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Celebrating our dear Biggest Mummy, Pastor Yemisi, we love you. We refuse to be left out of the celebrations😄😄. We hope you love our dance steps😊😊. From Cassandra and Kendra #RecordbreakingPYK #RecordsettingPYK #PYKthechampionmaker #GracedandfavouredPYK

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Please Join me to celebrate my lovely wife today. Happy Birthday, my darling. Thank you for loving me and making me a better man, and for being a super mom to our girls. May the Lord’s grace continually abound toward you and His glory shine forth through you. I love you forever!

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Grace!! Grace!! Grace!! What an honour to celebrate our regional Pastor. A loving leader and teacher, a leader extraordinaire and an ardent follower of our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Sir, your unshakeable and no-holds-barred love and commitment to the Lord Jesus, to the Message and to the Mandate are an inspiration to our region. Thank you sir for your devotion, love and compassion towards the work of the Ministry and those in need of salvation. You have enriched us so lavishly with the investment of the ever-victorious Word, imparting wisdom, understanding and an unquenchable passion for the lost. You have played the role of the Lord's builder in the region – winning, equipping and sending out many with the unfailing message of eternal life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR OF MIDDLE EAST AND SOUTH EAST ASIA REGION. PASTOR JOSEPH KAY AKINWOLEMIWA !! #PSTKAY2402MEASIA

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Still Celebrating dearest Pastor Chelsea. Thank you for many years of kindness & Care. Thank you for always looking out for the good of others & trusted to prescribe solutions based on God's word alone! You're forever cherished!😘😘😘 #royalquintessence

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Celebrating my brother for life Pastor Paul (Da Bishop) Eguakhide. I thank God for your friendship and brotherly love through the years. Thank you for your inspiring faith and faithfulness in the service of God. I love you specially.

Thank you PYK ma 27 SUV Cars to staff members We love you

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How accurate is your knowledge of the events that surrounded the birth of Jesus. Find out here Like, reshare and get others to join in the fun

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So we were live in Asaba at the service of songs in honour of Prof B.I.C Ijomah, dad of our highly esteemed Chief of Staff, Pastor Rita Ijomah.

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A rare foray into the kitchen in celebration of my super special boss & pastor, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, the quintessence of excellence, and perfection of supernatural grace & beauty. I love you ma! Bon Appetit!#pykfaceofperfection #fruition #alignment #completeness #excellence

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Happy Birthday to my super-special, darling wife. So proud to be your man.

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Yayyyyyyy!!! It is a newwwww year!!! Welcome to 2020 our year of perfection. Hmmmmm... let me see🤔. January is the month of resolutions. The usual suspect :- I want to lose weight this year!! I must lose 20kg by end of January. Then we get to June and we find that we are 20kg heavier. Or, I want to pray more, study more, listen more!!! then you find yourself 6 months later knowing more about the Tottenham fc players, coaching team and board members than about the new year message. “Did Pastor Chris really say that!!” You shout when you hear someone sharing a testimony on how they used that word to prosper. Nugget alert!! Pastor Chris said that by March, our achievements of three months would look to us like a whole year. My interpretation:- I will accomplish all of my existing 2020 goals by March. Meaning that I have to raise my bar and dream higher. I found a long time ago that anything God allows me to dream about, I can achieve. The fact my mind can comprehend it, means that I can achieve it. Question most times is how. One day, Pastor Chris called me and put me out of my misery regarding that question. He said “Tony 3 things you need: Administration, Discipline and Consistency” 3 things I need to achieve my dreams. I throw to you today, the #3in12challenge. Hitting your 12 month goals in 3 months. In my next post, we start with administration. So this is PTI Live!! My KC Superuser page. Thank you dear Pastor Rita for my new year gift. ( I am still experimenting with the page title sha, so if you wake up and the name has changed, still follow ) Follow me for my random thoughts; my rantings; my interviews (yup, I intend to do interviews 🤓); my selected memes ( hmmmmm... so you thought all Father Christmas were Christians abi?); my quotes for the moment and my playlists. My playlist:- Song:- All over me Artist:- Joepraize Album:- Most high 2015 Song:- All over the world Artist:- Joepraize Album:- Most high 2015 See ya

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