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It’s always a blessing to share my Mother Pastor Dupe Okei birthday and my wedding anniversary every year. It’s a blessing , she is a blessing, we are a blessing and we share that blessing with others, We are the blessing team! Gloryyyy!!!

Hey everyone don’t Miss this great opportunity to pray together and make our world a Better place! The future depends on what we do today! Please sign up on OR 🥰🙏

Happy Birthday Pastor SARAH! We love you!!!

Happy Birthday to My God daughter Sis. Olamide, being a mommy to a teenager has been wonderful. I love and appreciate you so much. I thank God for your life dear!!! God Bless you!!! #ceclinton @Enie

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#iaminoffice #howicarryoutministry #ministryinprogress

My God is a wonder, I love him so much, He is my love, my heartbeat, my bestie! What do you call God?

Out of the 168 hours in a 7 day week, We can squeeze in 2 hours ⏱on 2 different days to Give God some Praise! 🙌🏾 I know you can😊! Join us at Christ Embassy Clinton.

I’m in a social mood,& really don’t feel like posting on Instagram &Facebook,you know as a Music Minister & Artist,there’s a lot to influence In the World, but a social platform like KingsChat was created & mandated for me to use. It needs so much more from me. #kingingvibes

I’m all about feeding KingsChat w/data , but will we post the stuff on Instagram & Facebook on here.YES!! That’s the purpose.IMC still burning in my heart. Social Media is the place 2start. Getting generations interested in Christ.Catch me On KingsChat giving off better vibes.

Our First Mid week service @ CE Clinton was amazing! One of Our returning 1st timers got filled with the Holy Ghost & began speaking in tongues. Glory to God🙏 We’re also training up our workers & taking charge ! Gloryyyy it’s indeed our month of Ministry!

#Pastorchrisismyteacher About 30 years ago, I came into church and I saw a young, handsome, vibrant Man of God teaching with so much audacity of faith and I fell in love with God all over again. Then 13 years ago, I also heard him teach that faith is not the same as faithfulness. That changed my life forever. I am a testimony of Pastor's words. The power of his love; The clarity of his communucatoon; The audacity of his faith; The expression of his patience and kindness towards me; The investment of his time and resources to ensure that we understand the word; The exciting life in christ he shows us. How he helped me understand christ in me and me in christ; The way he makes God simple to understand and walk with; The way he gives our lives a meaning all over the world. I love you so much, Sir. Thank you sir! You too can meet my teacher, go on Pastor Chris Digital Library NOW! #ThankyouPastorChris #MMTCelebration #USAREGION1

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This weekend was indeed glorious at CE Clinton, on Friday we had our Monthly Gospel Open Mic Night! Video clips on the way! Every age included in Ministry!

Our first service at CE Clinton. Bro. Beloved Ministered powerfully and the 5 first timers out of 12 Present were gifted with Now that your Born again and Power of tongues. It was great first Service and 1st Communion!!! Glory... it’s Ministry!

Thank you sir for teaching me God's word and making it simple to understand. #meetmyteachercampaign #celagoszone2

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🇺🇸📸 Photo Highlights! Light Up with Pastor Aloy & Martin PK in Los Angeles, California. Over 7,000 joined us live on CLoveworld & Ceflix for LUC! It was a night of upliftment, blessings, a glorious communion with the spirit and the power of God was present to heal! What a milestone ! Glory!!! #USAREGION1 #USAZONE1

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my own dear brother, the Esteemed Pastor Tom Obiazi. You are One in a million and I love you.

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