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#prayingnow #prayathon #pclprayathon2019 #prayingwithpastorchris #ceabazone

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I’m excited and looking forward to receiving inspiration from our Esteemed Pastors at the ITPLC next week. #ceusaregion2 #ceatlanta #ITPLC

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HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: RON Distribution in every nook & cranny in the city of Aba. #RON2018 #CEABAZONE #CEABAZONEROCKS

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......ABOUT LAST NIGHT..... EVERY PRAISE MUSIC CONCERT! 🔥🔥🔥🙌 PHOTO UPDATES: Guest Ministers; Da'Music & Testimony_Jaga #EveryPraise #CEAbaZone #CEAbaZoneRocks

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EPIC PIC from the #RoyalWedding Listen to RHAPSODY OF REALITIES on the go. Sign up to receive AUDIO ROR every day

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A short video of inside the tomb where Jesus was buried. Enjoy. #holylandtour2018 #ceenugu1 #sevz2

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#lmampressconference #bestsong2017/18

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HAPPENING NOW! #HLT2018 LIVE BROADCAST Pastor Benny Hinn ministering... "The Power of silence is the power of God. Learn to be quiet in the presence of God." Participate on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps. #HLT2018

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FULL TESTIMONY - SUICIDE PLANS STOPPED BY CONTACT WITH OUR MESSAGE 🌟🌟🌟 ✍️ In February 2018, I started having challenges in different areas of my life- financial, marital etc. I began nursing suicidal thoughts; a voice in my head kept prompting me to end it all. Prior to this time I hadn’t been to church for over a year. The voice kept narrating all the negatives; every thought and picture was negative. The heaviness kept increasing, until I was in despair, everything looked bleak. The voice kept prompting and telling me to end it all, insisting that there was nothing to live for. I stopped going to work, I began to feel and think that the only way to be free was to end it all, end my life. On a particular night, I was asleep, but I woke up to a Christian radio program on Nigeria Info; I heard the guest anchor say that, "If you’re having challenges in your life, you need to examine your life in line with the Word of God". I tried calling into the program, but couldn’t get through. I called in later to request for the contact number of the minister on the program; they gave me and I saved it on my phone. On April 11th, things came to a head; I was at the brink of suicide. I sent a text message to my boss, a colleague and to the phone number I had saved from the radio program. The voice in my head kept telling me not to bother, insisting that no one would respond to me. Encouraging and trying to make me take my life immediately. As soon as I sent the text message to the phone number I saved as Christ Embassy on my phone, calls kept coming in from that number, at first I ignored it. Finally, I took the call, and the person at the other end, spoke with me; he told me I could cry if I wanted to, but I should not take my life. He said I should see him first before deciding what next to do. I was given directions and I came to church. It could only have been by God’s grace because I was feeling so much heaviness and weakness but I came, early that Wednesday afternoon. When I got here, I was told that there was a service going on; I resisted. I didn’t want to attend, but the sister that attended to me insisted and took me inside and made me sit between her and another brother. I felt caged; I wanted to leave but couldn’t. During the praise and worship session, I cried so much. Then, Pastor Chris came up, a video message (The Integrity of the Word) available on PCDL at From then on, the voice in my head began to recede. Pastor said “…My people perish for lack of knowledge” From that point I started feeling lighter; something left me. I gave my life to Christ in that service. My life has not remained the same since that day. When I got home, I discovered an insatiable hunger for the Word of God. I began to take in God's Word with so much enthusiasm. Before I came to church, before I got born again, I was asking; is there any reason to live? I couldn’t see any reason to live; there was only gloom and darkness. But now I SEE A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE, I SEE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES EVERYWHERE. Glory to God! I am so grateful for that radio program and for the prompt response to my text message. Thank you!! God bless you!! #ceabujazone

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CELEBRATING PASTOR LINDA My beloved Pastor Linda, I Celebrate you now and always You're my dearly beloved sister. Having known you all these years, i can boldly say; Your love for Christ is undeniably strong and very inspiring. An anointed Music Minister. A worshiper and preacher indeed. You're beautiful and amiable, full of the Spirit. Continue to radiate the beauty of the Lord. I love you dearly.

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PASTOR TONY ADUROJA A Blessed Son. I celebrate you and rejoice with you. A man of Faith, Boldness, Strength and Courage. An Audacious, relentless, indefatigable Achiever. A man full of the Holy Ghost. A true Leader An Award Winner My SON INDEED in the Lord. A swift Arrow in the hand of our Man of God Pastor Chris. Welcome to a new level of Grace where the Lord has brought you. Ride on with Supernatural Speed. I love you dearly.

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Wow wow wow...Guess what??? It's here once again.... ....Teevo Fire Conference 2.0...!!! It's going to be another time of upgrade to a new and higher level as we fellowship with the Holy Ghost. Date: Friday, 30th - Saturday, 31st March 2018 Venue: All Teens Churches Don't Miss Out!!! #tfc2018

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A mother's love is amazing; somewhat hard to explain It comes with deep devotion, endless and selfless. It is patient and forgiving, never fails or falters. It is tough yet gentle and so loving. It is another wonderous evidence of God's tender guiding hand. We celebrate our dear Mothers today and always. Thank you for being so dependable. We love you!

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AND THE WINNER IS..! As we bask in the glow of the Mother's Day Celebration, we say a big thank you to all our participants in the "Mum&Me" Photo Competition. Hearty congratulations to: Pastor Jane Akpos @janeakpos (Winner!) Oduaran Otes Temitope @t_lite (1st Runner Up) Chisa Endwell @wealthychi (2nd Runner Up) For bagging the top spots by your ardent participation in the "Mum&Me" Contest. Now, treat yourself to a myriad of e-books and audio books of your choice in over 55 languages, and enjoy the best of both worlds with the LoveWorld Books App. #thankyoumum #mothersday2018 #lwpm #monthofdominion #recreatingyourworld #mum&me

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Gloryyy!!!! It's here once again.... ....Teevo Fire Conference 2.0!! Date: Friday, 30th - Saturday, 31st March 2018 Venue: All Teens Churches Don't Miss Out!!! #tfc2018

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It's 16 Days to GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE NIGHT!!! Tell everyone about it. Update your display picture on KingsChat and other platforms with this banner 👇 #GFMNCEPHZONE3

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Bro Chigozie Sis onyeyichi Emmanuel (Child) Amos ( father health) Charity Chinadu Ijeoma Oluchi Glory Alexenadra Ene

#Upcoming Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3's CELL LEADERS CONFERENCE with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Joy Amenkhienan. Dates:- Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th January, 2018. Venue: Christ Embassy Central Church 1. Get Ready for a Supernatural Ride with the Holy Ghost. Don't miss it! #cephzone3

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Ihuoma Ichie Obinna Ichie Anty Chinerey Mrs Ichie Ugo Ichie ( mass SALVATION)

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