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We can tell Jesus how much we love Him, we fellowship with Him, but we do not pray to Jesus, we pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus!!!

The authority that He had to request anything of the Father, He gave it to you.

You can't say, 'O Lord Jesus i thank you in Jesus Name.' O Lord Jesus in Jesus Name...hahaha

There's no one i don't like cause the love of God is shed abroad in my heart.

We are spiritually overwhelmed by divine glory.

When the Holy Ghost takes over your life, you will be different.

I am in a high class with God, where i can think like God and live like Him.

Prayer sessions are specially designed by the Lord to help straighten out things in the spirit-realm regarding our immediate or later future

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HAPPENING IN THE MONTH OF MARCH... TNIC CYPRUS #flourishingwithrhapsodyofrealities

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GET READY FOR TNIC GERMANY #flourishingwithrhapsodyofrealities

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My true value is the Word of God that's in my spirit.

Don't assume that as long as God has viven a word concerning you, it'll come to pass; you have role to play. Believe and act on the Word!

Every one of must be a part of that Kingdom program; it's compulsory...#soulwinning

I live in divine health and walk in victory every single day of my life.

Don't be a sunday sunday ChristianšŸ˜€

Begging and crying for the anointing, when the Holy Spirit lives in you is ignoring the real thing and pursuing the shadows...!

Man doesn't know reality until he meets Jesus.

In Christ, there's a complete transformation!

Without Jesus, God is only an idea that does not make sense to the human mind.

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