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A big thank you to my father & mentor, who through CGI made it possible for us to recover our precious members. Indeed, the Zonal visitation strategy works & we would keep at it till we recover all. Thanks to my Zonal Pastor Pastor Lekan & my Grp Pastor, Pastor Tunde

PTO, a staunch protagonist & activiist of the gospel of Jesus Christ! An ardent follower of my Man of God & life coach, Pastor Chris! Happy birthday sir. I ❤ u #graceunlimited #perfectionparexcellence #wisdompersonified #pastortundeolufowora #pto1010 #lcc6churchofchampions

My swaggalicious Pastor rocks! #graceunlimited #perfectionparexcellence #wisdompersonified #pastortundeolufowora #pto1010 #lcc6churchofchampions

Happy Birthday to Pastor Tunde sir! 🍷🎉🎊 Your teaching espounds more of God's love to me, make everything I have to be all for the gospel. I love you with all my heart. #graceunlimited #perfectionparexcellence #wisdompersonified #pastortundeolufowora #lcc6churchofchampions

The path of the just is like a shinning light, shines brighter & brighter! This is the testimony of the Int'l Men Conference and I am so expectant, knowing God will release an outpour of His Spirit upon my stewardship,, my business, family, & friends and every aspect of my life.

Happening live! The glory cannot be contained! The lapplication kf the light of the knowledge of God's word taking root in every aspect of humanity. Glory be to God forevermore! Hallelujah!!! Thank you so much to Esteemed Pastor Lekan for the gracious opportunity given my family

This is to say a very big thank you to my father and mentor. Thank you for teaching me how to experience the love of God through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I love you sir. Happy World Book Day! #IAMReady!! #CelebratingExcellence #CE LCC6 Akilo #CE LCC6 #CELZ1.

A hearty Happy Birthday to you my Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor. The Host of Heaven celebrate you for your vision & passion for God & God's' people always striving & encouraging us on unto greater good works. May the grace & anointin of God increase upon your life. I love you sir!

This day, same glory is revealed & scaled across the globe. I am eager for the programme to commence. The same power of God 14 years ago will be streamed out. Restoration, Healing, Transformation, uncommon Miracles shall proceed from the same ground Pastor Chris ministered from!

Thank God it is GFMN. Exactly 14 years ago, we had GFMN with Rev. Chris. If your mind can capture the miracles that took place, you would not miss this day GFMN. Same date! Same ground!! Same Spirit!!! I'm so expectant about testimonies all over the world. Stay connected on Zoom

Join us to celebrate God's Love and Grace! Register using the link below #CELZ1GFMN2020 #GFMN2020 #CELZ1ROCKS #CELCC6 #CHURCHOFCHAMPIONS

SPREAD THE NEWS ! HAPPENING ONLINE! 1OTH APRIL 2020 Use the link below to attend

Happy Birthday to my most treasured father, my life coach & Pastor! Your love for me is overflowing, your courage is most inspiring & your faith most compelling. You make serving Jesus the best thing I could ever want to do. I celebrate you with all my heart. I love you so much!!

Jesus, the Apostle & High Priest of my confession, I live above the realm of impossibility, I live in unending riches &influence #confession

Jesus is the Apostle and High Priest of my confession, I live above the realm of impossibilities, I live in unending riches and influence

Jesus is the Apostle and High Priest of my confession and I live above the realm of impossibilities and live in endless riches and influence

This is to celebrate my leader, model and friend, Dcn Gerald. Dcn you are blessing to many of which I and my family are one. God bless you.

Children of LCC6 Church Celebrating Christmas with our Esteemed Pastor Tunde Olufowora #CELCC6

Still congratulating Esteemed Pastor Tunde Olufowora & His lovely wife... May the Lord God continually beautify your marriage in Jesus name.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my pastor, Esteemed Pastor Tunde Olufowora. I love you sir.

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