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The Lord woke me up 3 times last night & showed me a person praying. Angels lined up one-by-one to listen, and as they heard, they were immediately dispatched! God said: WE ALWAYS WIN! My Angels never miss their target! Keep praying & declaring: when we strike we hit the mark!

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Mission trip to Sweden🇸🇪💃 #gylfsweden #gylfeuz3

What an awesome time we’ve had here in Sweden 🇸🇪 I’m so excited for what seed that has been sown amongst the youths as they become relevant in their society. #gylfsweden #gylfeuz3

Happening now in Stockholm #gylfeuz3 #gylfsweden

Happy Birthday Phebe. You are the light of the world. Thanks for shining the light of the gospel everywhere you go. Much love 💖😚😙

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Happy birthday to my family, sister, best friend, partner in good, an exemplary leader, a wonderful minister... the list is endless. Who knew that IEYC 2015 would bring this great friendship we have?! You are truly a star Phebe! @naffymar

Had an amazing time with some friends to share the word of God and talk about pression due to school !! #GYLF #GYLFCLUB

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WATCH 'GLOW (Live in Toronto)'! NOW AVAILABLE ON CEFLIX AND YOUTUBE As a birthday treat to me, please do watch and share with someone else today. My desire is to bless and brighten the days of many! PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK to watch and listen:

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My NEW single "LOVING YOURSELF" is now OUT on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS!! #LovingYourself #GoAndFlourish #Lights

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Academic Excellence Conference in Bibiani, Ghana. With the current goal of penetrating into every city with the vision of the GYLF, our ambassadors organised the first GYLF Conference tagged "Academic Excellence Conference" in the city of Bibiani located at the Western North of Ghana. The lead ambassasor Wisdom Dominic shared extensively on 'How to be an Excellent Student and How to Study Effectively'. He also gifted several students copies of the book ' The Power of Your Mind'. The Head Master who was present at the program was greatly inspired by the program and he approved the GYLF Clubs in the school and 34 GYLF Clubs was pioneered immediately. Several students were also healed of migraine headaches and over 120 people received salvation. GYLF, we are taking over!💪💪💪 #GYLFGHANA #GYLF

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GYLF Ambassador saturate Paris, France with the gospel. Members of the GYLF are so excited as they stormed Saint-Denis street in Paris to preach the gospel and distribute copies of our ministry materials to people they met on the street. They led several people to Christ and they are set to even do more in their nation as they have received increased grace and ability from the 2019 IEYC with Pastor Chris. #GYLFFrance #GYLF #ImpactwithPastorChris

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I have registered for Light up your world conference, have you? #lmam #lmamuk #lights

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Happy Birthday Dear Sister Jeanne Louise. Our own dearest, sweetest and special JLove. Always ensuring everyone is well taken care of on camp. Thank you for being so loving, caring and available. Enjoy your special day. I love you. Mwah!😗😗😗

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Wow!! People gavr their hearts to Christ and peoples lives were changed!!!! #gylf #gylfwereachout #gylfsweden

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#GYLFWesternEuropeReachOut #GYLFWesternEurope #Netherlands

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We made a great impact in the Netherlandss!! #GYLFWesternEuropeReachOut #GYLFWesternEurope #Netherlands

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