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The Lord is the BEAUTY of my life, Christ in me the hope of glory...

Together we are the BEAUTY of the Lord, shining everywhere we go, unstoppable, untouchable, Glooooooooooooory Hallelujah!

It has always been GOD, making all things working for my Good....

Greetings to you all, whether rain fall or sun shine we must preach the Gospel and win souls, we have gone to far to stop,we have moved, Christ in you assurance of victory against life's stresses and troubles.He's in your boat; therefore refuse to fear.

Welcome to the month of Thanksgiving... We all shall testify to the glory of GOD...

What else we i say, Thank you Lord...

Its a new month, am going to distinguish myself increase in souls wining Run with the vision of GOD to produce excellent result and also at do my pass to accomplish what GOD as set for me..


"Am going to let my light so shine before men, that they may see the good works and glorify my father which is in heaven.. Glooooooory..

Getting ready for ICLC 2019,Glooooooory!


Together with Diadem and Excel members

Excel crew

Gift to Randle General Hospital.

Together we can

Excel members

Glory be to GOD

Together with Royal men and Excel

Together we can

Praise be to GOD

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