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Prov 31:30 TPT This virtous woman lives in the wonder, awe and fear of the Lord #PGO2607

Prov 31:28 TPT Her son and daughters ... extol her virtues #PGO2607

Prov 31:13 TPT She searches out ... that which is pure and righteous #PGO2607

Prov 31:12 TPT Throughout she brings him what is good ... #PGO2607

Prov 31:11 TPT Her husband has has entrusted his heart to her ... #PGO2607

Prov 31:10c TPT The price paid for her was greater than many jewels #PGO2607

Prov 31:10a TPT She is full of wealth and wisdom #PGO2607

Prov 31:10a TPT She is woman of strength and mighty valor #PGO2607

#PTO1807 #Manwithalargenet

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No explanation needed here. This picture is worth a million words. #PTO1807

Ok he's got swag. No dulling. #PTO1807

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Prov 31 Man - Verse 28 Children smile when Daddy is around. #PTO1807

Prov 31 Man - Verse 22 Her clothing is fine linen and partnership. Why? Like attracts like. #PTO1807

Prov 31 Man - Verse 23 Her husband is known in the gates #PTO1807

Prov 31 Man - Verse 15 He provides juicy food for the household. This food must have been delicious. The smiles are too much. #PTO1807

Prov 31 Man - Verse 15 He cooks. oops - He Cooks. Oh my - He COOKS. #PTO1807

Prov 31 Man - Verse 11 The heart of her husband safely TRUSTS her. If you know PTO, you'll experience trust. #PTO1807

Prov 31 Man - Verse 5 Only one drink gives Trophies. The real drink - The Holy Ghost #PTO1807

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