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The ultimate is Christ in me, the fellowship of the God kind. I am in Christ #WordFest2020 #WordatWork #WordFest #BLWCampusMinistryRocks #Blwsazonec

COVID-19 ti Ku!!! Nibo ni COVID-19 wa? COVID ti ku ooooooo Ta lo pa? Gbadura Pastor Chris ati ti gbadura wa lo pa!!!! Glorrryyyyy Translation? Where is COVID-19? COVID is dead ooooooo Who killed it? The prayers of Pastor Chris and our prayers killed it!!!! Glorrryyyyy This video of Pastor Chris declaration should go viral by us. Be as zealous to spread it more than you've ever spread anything ever before. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #globaldayofprayer #abkmc

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YCPH 2020- SOULS! SOULS! SOULS! What a Harvest! “So everywhere we go we talk about Christ to all who will listen, warning them and teaching them as well as we know how. We want to be able to present each one to God, perfect because of what Christ has done for each of them” Col 1:28 Then the time came and multitudes of young people CHARGED forward to receive salvation; amongst them several cultists, drug addicts etc! Hallelujah! #blwcampusministryrocks #YCPH2020 #ycph

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The Grand Opening Ceremony! A colourful display of artistic renditions by the BLW Campus Ministry Artistes created such a resplendent atmosphere!!! #YCPH2020 #ycph #Acts29 #blwcampusministryrocks

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YCPH 2020 Protek, Agent Snypa, Sam Jamz, Winter & the one and only Frank Edwards all had an amazing time with the teeming crowd of young people! YCPH was a HIT!!! #YCPH2020 #ycph #Acts29 #blwcampusministryrocks

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Several amazing moments with the BLW Campus Ministry Class Performers!! YCPH was a LIT!!!! #YCPH2020 #ycph #Acts29 #blwcampusministryrocks

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HOT OFF THE PRESS🗞🗞🗞 In anticipation of the Zonal ROSA Music concert, The Firebrands have released yet another sizzling hit single titled “GREAT SOUTH AFRICA” now available for STREAMING AND FREE DOWNLOAD. Use the provided links below to download the song for FREE. Don’t forget to share with your friends, family, congregation and entire neighbourhood. This is a “peace song” for our nation and everyone must hear it! We are counting on you to send this message of peace to all your contacts. Remember to share your excitement with us on Instagram, Facebook and Kingschat @lmamsazone1😀 SEE YOU ON 21 SEPTEMBER FOR OUR ZONAL ROSA MUSIC CONCERT AT 2PM AT CHRIST EMBASSY RANDBURG. BE THERE WITH MANY SOULS! DON’T PLAN TO MISS IT!!! #greatsouthafrica #rosamusicconcert # #lmamsazone1 #singlerelease Download links

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir, I love you dearly #PA2206 #Gospel22 #LWSAZone

A grand celebration of our beloved dad #PA2206 #Gospel22

Happy and Happiest Birthday to my most distinguished and excellent Pastor. We celebrate Passion, Love Determination, Soul Winner, Conviction. Thank you so very much for your Love and examplenary followership. You are very contagious I most say. I Love you ever dearly Sir.

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Happy BD to a very special son in the House, a Loveworld citizen known for his excellent and exceptional impact in the Southern Africa Hemisphere - Pastor Alfred. Thank you for constantly igniting the Campus ministry with Lights and Fire. Your results are evident in their lives.

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SIGHTS FROM GEAR SHIFT 2019: BLW SOUTHERN AFRICA ZONE Viewing Centers! Massive participation from the BLW Campus Ministry Zones and International Groups (excluding the UK, USA & Europe 😀😀)- from Asia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, North Cyprus, Turkey and many more!!!!! We are TAKING OVER the Campuses all around the world! #Fireinthecampusministry #Gearshift2019 #Blwcampusministryrocks

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Daddy’s in Town, no need to frown, put on my crown 👑 !!! #stppl #blwsazone #SUPERDAD #illuminate #gospel #total

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How to win Souls and Retain them by REV TOM AMENKHENAN HOW TO WIN SOULS AND RETAIN THEM WITH EASE. In winning souls for christ there are points we must consider as christians for an effective life of soul winning. You know, there are people who believes they must know how to quote every passage of the Bible before they preach to someone. In as much as knowing the Bible is so so important, when it comes to talking to somebody about Christ the easiest step to take is sharing with the person your SALVATION TESTIMONY. The changes in your life since you got born again and also the miracles you've enjoyed so far as a result of your salvation. Secondly,for an effective soul winning life, you must eradicate the belief that well,if God wants me to win souls he'll prompt me to do so. No a thousand times no. The day you got born again my dear you became ordained by God to GO out and win souls. (2cor 5:18) so you are not fulfilling your ministry if you're not winning souls. Lastly don't look at people and conclude they are already born again just by their looks. And also don't look at people and consider them so sinful and dangerous to become born again. NO. Don't write anybody off. Remember the church of Christ is for perfecting people. And Jesus said " I HAVE COME TO SEEK AND SAVE THE LOST " That should be our mindset also as followers of Christ.

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BREAKING NEWS!!! THE HEALING SCHOOL AUTUMN SESSION WITH PASTOR CHRIS TO HOLD FROM MARCH - APRIL 2019 IN JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA. Watch, like and share. See details @ to 👉 Invite the sick 👉 Pray towards the session 👉 Give towards the session God bless you! #healingtothenations #healingnow #hspartner #hspn

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When I thought today couldn’t get any better, this happens! Join me to celebrate @thisgokeboysef aka #MrKingsChat on being named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 globally! 🥂 to many more 10-in-1 supernatural accomplishments! #Forbes30 #30under30 #under30 #pastorchrisgeneration

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#teamdazzle It's D-Day!!!!! As you know...we have the secret recipe ...don't miss out on this one! Tune in LIVE on CeFlix...and KEEP THE VOTES COMING. #teamdazzle #Winningteam #wegethighontheghost #Celebritychef2018

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Hello all Dazzling people! This is WAR! and we are in to win. Please Reshare this video, comment in the comments box, like it & hashtag #teamdazzle. Some of our co-contestants are still colluding with the Russians 😊😊. There is evidence of collusion but we'll see what happens🤞

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I'll so dance everyday of this month as I gather my sheaves. What a way to end the year. Thank you #superdad. I love you

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WEEKEND FUN!!!! THE INNER CITY MISSION FUN WALK, MARATHON AEROBICS AND FAMILY PICNIC What a lovely way to spend the weekend- fun walk, aerobics and picnic. All this and more took place on Saturday December 1st at Ruby Field in Randburg for a special Inner City Mission Cause. A very big thank you to all who came. Your presence made a difference in a child’s life. #everychildisyourchild #cesazone1

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