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Glory to God

THREE DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING WITH PASTOR CHRIS - TUESDAY 29TH to THURSDAY 31ST DECEMBER 2020 Join Pastor Chris for 3 Days of making tremendous power available as we pray and fast from Tuesday 29th till Thursday 31st December, till 6pm each day. On Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th December, each day's fasting will round off with Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris at 7pm GMT+1, while on Thursday 31st, it will round off with the New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris at 9pm GMT+1 Participate via Loveworld Networks Stations, Live TV App, CEFLIX App and other Ministry Websites. Let's make tremendous power available these next three days. Spread the word! #enter2021withpastorchris

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Reaching out to the less privileged #LWDayofservice #IDOS #LWPlaceofgraceFrankfurt #WEZ4

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Int. Day of service. Some of our brethren at a gas station assisting with the cleaning of the mirrors and windscreen and of course using the opportunity to share the gospel. #LWDayofService #IDOS #cedüsseldorf #WEZ4

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Celebrating our Man of God. #LWDayofService #IDOS #CEFrankfurt #WEZ4

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Still on the matter #LWDayofService #IDOS #LoveworldplaceofGrace #WEZ4

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Happy Glorious Birthday Dearest Pastor,Mentor,Teacher and God's best. You are blessed with all heavenly blessings. I have learnt,recieved and blessed because of your Existence. Thank you so much and I love you dearly #wez4

...So we went out yesterday to feed the homeless and down trodden in honor of our man of God, Pastor Chris #LWDayofService #IDOS #CECologne #WEZ4

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7 years ago I woke up one morning to find painful lumps on my breasts. All sorts of fearful images started bombarding my mind. But as I walked to work, different messages from my man of God Pastor Chris began to flood my mind and I started to speak God's word out with boldness and I cut those lumps out with the word of God. 6 weeks later the lumps had completely disappeared. These are some of the many reasons why I honour and celebrate my man of God Pastor Chris. 5 years ago, after going through a procedure, I began to bleed extremely heavily during my periods which would last for over 10 days with huge clumps. I would have less than 2 weeks respite until it started again. I eventually was put on medication which I had to take without fail 4 times a day to reduce the bleeding. One month in 2016, I had run out of the medication and the bleeding started profusely again so I had to seat on a towel while I waited for the doctor's surgery to open. I decided to listen to a message by Pastor Chris while waiting - Bible Seminar Part 2, Day 2. Hmm!!! Pastor talked about how broke faith makes you resort to the world's solution. I refused to have broke faith and put my faith to work immediately. From then till now, my family can testify about my healing from that plague. I have so many testimonies of personal healing and ministering healing to others because of all the words, training, and mentoring I've received from my man of God Pastor Chris. Years ago, when my husband and I were owing over £97,000 due to a failed business, we had tried every human solution to no avail. We were buying food using credit cards. The money coming out every month was a few thousands less than what was going in. What brought us out of that situation was voraciously listening to the several financial convention messages by Pastor Chris which came to us as cassette tapes then later on as CDs. Listening and acting on the word. Receiving the impartation of grace. Somehow, by the working of grace, 3 years later, we were only owing £25,000. Then a couple of years later we breathed a sigh of relief as we paid the last creditor. Its not just about coming out of trouble. Its also about the many things we've been able to build, the accomplishments and attainments because of his patient teachings, training, and mentorship. We heard him, saw his examples, and were enabled to also do great works and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands as partakers of his grace and helpers of the divine vision given to him to take the divine presence of God to the peoples and nations of the earth and demonstrate the character of His Spirit. When we were sent to Germany as the new zonal pastors, Pastor Chris gave us this word exactly 2 years ago today. He said, "get ready great things are about to happen in Germany!" When we heard that word, we knew we had it made. That word kept us strong through some of the bumpy beginnings and now we are so grateful to God as great things began to happen even from our first year here and its going from glory to glory. Amen. I thank God for the life of my man of God Pastor Chris and the unquantifiable impact he has made in my life. I would not be who I am doing what I'm doing if not for him. So many things to say, but let me end it with... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR CHRIS. I LOVE YOU. By @pstval #DEC7 #OFFER7 #DEC7PrayingforPastorChris #Germany #WEZ4 #WEZ4DEC7

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✍️ Don't join an organization because of what you will benefit in return. ✍️ Find out what they stand for. ✍️ No amount of earthly reward can compensate for giving your efforts, talents & skills for a cause that resist the will of God in the earth. Click any of the links below to participate. CeTunes 👇 cLoveworld 👇 Loveworld Radio 👇

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I celebrate an Exceptional Leader and Pastor. Thanks for your prophecies on us during the daily prayers and in Frankfurt Church . The glory of God in your life is at work progressively. Enjoy your new in perfect Health and love. #Lmamwez4celebratesPC #formidablePC #CEFrankfurt

Happy Perfect Birthday to our Esteemed Zonal Pastor Chuka. Thank you for all your Commitments, Extraordinary achievements and spiritual Empowerment towards the Zone and in our lives privately. I love you dearly❤❤❤ #formidablePC #WEZ4 #CEFrankfurt #Germany

Happy birthday highly esteemed and formidable Pastor Chuka! Thank you for the grace you brought to Germany and for teaching me to put the Word to practice #FormidablePC #WEZ4 #CEChurchFrankfurt #Germany

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On the matter today like kilode! It is Formidable Pastor Chuka' s Birthday. Happy Birthday to you our highly esteemed Pastor Sir. You came and turned Germany around. God's General to the nations. I salute you Sir. #FormidablePC #WEUZ4CelebratesPC

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You can never underestimate the power of Pastor's words. Even when it seems casual, it comes with power and changes your life. Happy birthday Pastor Chuka. #FormidablePC #WEZ4

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A heartfelt happy birthday to my zonal Pastor!!! To the increase of your government and peace there shall be no end sir! Thank you sir for being a great blessing to us in CE Cologne! We love you dearly!!! #formidablepc #wez4 #CECologne

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