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Tina fashion celebrates with princess Gratia Kanu on your graduation.

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Happy esteemed Pastor Yemi. Thank you ma for your examplary leadership in the LoveWorld Media Family.

A LOUD OVATION  for Rev.Ray Okocha and Partners of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Ministry Center, for Crossing A SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE towards the achievement of the Sponsorship of SHINING THE LIGHT WITH LANGUAGES! ... We're cheering you on as You Make History! #shiningwithlanguages  #rhapsody  #dailydevotional 

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HAVE YOU DOWNLOADED YOUR COPY OF THE STUDY GUIDE YET? 1. Download the study guide here​ 2. Get your copy of the message to enjoy the study. We will be watching and meditating on the first 10 minutes of the message today. 3. You can purchase and download the message NOW on the PCDL mobile app or​​ 4. You can also visit​ to purchase your PCDL voucher instantly online. Hurry now and don’t be left out. Also tell everyone you know to be a part of this exciting study​ Follow this superuser for daily updates

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Celebrating dedication! Celebrating honesty! Celebrating loyalty! Celebrating trust! Celebrating dependable!!! Happy Birthday Dear Lillian. Thank you for all you do, affecting lives in a unique way. This New Year is from glory to glory. Enjoy your day and I love you specially.❤💕

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It’s GOAL!!!! 2m Copies in One Month! 2000 islands taken for Jesus! #peeayforever #sonofpastorchris #kingdomconsciousness #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #lightupindonesia #2mcopiesofror

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Someone said ATTITUDE is so important, that's why its free on

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ARE YOU READY? Our Message of the Week study begins tomorrow. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand in the comment section if you are super excited about this.

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....You'll grow as a leader if you practice the discipline of letting others talk before you do. #knowledge #wordssoprecious

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Happening now #Morning mix @LMPT

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Julie International! You can so disturb..... but it's all for the advancement of the work. I celebrate your passion and commitment. Thank you for all you do in moving the work forward. Welcome to your new level- a thousand times greater. I love you

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Happy birthday to a dear sister with a beautiful heart.

“GOD EXPECTS YOU TO HAVE INTEGRITY JUST AS HIS WORD HAS INTEGRITY”- Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu The above statement rings so true and goes on to show God’s expectations of us as Christians and partakers of the divine nature. Our highly esteemed Zonal Director, during a power packed message on the continuation of the series: Character, Integrity, discipline and excellence, explained in detail what integrity is. Reading from 2 Peter 1:4, she explained that we don’t become partakers of God's nature by our own works; we must receive His righteous nature. Also, 2 Peter 1:5-8(NIV) shows us very important virtues that we received as a result of having escaped the nature of corruption. If you want to be effective and productive as a Christian, you have to have these qualities in increasing measure. Here are some nuggets from the power packed message: ✔  You can increase in your understanding and live victoriously all the time. ✔  Some synonyms of integrity include:  moral/ethical strength, honesty, honour, goodness, morality, rectitude, trustworthiness, uprightness, scrupulousness, and uprightness ✔  Integrity will give rise to loyalty, commitment and stickability ✔  God's Word has integrity and he expects you to have integrity as well (2 Timothy 2:13). ✔  The integrity of heart matters to God; first to the Word of God and to the words you utter before God; it matters to God that you live with integrity of heart (1 Kings 9:4-5). ✔  Seek to know and serve Him with a perfect heart and willing mind (1 Chronicles 28:9). ✔  God cares about the heart more than the outward appearance, An example was in the case of Eliab, where he looked to Samuel as the one who should be crowned but God wasn’t looking at that. There should be a conviction in your heart about the Gospel, sticking to the Word, staking your life to the tenets of the Gospel. This is why we're passionate about the evangelism; one on one evangelism and also on a large scale through partnership with the different partnership arms; Rhapsody of Realities, Loveworld Networks, etc God expects you to keep to your Word. If there’s a vow that you’ve uttered before God, the grace for completion and its fulfilment is available to you now. Take advantage of it! #CELVZ

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Thank you Pastor sir.

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Happy birthday esteemed Pst Deola. Thank you for your examplary leadership. So much to learn from you. I love u MA.

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HBD to my sweetie, precious, darling Charlyn, you are so lovely with a beautiful spirit, intelligent, wise , kind and caring. Bold , focused and principled. You will continue to increase in strength and glory. Keep shining ..... I love you

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