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🎉📷Post ICLC in your Zone Impact: Sis. Linda ( CE Amharic Church, Maryland) leads Muslim life guard at her apartment’s pool place to Christ. 🎉🔌 Sis. Linda testifies of seeing the life-guard frequently. Post ICLC, as a radical leader, she approached the life-guard to teach her how to swim and they began to talk about Jesus. She learned that the young lady needs peace- so she introduced her to the prince of peace! She also started speaking in tongues and testified to being filled with peace. GLORY!!!!! We are going into every community, everywhere, wining everyone winnable. Glory to God. Send us your testimonies on KingsChat : @USAR1.RM #USAREGION1 #USAR1Z1

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"SOUL WINNING IS OUR PRIME RESPONSIBILITY" - ESTEEMED PASTOR ALOY OKEI CHARGED DELEGATES AT THE ISM MINISTERS NATIONAL CONFERENCE, FLORIDA, USA The Plenary Session of the first-ever ISM Ministers Conference in Florida, USA, was a special time of strengthening with the Word and Impartation of increased grace for effective soul winning and evangelism in these last days. Teaching on the inspiring topic, “The Urgency of the Harvest,” the highly esteemed Regional Pastor of Christ Embassy USA Region 1, Pastor Aloy Okei, emphasized on the importance of soul winning and evangelism to church growth and expansion, and reminded the delegates that soul winning is their prime responsibility as ministers of the Gospel. Making reference to Mathew 9:35-38, John 9:4 and John 4:35, Pastor Aloy urge the ministers to not only to rekindle the urgency of the harvest in themselves but also in their brethren. Esteemed Pastor Aloy also affirmed that God has a timing in place and urged the delegates to understand God's timing and act accordingly. "As ministers of the gospel, we need to understand God's timing and calendar, and rekindle that sense of urgency in all we do for Kingdom expansion. Don’t waste time!" He strongly admonished. Concluding his impactful teaching, Pastor Aloy Okei strongly admonished the ministers to be very courageous, have a clear action plan after the conference, remain conscious of who they are, and be faithful to do the things the Lord has called them to do. Surely, the lives and ministries of the delegates will not remain the same after this Conference. Expression of joy unspeakable were seen in their faces as they confirm their attendance for the upcoming World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn! Glory! Watch this page for more updates on upcoming ISM Ministers Conference around the world! #ism #happeningnow #ismregionalconferences #internationalschoolofministry #WEC2019 #PastorChris

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VMC NEWS UPDATE! Today, members of the Volunteer Medical Corps Maiduguri, Borno State, located in the North Eastern part of Nigeria organised a voluntary blood donation drive in partnership with the Trauma Care International Foundation. Many of those present were excited at the opportunity to improve the chances of survival of patients with traumatic injuries which are common in their environment. To join this global campaign, visit #vmcorps #savingliveseveryday

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🎉🇺🇸 Freedom Rings : REACHOUT USA, CE BALTIMORE! Lighting up every man’s world with true freedom on July 4th with the messenger angel, Rhapsody of Realities! #ROUSA19 #USAONEROUSA #USAREGION1 #USAR1Z1 #USAR1Z2 

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Staff week was Lit. Thank you to my Great Man of God, Father, Teacher & Life Coach.

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🎉🇺🇸 Happy Mother’s Day to all the women across USA Region 1! 📷 Highlights of our Highly Esteemed Pastor Dupe Okei and all our Esteemed Pastor Mas in USA Region 1 ( pictured & not pictured). 🥰❤️ We are grateful for your strength, your warmth, your intelligence, your creativity, and your wisdom. Thank you for nurturing us, your. Children, and everyone around you! Thank you for teaching us to be bold, courageous and effective ministers of the gospel. We love you! Happy Mother’s Day! 🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️ #USAREGION1

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Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mother's day to Our Pastor, Pastor Dupe Okei and to all our wonderful and beautiful Mothers in the house. We love you so much! Enjoy your day 🎉🎁🎼🎼

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🎉🇺🇸ARE YOU READY??!!! Light of the World with Pastor Aloy Okei at the Ritchie Coliseum. Ministering live: Martin PK & PEEYU! 🎉🎉🎉💡💡💡 Tell someone. Tell someone to tell someone to tell someone! Share these invitations! It’s going to be an extraordinary time of illumination, empowerment, leadership, signs & seasons!! Transportation will be provided across the DMV! To get involved in our street-storms- email us @ LETS GO! 🤣🎉💡💡💡💡 #USAVZ1 #USAREGION #USAVZ2

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Program Alert: Easter Sunday Special in CE Baltimore! Come learn about the vicarious death, and the sweet oneness and fellowship we have been ushered into as a result of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 🎉🇺🇸 #USAR1VZ1 #USAREGION1

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‘Don’t carry a pain you have no business carrying! Don’t carry a stress you have no business carrying!’ Our Dear Man of God, Rev. Chris ministered as he declares April to be ‘The Month of Direction!’ Glory! 🎉 This means Guidance, Counsel, Focus, Instruction, Course (the course along which I should go). This month, there are things that the lord will guide you about. Pray very much in the spirit! Whenever you have something you want to know or any situation you need clarity about- Pray in the spirit! He sent the Holy Spirit to help us. You have counsel from within. You will not walk in darkness about your health, finances, your ministry, your life. Scripture Reference: John 8:12. #USAREGION1

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🇺🇸 🎉New Church Alert: There is now a Christ Embassy Downtown Baltimore! We’re running fully with the mandate to take God’s divine presence to the people’s and nations of the world, demonstrating the character of the Holy Spirit. 💡 A church with a difference- bringing leadership, empowerment, illumination, and setting signs and seasons! Tell someone in Baltimore about CE Downtown Church today. 🎉🌸❤️

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🎉🇺🇸 Happy Birthday, Dearest Pastor Agatha Coates- The Pastor of CE Rockville! A burning and a passionately shinning light, an ardent follower of our man of God, a big time financier of the gospel. A never giving up or giving in pastor. You are a wonder! A delight! A blessing to us in the Zone, Region 1, the Ministry. Thank you for all that you do to ensure that everyone who comes across you is established in the faith- your countless investments in many lives. 💡💡💡 The lord honors your labor of love. You will shine ever so brightly this year. We love you!! ❤️❣️ #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1

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🌺❤️💡CE Hawaii & Practical, Liquid Love: This week in Hawaii was a reminder of the true and practical love of God: a love that’s selfless, liquid, and unfeigned; love that can be seen, felt, and touched. A love that is expressed towards God’s people who are the objects of his devotion. As you celebrate 10 years, you are a clear example to all believers & all men. Congratulations, once again to Pastor Leafe & Pastor Florence and the mighty love army brethren of CE Hawaii! Thank you for hosting our Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy & Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of USAVZ2, Pastor Femi. God bless you! To another 10 glorious years of leadership, illumination, empowerment, and setting signs and seasons! We love you. Mahalo 🎉🌺❤️❤️ #USAREGION1 #CEHAWAII #USAVZ2

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Going On Now! #VMCAcademy #VMCorps #VMCOnlineTraining #USVZ1

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Training in progress on the importance of accurate data collection and reporting. Thank you pastor for the opportunity to serve in the volunteer medical corps (VMC). #vmcacademy #vmconlinetraining #CEBaltimore #USAVZ1

🌸 Aloha! We are in Hawaii for the 10th year anniversary of CE Hawaii with our Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy and Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of USAVZ2, Pastor Femi as we celebrate Pastor Leafe, Pastor Flo & our beloved brethren of Christ Embassy Hawaii! 🌸🎉💡 #USAREGION1 #USAVZ2 #USAVZ1

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And the BIG ONE!! The Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Of CE Southern Africa Region & Director Of the LoveWorld Networks- the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome was in the House today!! In a riveting exhortation on the topic- THE MAN, THE MESSAGE & THE MANDATE she stoked the passion for Jesus in the hearts of the Campus Pastors & Leaders culminating in a powerful time of prophecies, healings and impartation. When you are called to Ministry, you know this is war! The gospel has been committed to our trust. This a time of programming; God is programming you for very successful lives! God is passionate about us fulfilling our destiny in this life. We were born for the propagation of the gospel. We are here because of the Man, we are here because of the message, we are here because of the Mandate. Adam plunged the world into a terrible state, that’s why Jesus came. Man needed a mediator because he came short of the glory of God. Something had to be done and Jesus was the answer- the ransom. 1 Timothy 2:5 Jesus bought the whole field. He paid for the whole world. Anyone who isn’t vitally saved today is walking in ignorance that’s why we have to tell them. There is no other way for human beings! Acts 4:12 This is why we preach. This is not a job, it’s a calling. It’s not something you’re doing to pass time in the university. Man is doomed without Jesus! We cannot be dull, passive or quiet about it. How will they hear if there’s no preacher, if nobody communicates the story of this man. Colossians 1:19 Jesus is the totality, completeness of God. Colossians 2:9-10. He is the embodiment of deity. Jesus is God! You’re following the greatest personality on earth! The most important in your life is loving Jesus. When you love Jesus, you’ll love the world. Not the things in it but loving it to want it saved. The love of Christ constraineth us. You are in a very critical place on campus. It is not something you’re doing on the interim. It’s a calling and God is trusting you. Announce the message, explain the message, open the scriptures and explain to them. The toughest ones are the easiest to get. Their seeming toughness is a front. Target them! We are an army, and The Campus Ministry is a separate squad on its own because you have energy, you have fire and your fire has no apologies! So burn! Burn for Christ! You have a responsibility and that’s an honor. You’re given a message and a mandate to preach it! We have to transport His message. Use the available platforms on Campus today. Use today’s innovations to preach it! The message is about Jesus and His liquid love! 1 Peter 2:23, Romans 5:7-8 Tell them how valuable they’re to God; they’re as valuable as Jesus is! The value of His life is your value. There’s no religion that offers forgiveness. Only Christianity does and Christianity is not a religion. His message is a message of righteousness! From Campus to Campus, raise an army!! They need to know the Man, they need to hear the message. Contend for the faith of the gospel. Be a dependable evangelist, a dependable preacher! Plant fellowships in every campus where there’s a human being. Strategize! Make your rooms cell venues if you live in school. We have a mandate and it’s a serious mandate! Show your uncontrollable passion for Christ! When you get back, you become dangerous to the forces of darkness! #TIECONUSA #FireintheUSA #FireintheUSAreloaded #Blwcampusministryrocks

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The Lord is about to do a great thing in Southern California. And the Lord appointed a set time, saying, tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the Land ( Exodus 9:5-6). So many lives will be transformed,the word of God will renew and make lives so glorious and beautiful!

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#PhotoHighlights - Special Leaders Meeting with our Esteemed Zonal Pastor @ Christ Embassy American Samoa #usarg1z2 #CEPacificGroup

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