etc. The human spirit is hardly trained. Spiritual senses and knowledge are hardly or sparsely/sporadically educated/trained. Yet the spirit gives life to the body. The flesh profits nothing. The average Nigerian adult, by age, 25 has spent 7 hours of 5 days in a week for 16 years training his flesh. But 3 hours of a Sunday training his spirit. Which he complains of, as too long. The fight of faith is a spiritual fight.

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Still on the meeting with the Man of God, Pastor Chris last Night... Amongst other beautiful things that the Man of God taught on, he taught on how to stay healthy. -As you speak in tongues, it gets to a point your Spirit is charged, like a battery, this charging affects your body as you do this all the time. -He also said be aggressive if you feel anything contrary to Gods provisions for you in Christ. Don't consider anything small, speak in tongues loud, rebuke that thing; rebuke the devil. Do not allow anything of the devil stay for even one moment, not even a headache. Then the man of God said, a lot of times headaches have to do with bad pillows, change your pillows, get new ones and also drink lots of water. Muscle aches and pains are caused most times because of lack of water. The man of God admonished us to drink at the least 5 glasses of water everyday and if you're already experiencing these pains, drink 6-7 glasses of water everyday and you will begin to see the difference... Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. John 14:30 KJV Zero tolerance for the devils manifestations. Do not allow any day for the devil. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2 KJV Practice God's Word. #PastorChrisintheUnitedKingdom #SpecialMeetingwithPastorChris #unitedkingdom

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• There is the spirituality of Christianity. A clarity of purpose is vital. • Abraham was a man of Faith. But he was also a man of War. • You have to learn to encourage the ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life. #LiftChallenge #HolySpirit&Prayer #MonthofUplifting

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Happening now! Exciting Football Outreach organised by Bro. Brandon of Royalty Teens Cell. Many gathered and received about 1,500 copies of Teevo. Next step - mobilize them to Church! Alleluia! #CEChad #CGI

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HAPPENING NOW!! Voluntary blood donation drive at Christ Embassy Lagos Virtual zone!! We are saving lives everywhere and promoting the use of safe blood. Glory to God! #SafeBloodForAll #CELVZ #tcifblooddonation

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Everyday is a day to celebrate u Sir. Truly you're one of a kind & words fail to aptly describe ur person. I'm a long time beneficiary of ur love, generousity, kindness, discipline, fervent prayers & all ur exceptional virtues being celebrated in our Nation. I love u always Sir

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Dearly Beloved Reverend, happy birthday. I join the host of Heaven and the Loveworld nation to celebrate you today. Thank you for all that stand for and especially your unreserved commitment to our Man of God. Thank you for your love and interest in me and my family over the years. Thank you for being the big brother that your are to us in the CEC. We cherish it. What a man you are: ... a general extraordinaire ...a son of consolation ....audacious and fearless ...a formidable disciplinarian ...full of benevolence towards all ...humorous and delightful ...great hearted and bounteous I salute you. Of your increase, there shall be no end

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Those who say DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES haven’t had the blessing of meeting MOST REVEREND TOM AMENKHIENAN.Sir, your dedication to The Gospel is something worth of emulation.Your extraordinary leadership acumen is only trumped by your follower-ship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY general!

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Happy birthday highly esteemed Rev. Tom Sir. Your live is an example we have all learnt from. Thank you for encouraging me personally to do more, and also for giving us the opportunity to always express the God given talent we have. I love you Sir.

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#A4AIYD2019 Sights from the Global Youth Peace Walk at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. ...maximising Africa's resources.. #Africa4Africa #A4AYouth

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#A4AIYD2019 ...and it's underway!!!! Beautiful sights from the Global Youth Peace Walk in the University of Lagos, Nigeria - a strategic campaign in commemoration of the International Youth Day for public sensitization, awareness creation, and the instigation of positive change towards peace and development in nations and societies all across the globe. more updates from A4A IYD Events coming... #Africa4Africa #A4AYouth

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ONGOING AT #WEC2019 Pastor Benny Hinn stirs up God’s presence in an electric session of Worship. Stay glued... #CEAMC

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GOD'S GENERALS, HIS WEAPONS OF WAR. Men who through faith subdued kingdoms. #WEC2019 #CEAMC

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LOVEWORLD NEXT CONFERENCE WITH PASTOR CHRIS HAS STARTED! The opening session of the Loveworld Next Conference with Pastor Chris has started.

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