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Good afternoon! It is no secret that there was a successful launch of TRON FORSAGE 🚀 If you have questions about how to register, you can contact me now. Group link: https://bit.ly/30m1eMi Just 210 trx... 3k to start up.

DM to get registered.... https://bit.ly/3a7OlZM 🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://bit.ly/3a7OlZM We are moving at the speed of light. 😋💃🏼

The destruction of the poor is their poverty ...Thus saith the Lord of host. When a poor man sees an opportunity to kill poverty, he calls it a scam. But when he sees a scam like MMM , he calls it opportunity. Poverty is a contagious mental disease. Keep the right circle of friends and you will excel beyond your imagination. Keep poor mindset and poor friends, that's doom. Keep rich mindset even if you are poor and you keep rich friends, that's recipe for greatness as long as you can learn from them to influence your life. FORSAGE AND SUPERSAGE are poverty terminator. Grab it Now https://wa.me/2349079554434

Hello lovely, just kindly click on the link https://bit.ly/3a7OlZM . Learn more about these programs and join NOW. You'll thank yourself later.

Watch this Short Film‼️🎥🎞️ "THE WATCHMAN" Apt for the times. The stakes are too high. No Dope❌ we just always high on the Ghost! #BlwcampusministryRocks #nodope #highontheholyGhost

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In commemoration of the International Youth Day, teenagers of LW Zone H carried out community development service in Choba community, Port Harcourt. #iyd2020 #lwteensministry

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Do you know you can be making cool cash at home low-key by investing in Cryptocurrency most especially Ethereum. One thing is CERTAIN. If you stick with the team you would comee back with a testimony What FORSAGE wants to give you is not a joke. What FORSAGE wants to give you is FINANCIAL LIBERATION. Who wanna join in forsag https://bit.ly/30m1eMi

Woooooooow🙌🙌🙌 What an amazing moment with Rev. Ray Okocha!!! HE SAID BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST.🔥🔥🔥 Because of that, I made up my mind to be filled 24/7 even when I am sleeping🔥 #gearshift3.0 #blwcampusministryrocks #blwuganda #highontheGhost

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🚀 *THE FORSAGE X4* : This group is know as the investment group. Strictly for those that can't refer this is where you get your profit for been a member of the system. *How you earn on Forsage without referring* 👇🏼👇🏼 The system provide two ways for members to enjoy profit on the system via 👉🏼 spillover : bonuses from uplines and downlines that have gotten enough profit and refusing to upgrade or open another level.. The system distribute this bonuses to X4 group. 👉🏼 Overflow : bonuses from your upliner when all his slots are full the remaining bonus goes down to his downlines.. This is a means the system use to reward those that can't refer from there uplines effort for referring. That's is why the team you join is important it will speed up your spillover benefits and overflow bonuses

#GearshiftisLive INSIGHTS with the Esteemed Pastor mike Bazuaye, sharing on "SOULWINNING FOR ALL" he emphasized the indispensability of being filled with the Spirit and a lifestyle of soul winning. "No campus will be left for the devil!" The world is our parish! Your faculty, hostel, class and entire community is your parish! We carry something, we are not empty. When God brings people to you, he knows He invested in you- so you'll produce giants! After this meeting, your fruits will last, you will produce lasting fruits. We will have more BLW Fellowships all around the world. No relenting! No quitting!

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Join us via the link https://bit.ly/30m1eMi

FORSAGE is a smart contract platform built on an Etherieum Blockchain. It's a global community that uses a crypto currency called Etherieum as a means of payment. To get started you will need a TRUST WALLET APP Forsage Earning System On forsage you earn from two zones. We call it X3 and X4... 🌋 On forsage x3 : on this zone you earn strictly by referring and helping your referrals grow too so they can move gradually with you to level 12 . These zones is only important for those that can refer. 🌋 On forsage X4 : on this zone you earn via two ways which is spillover and overflow. 💱 Spillovers: are bonuses that comes from an upline or downline that has gotten more than enough bonus for that level the system rewards others on that level from his/her upline excess bonuses. 💱 Overflow: are direct bonuses from the system from a hard working upline to his downlines for been part of the community. So basically on X4 zone you don't do any work. All you do is buy new levels with your profit gotten from the last level and wait for the system to give you 6 bonus for that level you are in. Forsage has level 1 to 12. Once you make payment now you start from level 1 and grow gradually till you get to 12.. Your profit can be sold at any level back to you bank account. Forsage is a win win for everyone as you can still make profit even without referring If your interested let me know asap thru here now ‼ WhatsaApp me +2349079554434

Get ready

7 DAYS TO GO! ⚙️GEARSHIFT 3.0⚙️loading... Ready?? Expectant?? Registered?? Be stirred and buoyed @ GEARSHIFT 3.0 for leaders. 🗓: Thur 6 Aug - Sat 8 Aug, 2020 ⏰: 4:00pm GMT+1 Register Today! Through your Zone, Group or Chapter. #blwcampusministryrocks ™️ #gearshift3.0

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1 MILLION RHAPSODY OUTREACH FIESTA IN LOVEWORLD UNIPORT. PRAYER AND PREPARATION Partners of Rhapsody of Realities gathered together to intercede for souls before embarking on the ROR Outreach Fiesta. The people recieved Jesus Christ and the copies of Rhapsody of Realities with joy and excitement. Hallelujah! We are making eternal impact. #1millionrhapsodyoutreach #blwzoneh #blwcampusministryrocks

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1 MILLION RHAPSODY OUTREACH FIESTA IN LOVEWORLD UNIPORT #morepictorialhighlights #1millionrhapsodyoutreach #Blwzoneh #Blwcampusministryrocks

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1 MILLION RHAPSODY OUTREACH FIESTA IN LOVEWORLD UNIPORT ROR OUTREACH FIESTA. Individual partners who have completely paid for at least 1 outreach took copies of the messenger angel to a popular and strategic University community know as the ALUU COMMUNITY. Several gave their hearts to Christ as the community received the Rhapsody of Realities with great joy. Glory to God! We are making tremendous impact. #1millionrhapsodyoutreach #blwzoneh #blwcampusministryrocks

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1 MILLION RHAPSODY OUTREACH FIESTA IN LOVEWORLD UNIPORT Hab.2.14 - For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. #highlights More pictorial reports of the ROR outreaches held in Aluu community, Port Harcourt in River state, Nigeria. Lives have been transformed forever! Glory to God. #1millionrhapsodyoutreach #blwzoneh #blwcampusministryrocks

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Check out my amazing post in Yookos!

LOVEWORLD ZONE H PARTICIPATING IN THE PASTOR CHRIS LIVE PRAY-A-THON. "The whole earth belong to our Lord and master, Jesus Christ and his will prospers in all the nations" These were the declarations of made by leaders and members across the zone as they lifted holy hands in prayer to our God. HALLELUJAH!!! #Pclprayathon2020 #Pclprayathon #iamapriestinoffice #blwzoneh #blwcampusministryrocks

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