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It's going to be🔥 BIG! 🔥#dayofblissottawa

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How We Built An Airplane in Benin City IPPC 2017 has been an extraordinary time with our man of God Pastor Chris and the Spirit of God. One of the most inspiring things for me was when Pastor shared with us how the Lord had said to him many years ago after commissioning him, don’t look around. In other words, stay focused on the Ministry and the course I have set for you. In the light of that and the extraordinary seed sown into the life of our Man of God Pastor Chris by the highly esteemed Evangelist Kathy Woghiren during the LIMA awards, I want to relate an experience I had 30 years ago. One day, shortly after I got saved in my first year at university, I and my, you guessed it, two friends decided to build an aeroplane. Not one of those dinky ones made out of paper ripped from your notebook or one you assembled from a kit. We planned to build a full-size aeroplane with the unstated but fully approved plan by my friends for me to be the one to risk my nec..., I mean to be the test pilot on its maiden flight. Now this elevated state of affairs came about in the following way. Although we were all admitted by the University in our city to study engineering, my..., I mean our ambitions went beyond civil or mechanical engineering. I wanted to study Aeronautical engineering and by dint of many discussions decided that since our university in the city of Benin didn't offer that degree option, we needed to get admission to one of the universities outside the country that offered it and duly selected the United States as the location for our educational advancement. However, we knew we had as much chance of convincing our parents to shell out on the fees, travel and accommodation costs as David had of convincing Goliath to settle their differences over a nice cup of tea and Cabin Biscuits.  Cue lots of long meetings on how we could get a scholarship to one of the universities we had picked. Finally, the inspiration came, we would do something on the engineering front so spectacular that our chosen victims... I mean universities would have no choice but to welcome these 3 Einsteinian prodigies into their hallowed precincts. We rehearsed how we would make the aircraft public and raise general excitement across the city by flying it at certain times for just a few minutes at a time and then I would land and conceal it till it was time for another flight. This we wanted to do to create a buzz that would even get the TV stations to film us. Part of our plans included flying it along one of the most popular streets called Airport Road to make sure that as many people in the city as possible saw it. We knew that after such priming, we would definitely get interviews with the TV stations and that from there the news would get to the United States. If all that looked like a lot of work to get our message to the world, remember that at that time there was no such thing as social or unsocial media. There was no YouTube or Mytube, we just had Yamtubers.  There was no option to upload our videos for the world to see. The internet to us then was a mosquito net inside our houses. With our publicity plan settled, we needed a secret base in which to build our aeroplane, free from the prying eyes of lesser mortals or spies who might want to hijack our idea for their own scholarship dreams. This was especially important especially as we found out shortly afterwards that another young man was working on exactly the same dream in another part of the city. More on that later. Finally, one of us mentioned that his mum had a uncompleted building in a fenced compound in an area of the city not too far from where we lived. As the property was quite a large 2 story building set back from the road, it seemed ideal, especially as it was fenced off meaning nobody was likely to visit it while we were fabricating our world changing dream. We then made up a list of the things we would need for the plane, steel rods for the frame, aluminium sheeting for the body to keep down the weight. rivet gun, rivets, wires etc. Mind you, we hadn't done any proper drawings, just sketches with dimensions that seemed ok. Don't criticise us, we just wanted to fly. It would have been nice if we had paid heed to the words of Jesus about counting the cost before going into battle but anyhow... With our plans duly formulated, we put our allowances together as you do and went to the various construction material markets to purchase said items. Following our purchasing spree, we lugged all the items to the abandoned house, passed through the unlocked gate and deposited them in one of the living rooms of the house while being observed by the ever present Agama lizards who nodded sagely as we walked past as though to encourage us in our world changing endeavours. We should have been mindful of the significance of their red heads for is it not stated, “There are it may be, many kinds of traffic lights in the world, and none of them is without significance”. 1 Corinthians 14:10, Dreamers Version. Anyway, we got some chairs and a table so we could sit to fabricate and then with this first technical meeting realised we needed to plan for the propulsion of our aircraft. We ideally wanted a Jet Engine but several days of brainstorming about the complications inherent in constructing the turbine blades to generate the required air compression for the turbine along with other ignition chamber technicalities meant we would probably have needed to go to America to build the engine. Finally we settled on a propeller for the airplane and decided to buy and customise a small generator which we felt had enough Goatpowe..., I mean horsepower to drive the propeller. While working out these technical issues, we heard of and decided to visit a young man who was also working tirelessly in the same city to produce his own American dream aircraft. When we arrived at his workshop at the centre of town, we saw a massive welded contraption made of steel plate and thick steel rods that was squat and about 3 or 4 meters long. It had very stubby wings more suited to carrying the rocket pods on a Hind helicopter in Afghanistan than an aircraft but then, everyone to his own. It didn’t look like anything from Boeing, more like something from a Bong. Putting aside my scepticism about the weight of the aircraft I was looking at and the feeling that it would need an elephant to lift it, I addressed myself to the engine he was building and then entered a state hereinafter referred to as a gobsmacked state, Aka Kabayo????!!! This exclamation was forced out of me when I saw the engines he had welded to the underside of his aircraft. They were about 9 inches long and 4 inches wide. There was one on each wing, so he had 2 puppy sized engines to propel this massive aircraft that I judged weighed much more than a ton. My question was, how was he going to move the massive structure he was building with such small engines? If you have seen the size of jet engines on an aeroplane in the airport you would commiserate. I addressed the question of the engine size to my friend who asked the budding genius and he replied that he was going to power the engines with Carbide. Kabayo x 2!!!! Now, many of you might or might not be familiar with Oxyacetylene gas but it is used when ignited to weld metal or steel plates as it produces an extraordinarily hot flame. The alternative in those days was to use Carbide, a hard substance which when if I recall correctly was dipped in water, produced a very flammable gas that burnt with a temperature so hot that it could melt steel. He said the engines would produce this gas and its ignition would be sufficient to propel the aircraft. Hmmm, A gas that can melt steel, ignited in a tiny steel container in quantities high enough to propel a vehicle over a ton into the air????, I foresaw that this Carbide dream meant he would soon be abiding with the Father in the heavenlies or would continue in a place hotter than the engine if he wasn’t born again. At this time, my two colleagues were excitedly discussing what we could adopt from his aircraft but I insisted we leave.  After we got in a Taxi, I explained my serious concerns about his engine design and the weight of his aircraft and finally convinced them that our vision was different. We went back to the library to do some further study and then returned to our lab for further work on our aircraft. Since my colleagues had seen the partially completed aircraft being built by our contemporary, they insisted we start work on our aircraft. Still, without any proper drawings or concepts we got started. First we twisted steel rods into a shape we FELT would be good for the base of the aircraft, intending to build the frame later. We left things as they were that night intending to continue the following day but then came the incident of that night which I related in a previous story which you can read here. Anyway, after the events of that night slithered past. We resumed work on the aircraft.  We then realised that we would need tools to bend the aluminium sheets we had bought into the aircraft approximate shape we were assembling. This necessitated a break while we contemplated the next technical hurdle. We spent a few days researching ways to rivet the panels to the frame and then decided to return to the lab. Unfortunately when we arrived, we saw that every bit of equipment we had bought including the aluminium sheets, the aircraft frame, the equipment, and everything else we bought had been stolen.  I understood this scripture then, the thief cometh not but for to steal... In hindsight, we should have bought a chain and padlock for the gate into the compound but herein lies one of the greatest enemies of a visionary. The valley of assumption. We assumed so many things, including the fact that no one saw us carrying lots of expensive equipment into an unguarded uncompleted house. We basically allowed someone to fulfil their own thieving vision. The moral of the story: A vision from God is something you guard, you don’t dump it anywhere like we did the parts for our aircraft. The bible says, commit the valuable things you have heard to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also. Our Man of God said during IPPC 2017 that God told him not to look around but to stay focused on the vision.  When we took our attention away from our goal, we lost what we were building. Don’t start a project without knowing where you are going. What you plan for gets done. The fact that someone seems to be ahead of you shouldn’t perturb you if you are working according to the design given to you by God. Follow the predefined path given by Pastor according to the pattern of success he has instructed and designed for us to follow. This will ensure your success in all you set out to do.  #PASTORCHUKASPEAKS #BLW@30 #IPPC2017 #BLWCELEBRATES30YEARS #UKVZ1 📣📣📣 IF YOU'VE BEEN BLESSED BY THIS ARTICLE, DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND RE-SHARE, AND FOLLOW OUR SUPER USER ACCOUNT FOR MORE LIKE THIS!

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Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy Zone 5, handing over the Rhapsody Of Realities Bible to the Vice President of Zimbabwe, Hon. Emmerson Mnangagwa. #Zimbabwe Watch LoveWorldSAT at

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💥Congratulations to our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Reverend Ken Oyakhilome and to all the Brethren in Canada on the Significant Attainments in this Year of Flourishing!💥 We were greatly honored with the following Awards at the glorious, just-concluded IPPC with our dear Man of God: 🏆🥇Rhapsody of Realities Number 1 TOP INDIVIDUAL PARTNER (PASTOR’S CATEGORY): Reverend Ken Oyakhilome 🏆Top Individual Partnering Church (Ministry-wide): 3rd Position, CE Toronto Clayson, Canada 🏆Top Partnering Zones (Ministry-wide): 10th Position - CE Canada Zone 🏆Healing School Top Partner (Pastors) 3rd Position - Reverend Ken Oyakhilome 🏆Healing School 6th Position - Healing School Session sponsorship - CE Toronto, Clayson, Canada 🏆LMAM Top Partner, 1st position - CE Canada Zone LoveWorld New Media Awards: 🥇PCDL Sponsorship - 1st Position 🥇Special Projects in New Media - 1st Position 🏆LoveWorld PLUS Number 1 Top Individual Partner - Reverend Ken Oyakhilome 🏆LoveWorldSAT Number 1 Top Individual Partner : Reverend Ken Oyakhilome 🏆Internet Multimedia: 2ND Position Top Partners - Reverend Ken Oyakhilome 🏆LoveWorld TV Ministry: 2ND Position, Reverend Ken Oyakhilome 🏆LMAM 4th Position Top Individual Partner: Reverend Ken and Pastor Ose Oyakhilome 🎖The Haven Special Recognition Award - CE Canada and Central America Region 🏆The Haven individual Church 11th Position It’s truly been our Month of Exaltation in our Year of Flourishing! Thank you to our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor for leading us from victory to victory, we love you Sir. And to all the Partners, thank you for your labor of Love, the Lord has exalted you. God bless you. #IPPC2017 #cecanada

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THANKING OUR ESTEEMED ITPLC 2017 FACILITATORS Special Gratitude to the Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips . We love you dearly Ma!!! #itplc2017 #blwteensministry #blwcelebrates30years

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Top Individual Partners (Church Pastors and Directors' category) Glory! Glory! Glory! It's partner number 10.🎉🎉🎉 Did you say Gold? GOLD PARTNER NUMBER 10... In the entirety of the BLW NATION, a loud and resounding ovation👏👏👏for the Highly Esteemed Director of Corporate Affairs, Director of the First Timers Ministry, CELVZ... It's the delectable, ever effervescent PASTOR IFEOMA CHIEMEKA. Glorryyyy Glorryyyy Glorryyyy #CELVZ #IPPC2017

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ENDLESS CELEBRATION OF LOVE Thank you Sir, thank you ma, for the love you continually show us in the region. Thank you for blessing us with spiritual gifts and raising us into men and women of virtues with substance. We love you endlessly and we celebrate with you today and always! HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY ONCE AGAIN. #NCRegion

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Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma! Thank u for your exemplary life of faith and loyalty to our Man of God. I follow after ! I love u!

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Hearty Congratulations Sister Zoë !! SpokenWordArtisteOfTheYear 💃🏽💃🏽🎉🎉🎉 We rejoice! #LIMA2017 #cecanada 🇨🇦🇨🇦

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents #BishopChikancy #GospelComedian

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