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We now know the outwards expression of the inner thoughts reveals your character but one thing we may never know is your Motive. What are the motives behind those actions taken by you? Your motives can either help shape your character or destroy your character. #PTA

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What a training! I am uplifted! I learnt so much on who a disciple is, the local church-loyalty and Christian character. Character is displayed in action but the true character is in the heart-Precious Words from highly esteemed Zonal dad, Pastor Tony sir #LWChelmsford #UKZone2

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Love is a requirement when building a Christian Character. Understand that the disagreement you have with someone should not take away your love for them as individual. The moment love is taken out of anything that you do for God, that thing becomes empty. #PTA

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Character makes a person distinctive from others and puts him in a different class. Your character is seen in your actions. True Character resides in the heart; therefore Christian Character is your faith demonstrated in the Gospel Jesus Christ. [MATHEW 5: 46-48]. #PTA

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Sometimes you can know the scripture, even quote it very well but only half understand it. Today I learnt something very key. Esteemed Pastor Beauty told us the Commission was beyond winning souls... It was making disciples. Of course we kinda know this but then when we win a soul the great rejoicing makes us kind of think the major work has been done. Of course, when you have intercedeintercedes, cried, ploughed the soul and the seed has finally germinated into giving their life to Jesus, of course one thinks they have just embarked on a trip to Mars and back! But, but but that soul must become a disciple. Yep. Yep. Yep. You only scored 3 out of 10. They gotta come to church, (another 3 points and perhaps a Venus trip), do and COMPLETE Foubdatiin School, think cell is not prison and proceed to attending and then start being vital in ministry. Only then have you truly won that soul or as Jesus put it made a disciple. So guys, we got to have that mindset. Beyond the salvation prayer, every soul must become your disciple We will recover all😂🙄😆

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What an insightful training session!!! Thank you Highly Esteemed Pastor Tony Sir, for this opportunity to be trained in kingdom principles, important for our Christian walk. Discipleship, loyalty,love...If these abide in you, they make you... #ukzone2 #DTP2020

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DAY 1: HIGHLIGHTS OF UK ZONE 2 DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME WITH PASTOR TONY ADUROJA - Training Session 1: The Local Assembly: • "If you are not loyal you cannot be a follower. When you are disloyal, you are disloyal to God. Disloyalty is a fruit of immaturity."- Pastor John Bosco Oyeneme, [Group Pastor Northampton UK Zone2.] - Training Session 2: Discipleship: • "A disciple is a disciplined leaner and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a person who seeks to be like the Master in every aspect." - Esteemed Pastor Beauty Aduroja, [Central Group Pastor UK Zone 2] SUPER SESSION WITH PASTOR TONY ADUROJA - Topic: The Christian Character • " When we talk about Christian character it is a collection of personality traits within our behaviour which reflects who we are! It shows in our intregrity, attitude, moral fibre, disposition and shapes our perceptions on how we treat people." - Pastor Tony Aduroja LOVE IS SO IMPORTANT IN YOUR CHRISTIAN WALK. DEVELOP LOVE FOR GOD, GOD'S PEOPLE & SINNERS. Day 2 streaming live tomorrow at 7pm via: #ukzone2DTPwithPastorTonyAduroja #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

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What a session! Thank you Esteemed Pastor Tony sir for such an excellent training programme. Thank you sir for inspiring, correcting, guiding & leading us in the way that we should go. Every segment was glorious! An Excellent, Well thought-out total package for us all. #ukzone2

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Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor J, you are so sweet, loving and gracious. Thank you for the special times at ministry programs Thank you for giving Thank you for loving the lord the way you do Thank you for loving our Man of God, Pastor Chris Thank you for loving Rev Tom I celebrate you now and always I love you 💕

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We are actively participating in our DTP with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor 👍 #UKZone2 #NorwoodGroup #NorwoodChurch #DTP2020

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DTP is getting 🔥 🔥 🔥 #UKZone2 #NorwoodGroup #NorwoodChurch #DTP2020

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HAPPENING NOW!! DAY 1 - UK ZONE 2 'DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME' WITH PASTOR TONY ADUROJA - Happening Now is Day 1 of the UK Zone 2 Discipleship Training Programme with the Highly EsteemedPastor Tony Aduroja. - The session began with a powerful session of Prayer, Praise and Worship. This was followed by the First Training Session on 'Discipleship' led by the Group Pastor of Central Group, Pastor Beauty Aduroja. - The Second Training Session was on 'The Local Assembly' led by the Group Pastor of the Northampton Group, Pastor Bosco Onyeme. Indeed we are in for an excellent time with God and His Word. Stay tuned for more... #ukzone2DTPwithPastorTonyAduroja #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

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If LOVE be in me and abound, they will make me that I shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Pastor Tony Sir for an insightful teaching today. #LWHOUNSLOW #UKZONE2

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LOVEWORLD UK ZONE 2 'DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME' WITH PASTOR TONY ADUROJA Loveworld UK Zone 2 presents a 2-Day Discipleship Training Programme with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja tagged 'Divine Wisdom for Divine Productivity'. Holding from Thursday the 6th of August to Friday the 7th of August 2020, this unique training programme is set to strengthen our understanding calling to Discipleship in Christ Jesus. Date: 6th to 7th August 2020 Time: 7pm Daily Visit to register and participate daily. Glory to God!

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Still celebrating the Esteemed Sis Favour Shimbi of Lw Guildford. Ever smiling and loving, hardworking with great faith. Thank you for the great work you do in our zone. l love you dearly. 💗💗💗

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It's not by might not by power but by the Spirit of God. Productivity @ work Thank you to my Esteemed Zonal Pastor for the opportunity to serve. #UKZONE2

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AND IN  🏆9TH POSITION, TOP 10  OUTSTANDING ZONES/MINISTRY CENTERS IN THE  SPONSORSHIP AND DISTRIBUTION OF LOVEWORLD PUBLISHING MINISTRY  BOOKS IN THE MONTH OF JULY Give it up for CHRIST EMBASSY UNITED KINGDOM  DSP REGION ZONE 4 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you Esteemed Pastor Uche Onubogu and  members of Christ Embassy United Kingdom DSP Region  Zone  4  for your outstanding  sponsorship and distribution of LoveWorld Publishing Ministry Books in the month of July. We love and appreciate you dearly sir❤❤❤ #loveworldpublishingbooks #thankyououresteemedsponsors

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And in the 5TH POSITION, Top 10 outstanding ZONES/MINISTRY CENTERS with the highest sponsorship and distribution of the TeeVo Bible in the month of July... Give it up for CHRIST EMBASSY UK ZONE 2!!! Thank you Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja and the members of Christ Embassy UK Zone 2 for your outstanding sponsorship in distribution of the TeeVo Bible. We love you dearly. #teevolution #everyteenagerateevobible

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We are LoveWorld Northampton #LWNorthampton #UKZone2

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Showing Live On LoveWorldSAT : LoveWorld Extra!!! Tune in to LoveWorldSAT now to watch today's episode of "LoveWorld Extra. _ _ #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

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