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Tune in!! This is so powerful! 🤯 #yourloveworld #loveworldsonsofministry #preacherskids

DEAR HIGHLY ESTEEMED CEO Thank you Ma for your exemplary leadership throughout the planning, execution of the conference & the timely words shared during your super session. We learned more than we could quantify!We ❤ you dearly & will continually prove our gratitude with results

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THANK YOU PASTOR SIR! Thank you for the words, prayers & prophecies that have launched us into a whole new level. We're aligned with God's purpose for our lives & we'll continually walk in this consciousness. We're with you all the way We ❤ You Sir From Loveworld Sons of Ministry

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#TIEUK2019 Champions for Christ!

Happening Now - T.I.E UK! An exhilarating time of worship led by the Highly Esteemed CMD, the Zonal Secretary, BLW UK ZONE A, and the BLW UK Choir, left all enraptured in the Holy ghost and many in tears as they worshipped! The conference is set to go even higher in the coming sessions as more leaders arrive. Stay tuned for more updates... The 🔥🔥 just began.. #FireintheUK #Blwcampusministryrocks

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Happening Now - T.I.E CONFERENCE UK! YOU ARE HE WHOM THEY SEEK! Acts 10:21 Oh what a glorious time in God's Presence for the Campus Pastors & Leaders at the Opening session of the Training Inspiration and Empowerment Conference UK; commencing on a very high note with a mind blowing session with the Highly Esteemed CMD! "We have come to PUSH you again!; to reemphasize the importance of our Campus Ministry & the opportunities that you have while you’re there...”. With these first words the Esteemed CMD took some of the just arrived delegates on a ride with the Word in a sterling exhortation on “MAKING THE NECCESSARY IMPACT AS YOUNG MINISTERS ON CAMPUS”. Making reference to the young man Stephen in the book of Acts- Acts 6:5, 8 “...Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost... And Stephen, full of faith and power, did..” he challenged the Pastors & leaders, exhorting them on how to boldly engage their world and shake it up! To be men of the Word and full of the Holy Ghost always. “You are there as the answer to the cry of your generation, so hear their cry. You are he whom they seek!!!”. The young leaders kept echoing it “I AM HE WHOM THEY SEEK!” The conference is set to go even higher in the coming sessions as more leaders arrive. Stay tuned for more updates... The 🔥🔥 just began.. #FireintheUK #Blwcampusministryrocks

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#TIEUK2019 An amazing time in the presence of God ✨

Its Official!!! The first daughter of the president of our BLW Nation is officially married! We are still Live across all the Loveworld Radio Networks around the world!

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It's an honour to celebrate such a man of God. You have taught me diligence, excellence & integrity. Thank you Daddy, I love you!

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Happy birthday to an amazing dad and a wonderful role model. I love you so much. ❤️

Miracles​ happen in the presence of the Word! Get ready for 'An Evening with the Word' with Pastor Chris. THIS IS A DATE YOU SHOULDN'T MISS! Get Registered today. Click here👇: Don't come alone, make sure you invite someone along and register them here: Date: 18th February Time: 3pm Venue: The LoveWorld Convocation Arena. #EWTW18 #CELVZ

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#YourLoveWorld DAY 4 MORNING SESSION HIGHLIGHTS Bishop Clarence McClendon:- ◼The first shift you must make to experience the power of God in your finances is a Shift in perspectives.  ◼ As you sow seed, God will take your eyes off of your need and unto Him as your supply.  ◼ It is not your job to get your need met, it is your job to get your seed met. When you get your seed met God will get your need met. ◼ As you take your eyes off of need and unto God and give what you have that seemed not to be enough you experience supernatural multiplication. ◼ You may not have enough in your hands, make it a seed. It doesn’t matter how much you start with, it matters that you know what to do with what you have. When you give, God doesn’t  just see money. He sees your faith. This is why Jesus said the widow who gave her mites gave more. It is because more faith was released by her to give what she had compared to those who gave out of their abundance. Dr Mike Smalley:- ◼ A seed is anything you’ve been given to sow and create anything you’ve been promised.  ◼ Facts About Your God Given Dreams:- 1. Your dreams will be fought by people and the demonic.  2. People who do not have a dream do not understand how people who do, do not easily give up on it. 3. Your dream will require the daily building of your faith.  4. Your dreams are going to require divine kingdom partnership.  5. Your dream will appear to die at least twice but God will resurrect them at the 3rd time  ◼  Your dream will require specific battle seed . Yes you give because you love God, but your faith requires a focus to produce a specific harvest.  Pastor Biodun Lawal:-  ◼ Work worthy of the vocation [ heavenly invitation] you were called to.You have been called to be a blessing walk worthy of your Vocation. ◼ Your Loveworld is a Heavenly invitation to a feast of blessing, grace and favour. Through your partnership with Your love world you are blessing the whole world.   ◼ With the sowing of your seed, your past is secured and your future will not be hard.  ◼ Your seed will stop destruction from coming. Your seed will guide you to your future. Your life becomes a journey with God, the very road God travels on!! Your seed will police you to your future and stop anything that will distract you from getting there. ◼ The Lord will ensure you get there. If your seed can leave your barn and be planted into YourLoveWorld From this day the Lord will begin to promote you. The call to partner with Your Loveworld is a call to feast on God’s grace. Reverend Ray Okocha: ◼ God remembers all your offerings but there are some offerings that get God’s attention and causes Him to respond to you instantly.  ◼ As you sow into your LoveWorld, God is taking you into another level of blessing. ◼ David determined in his heart and gave to God towards a temple he wasn’t even going to worship in. God in response gave an eternal posterity to him!! Even the Messiah had to come through the lineage of David. When you think you are planting a seed to God, He is planning a great harvest  Join the evening session of YOURLOVEWORLD by 5pm. #cephzone3

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AN ESCALATED TRANSFER OF WEALTH BISHOP CLARENCE MCLENDON The transfer is not just going to fall on your lap. A part of this  supernatural transfer is God positioning his saints for influence in the world system. A part of of this supernatural transfer is God putting his saints in position to take territories There are principles and Laws that govern this transfer of wealth and to be part of it you must position yourself to receive. You were created to look like and function like God your Father God created man to be where man is, what God is where God is. God in heaven is final authority, last word,  uncontested dominion. God created man to be King or god in the Earth! This troubles people….until you realise, God is not a Name God is an office!!!  Adam handed over his office as god over the planet to Lucifer when he bowed to him in Eden. Over time the devil began to set up his props his decorations i.e. his system across the earth. Satan has been setting up his props across the earth, the systems of the world. You cannot live in or by them. You must function by the kingdom principles  The wealth is not in the world, it’s in the earth Step into your office as a ruler in the earth! If you are going to qualify for the transfer of wealth you must observe  1. Theprinciple of honour 2. The principle of seed The tithe is not a money principle but an honour principle There has always been a divinely designated portion so that God and his man could remain in dominion over the earth. When Adam violated the honour principle by taking from the tree of knowledge of good and evil God did not curse him because he was already blessed. However the ground was cursed for his sake meaning the ground no longer had to respond to him. If you are not honouring the Lord with your tithe……the earth devils and demons know that they do not have to obey you. If you are not honouring God as a sower of seed and a giver to God of his designated portion you will not qualify for the wealth transfer. Right from the beginning, the trees and plants were not meant to be your provision. It is the seed of the tree that is your provision Your Job was never intended to meet your need Your job was intended to provide you seed In this kingdom you were not meant to work for a living but for a giving. Men may decide your pay check but if you are a giver and a sower they cannot decide your income God want’s you to give of the fruit of your labour and to live off the fruit of your harvest When you got born again,  you switched Kingdoms,  You switched nations,  You switched ethnicities,  You are now a citizen of Heaven. You must switch your currency of operation. The Kingdom does not operate by money but by faith and favour God is looking for you to spend your faith like money God is looking for you to spend your favour like money FAVOUR FINANCE AND THINGS ARE BEING ADDED TO YOU Houses will be given, Cars will be given, Debts will be cancelled as you MARK THE MOMENT with your seed. The past is over, I don’t have to pay for it or try to get it right. I just have to start now, honouring God and sowing my seed. #YOURLOVEWORLD #UKREG2TEN4ONE #SUPERNATURAL #GREEN2018 #10IN1 #UKVZ4

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@lwusa God is going to work miracles in your money while you are doing what you normally do. In your day to day occupation. When you decided to follow Him, He delivered you from trying to make ends meet. When the blessing is working in your life, you can speak to things and they will obey you You can be blessed without tithing but you cannot be the kind of blessing that God wants you to be. .......Bishop Clarence #YourLoveworld

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DAY 3 YOUR LOVEWORLD PASTOR BENNY HINN The First Wealth Transfer The Second Wealth Transfer Isaac Third Wealth Transfer Jacob Fourth Wealth Transfer Joseph Fifth Wealth Transfer Israel Sixth Wealth Transfer Solomon Seventh Wealth Transfer……You! Israel is the mouthpiece of prophecy There is more money in Israel today and any nation except the USA What is happening in Israel is indicative of what is happening to the church.  When God begins to bless Israel,  He is ready to bless the church To qualify and abound in the wealth transfer you must show yourself faithful with money. This faithfulness is expressed in your giving. When you give, you vote for the kingdom. LMAM Minister CSO Ministers!!! Holy Spirit!! PASTOR DAN WILLIS God says to you today as he said to Ezekiel Do not despair over the valley of dry bones ( broken dreams) START PROPHESYING TO WHATS LEFT!!!! Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you. Learn to put your seed in the ground Take what you have and prophesy to what’s left #YOURLOVEWORLD #UKREG2TEN4ONE #SUPERNATURAL #GREEN2018 #10IN1 #UKVZ4

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THE SONG AND DANCE STEP THAT DO WONDERS First time, it made our Father Pastor Chris and our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Rev. Tom dance, Second time, it came with 5million naira as thank you...Wow!

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