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APOC LIVE! KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS: One day that KINGDOM will come into the sense realm, that heavenly kingdom will take over This earth. Daniel 2:44 The God of heaven shall set up a kingdom in the days of these kings....these are going to be leaders of nations. This KINGDOM that Jesus has set up in the realm of the Spirit will take over This world when Jesus comes back. JESUS says I will come back and he'll come back. Not one word of His shall fail, HE is coming back and this world can't stop him from coming back. None of these monarchies, empires will stand. Only the kingdom headed by Jesus shall stand forever.  Jesus and His message of the kingdom Luke 4:43 Luke 8:1 JESUS went to every city and village preaching the glad tidings with the 12. The consciousness is so strong that the Book of Acts starts out with the subject of the kingdom of God and ends with this too.  Acts 1:1- JESUS started his message preaching the kingdom if God. He ends his ministry teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God.  How impirtant is the kingdom of God!  Last verse of the last chapter of the Book of Acts  Acts 28:30 Paul was preaching the kingdom of God and teaching things concerning the kingdom of God. Why is this so important? Moses gave the children of Israel the laws of God as God gave them to Him. Then it came a time when they cried out for a king. The Lord chose the king for them which they asked for. Saul the son of Kish from the tribe of Benjamin and Israel becomes an earthly kingdom. Samuel knows that the kingdom does not function like every society..... 1 Samuel 10:24 Samuel is clear that God chose him even though they asked for a king.  Verse 25: Samuel told the people the manner of the kingdom and wrote it in a book. So this us a different book from the book of Moses. He taught them the rights, principles, judgments and the way of life of the kingdom. He had to write it in a book and fave it to the people.  JESUS says the Kingdom of Heaven is as.....The Kingdom of God is as....always Jesus comes teaching us the manner of the KINGDOM, the power of words. You don't live in the kingdom like that if the world. So Jesus Teaches us how we live in the world. There are many Christians who are not partners  1 - KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS: It is the awareness of the divine call of Abraham to the city whose builder and maker is God. Abraham and Isaac had that consciousness. They had their focus on the country to which they have been called.....God is not ashamed to be called their God for he has reserved for the a city. Hebrews 11:8-10 2 - KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS: The awareness that we are a nation a kingdom of kings and priests with a mission and ministry in the earth. JESUS knew he had a mission and ministry in the earth 3 - KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS- It is the continuation of the Ministry of Jesus to set up a kingdom not made with hands. The book of Acts was written by St. Luke. Acts 1:1-3 Luke 24:50 THE Apostles themselves testified of these things Mark 16:19-20 They went and preached everywhere 4 - KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS- It is that constant in your life (a quantity or element affects all variables while itself remains unchanged) that affects influences dictates and controls our opinions decisions, actions and way of life. When you are kingdom conscious everything in your life is controlled by KINGDOM consciousness. KINGDOM CONSCIOUS Christians are easily known. When you have a constant in your life it brings stability into your life and this is so important. JESUS and the disciples were kingdom conscious!! You've go to be   5 - KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS- It's that compelling and propelling power in our hearts and minds to do God's will of expanding his reach, influence, government and domain. We just never stop! Thats why we teach things concerning the kingdom. FAITH, LOVE works in the kingdom of God. There's a way to live. Be ever kingdom conscious! Teach others to be KINGDOM CONSCIOUS! Make it known!! HALLELUYAH JESUS!! GLORY!! #APOC2017

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"No weapon ..." #APOC2017 #apocwithPastorChris

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Happy bday Pst Wisdom, dis is another year on earth 4 u, i pray dat u will increase more in the wisdom of God. #CMD 2 # Ceaccraghanazone

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Happy Birthday Pastor Wisdom, Thank you for all you do in ministry. We love you dearly #Davidprincelawal #ceaccraghanazone

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Dear Esteemed family members of BLW nation,thank you for the outpouring of your love and prayers for David-Prince Lawal on his 1st birthday.

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Celebrating A TESTIMONY OF THE WORD. Happy Birthday David Prince Lawal. Like the dawning of a new day You are worth more than gold can pay A testimony of the Word in action. A trophy of Grace's production. We love you dearly! #DavidPrinceAt1 #DavidPrinceLawal

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Your significant attainment is mind blowing.Held in the arms of the mightiest.Happy bday My Prince. #DavidPrinceAt1 #DavidPrinceLawal

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#DavidPrinceAt1 #DavidPrinceLawal

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Celebrating a special bundle of joy @1. Happy birthday David Prince Lawal. Yours will always be a life of prophecy and grace. Much love💖

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Behold the Prince...young, smart and very observant; growing in grace and strength. I love you #DavidPrinceLawal #DavidPrinceAt1

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Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your amazing love and grace.Thank you for the gift of David-Prince Lawal.Happy birthday to my "Enoabasi" son.

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Today we celebrate d integrity of God's Word manifested in u. Happy Bday David Prince of d most high. Ur life is 4 d glory Of God. I luv U

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Dear Dad, thank you for all your extraordinary love & prayers for David-Prince.He is indeed a product of your amazing grace and prophecies.

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Yes, it is still my MONTH OF EXPANSION. Praise God. Hallelujah.

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I'm counting my Blessings💃...Just can't keep it to myself😄 #Midweekservice #WithEsteemedPastorJoy #TheBestPlaceToBe #RevTomInAbuja

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