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Nice one, Divine.

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INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY CELEBRATION IN SURINAME In commemoration of the International Youth Day, Amb.Bethuel organized a 'How to be a Success for Jesus' online outreach for  youths in Suriname. He explained in details the 5 important points shared by our dear man of God, Pastor Chris, in the message and the attendees were greatly inspired.  It was truly an extremely edifying moment in the presence of God. Glory to God! You can watch the message on To give a love seed today to impact the lives of young people, kindly log on to or call +2348025013854, +2348033882790. Read inspiring impact reports via #GYLF

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS KOFO AYODEJI DSPUKZONE3 CELEBRATES A SOUL WINNER & A TOP PARTNER Happy Birthday Sis Kofo. Thank you for your many years of service with the teens & teens church, and your labour of love in CE Croydon Church and UK Zone 3. It is a new year for you as 1 Man and it will be by the Spirit of God in the Name of Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday. We love you. #dspukzone3birthdays

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News Flash... GYLF Ambassadors saved from huge explosion which ripped through Lebanon's Beirut Jane and Rebecca Massouh experienced divine protection from the massive explosion that hit Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon few hours ago, having passed through the exact same spot by a 10 mins lapse. The massive explosion at Beirut's port sent shockwaves across the city, causing widespread damage to buildings and shattering windows in different parts of the capital. The exact cause of the explosion is not immediately clear but we are thankful to the Lord for a mighty deliverance. Indeed we are safety! Watch this! #gylf

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Happy Birthday Pastor Obi! Thank you Pastor for all you do for the kingdom of God! I celebrate you ❤️ #PastorObiTheChamp #POC2020


Perception: Covid:19 or Covik 1-9. Part one!! So I remember the first day I went to Abuja. It was a very interesting journey. I was 15 turning 16 We were living in Lagos, Nigeria. My Mum was out of the country and she needed to get a document to Abuja before a certain time. It happened that her staff who usually would take the document wasn’t around. So after looking upandan, the task fell to me. Actually, it wasn’t a choice. I was the only person around 🤓. So she gave me the instructions several times and released me to go. The plan was that her secretary (hmmmmm how come he wasn’t the one to go🧐) was to come give me money and then the driver would take me to the airport to catch a flight. Ahhhhhh!!! That...was...her...plan!! Teenagers always have a way of having their own plans. Lol lol 😂!! I was like wow!! Spend this money going by air? Never!! I started calculating all the schemes the extra cash would get me. I decided I would go by road. Now, that is bad enough but consider that up to that time, I had never been on public transport. I was your very very typical aje butter kid. Driver upandan. Anyways, I got up early in the morning. First so that I could evade the driver and our housekeeper. I gave the lady one cock and bull and took off. Ahhh I forgot to mention that I decided to leave a day earlier than the appointment. I knew it was a road journey so it would take more time. I had asked people I knew on how to get a vehicle. Those days, we didn’t have Uber and google. We had something called OYO (on your own). All I had were fellow Aje butter friends like me who didn’t know the way either. Finally I was told of one park to get vehicles to the north. So that morning, I jumped into one of the big yellow buses (molue) that came along and I sat at the back with absolutely no clue of where I was going. I was so so wide eyed at the thought of my adventure. No idea of danger or the import of my decision. It was just so much fun. Like Seriously 😒 ? Anyways, the conductor kept on calling bus stops. People kept on coming on and going off. The bus would fill up and empty ... and I just sat there smiling like a Cheshire Cat. I am pretty sure we went round in circles. I knew I didn’t know where I was going but my logic was that the bus had to stop somewhere finally. After about 2hrs, I was the only in the bus. the conductor came to me and asked me angrily where I was going. I didn’t know but gave him an idea. He laughed and told me they had passed by the place maybe 3/4 times. He was upset and kicked me out of the bus. It took me another hour of walking and asking questions to find the place. I didn’t even know where I was going. It wasn’t funny when after going in cycles, I found it was less than 10mins from where I started. The conductor wanted to pay me back by giving me wrong directions😢. Anyways, I soon got a taxi a 504 station wagon and found myself at the last two back seats. Wow!! I felt like Robinson Crusoe, nope more like Amerigo Vespucci, you might say like Christopher Columbus or Livingston’s or... (🤦🏽‍♂️ Tony, Tony, they get it!!. Oya continue the narration). Cough!! Cough!! But Choi!! It was wonderfully exciting. That is to me. I am pretty sure my sweet mom would have had a heart attack if she had any idea where her son was. I was wide eyed as we went through Nigeria. Then, the roads were smooth. I would sleep some, I would be awake. We would stop to refresh and move on. Somewhere around Nasarawa or so, was when the argument happened the incident that would change my life forever. Ok!! Ok!! That’s exaggeration!! Can we change it to “one of the incidents that changed my life view forever” ... to be continued tomorrow. Yes tomorrow (Friday 9/04/2020) ***so you are home right? Don’t waste this time. Yes you are working from home but there is extra time. March was the month of knowledge. Beyond knowing more about Covid -19, what else did you know. Listen to a message Origin, purpose and future from PCDL. Find it under Christian loving. Read a book. Praying the right way by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Prophecy by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Trust me, you will need these two books. The world has changed forever. Take a free course *** Covid-19 Playlist I overcame by Ada I testify by Ada Able God by Sophiya I rejoice by Chookar Sayonara!!! I am back tomorrow!!i

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Global Day of Prayer! #GYLF #UK #Globaldayofprayer #GYLFEUZ3

🔔Hoeré Hoeré Hoerééé🎉🥳🎊🔔Precious son, may all your days be full with God Almighty’s press down shaken together & running over unending overflowing blessings. We love you dearly

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Not of this world, I’m a foreigner Living presidential, #YoungRuler

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Congratulations to my precious sister! You made it! Master of Science, Public Health. You're awesomeness!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😁😁😁😁😁😁🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

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IMCC 2019, Day 2, Session 1 Highlights Rapturous moments of worship and expressions of love to God at IMCC 2019, day 2, morning session. Get ready for a superlative evening session. #IMCC19

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World Humanitarian Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands. GYLF Ambassadors demonstrated God's liquid love to the needy in their city as they bought clothes and other items for some people in need of it on the streets. They also shared the word of God with them and spent quality time praying with them. #GYLFNETHERLANDS #GYLF #WHD #Gooddeedchallenge

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Reflecting on what we received in the last session of #wec! #gylfukz2 #gylf #gylfeuz3 #gylfeuz1 #gylfeuz2

Please take a look at these faces in the picture! We are the youths setting the world ablaze for Christ. The GYLF is not a mop, it’s a movement! #gylfeuz1 #gylfeuz2 #gylfeuz3 #gylfukz2

"I expect to receive increased grace at the World Evangelism Conference to win more souls to Christ in my country and the world at large in more effective way" says Bethuel from Netherlands. #GYLF #WEC2019

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#IYD 🔥

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@emmaakpati Happy Birthday Sister Emma. Thank you for your continuous support and words of encouragement. You are a blessing to me and I thank God for the new level of grace you have entered! ❤️

I love you Pastor, shepherd, teacher, hero, I love you superstar😎 #PastorTheChamp

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