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Very Special Happy birthday Greetings dearest and awe inspiring Sis Boma, thank you for being so loving, a great help and exuding so much of Evang and the Lord Christ. Today and always the Lord bless you lavishly. I love and appreciate you ma.

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Celebrating a Global ACHIEVER Happy Birthday to Esteemed Sister @angela45981 @angelaarebun You are blessed #hspm #hspmasia #healingtothenations #healingstreams #healingschool #pastorchris #PastorAshishKalokhe #trinityglobalfoundation

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Wow!! Thank you Lord again for our addition; Welcome dear Niece Elliana.You'll grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We love you dearly.

Happy birthday to my Special Brother, May the Truth of God - The Gospel of our Lord Jesus be your guide and stay always; producing in you what it talks above. Enjoy God's blessings, Wisdom and all Grace. We love you

OMG!!! This MOG'S Sister; She's poised. Calm and so in Charge with the Word. Very Special Happy birthday ma.

Celebrating our special and calm gift. Thank you for your genuine care for everyone, you're so helpful and ever willing. I pray that the Lord bless you openly and so lavishly and that your heart is continually stayed on the Lord. We love you so dearly

Thank you for all you are and your contributions to the work of the Ministry committed to your trust. Remember we Win always with a heart stayed on the Lord and his Word. I pray that God's Truth is revealed in your live in an ever increasing measure. Happy birthday my Smiling Ore

Celebrating an excellent woman of God; Full of God's annointing; Excellent in all things; Diligent and faithful; Extremely prayerful; Thank you for all you do for the Haven and LCC6 I love you Happy birthday #dlo@50

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Happy birthday to our beloved Sister Esther Chinenye; you have been such a blessing a great helper of the War. The Lord bless you beyond you can conceive. We Love you. #KingsCG #TBH #CELVZ #TheHavenNation

Glory!!Glory!!!Glory!! Awesome "Unleash", these teenagers received boldness to preach the Gospel in their world. Hallelujah #CELVZ

#MotivationMonday 📌 IT'S BEEN A GLORIOUS SEASON INDEED, RELIVE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF EASTER EVERYDAY ... From Easter Sunday Morning To The Global Communion Service With Our Man Of God & Then The Youth Convention Today With Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director Tagged "Unleashed," We Have Been So So Blessed! Glory To God. The Multidimensional Forms Of Ministration Were Not Only Awe Inspiring But Life Transforming, It Is No Wonder That Several Gave Their Hearts/Rededicated Their Lives To Jesus Christ When Our Esteemed Zonal Director Made The Altar Call. As If That Was Not Enough, The Spirit Of God Had Something Special For Those Who Were In Church For The First Time And Our Esteemed Zonal Director Ministered/Divine Impartation To Them As The Spirit Led & Our Brethren Were Not Left Out As Many Testified Of Diverse Miracles From The Ministration. See A Cross Section (In Pictures) Of Our Invitees As They Received Impartation As Our Esteemed Zonal Director Ministered. Still Ringing In The Brethren's Consciousness, Our Esteemed Zonal Director's Word Ministration Reminding Why We Are Excited About The Death, Burial & Resurrection Of Jesus. We Know That We Are Seated In Christ In The Heavenly Realm, Far Above All Rules, All Titles, All Names That Could Be Named In This World & Beyond. Hallelujah! Jesus Did Too Much For You To Keep Quiet, Tell Someone About Jesus Always & Bring More To Church This Wednesday, 6:30PM @ www.celvz.org #CELVZ #TheMonthOfTruth #TruthSaves #TruthProtects #TheYearOfPreparation

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#HAPPENINGNOW #UNLEASHED Inspiring Panel of discussion with the Esteemed Zonal Director on the exploits of our Youth, Teens and Phenom Churches on Soul winning and retention in the first quarter of the year. Don't Miss It! For Sure These Youths Will Be Turned Into New "Men", Giants #CELVZ #TheYearOfPreparation #TeensChurch #YouthChurch #PhenomChurch #TheMonthOfTruth

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Happy special birthday to you Dear Pst Terri. I've watched you produce results over the years, working in ministry. Your life advances from glory to glory and from faith to faith. Your husband is blessed. Your family is blessed. Ride in Dear Pst Terri. Much love

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HBD dear Pastor Chris - a son of consolation & helper of the war. Thanks for being a blessing to all of us. You & your family have addicted yourselves to the house of God, & your passion is contagious. Your testimonies will never cease as you go from glory to glory. I love you💖

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It's our RichyD's Birthday. How we love you dear. My your heartbeat ever after the Lord. You are blessed on every side in the name of Jesus. We love, appreciate and celebrate your Greatness

Very special Happy birthday Greetings dearest Sis Perpy, of your increase there shall be no end. We love you

WoW!!! Breaking Good News : It's The CELVZ EASTER SUPER SUNDAY Live at LCA ongoing, its been on Increasing Tempo but the Auditorium is Full and people standing already, Ushers are having to bring in extra Chairs, Indeed Jesus Still pulls the Largest crowd # CELVZ#EYEWITNESS

Glory to God, My new friend gave her life to Christ !!!!

Jesus still pulls the largest crowd. Congratulations Highly Esteemed PeeAy and CE PHZn1

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