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*** VISION 555 - PHASE 1. WHAT A MIGHTY HARVEST *** We are indeed very grateful to the Lord God almighty for His grace to do exploits in our generation. Our profound appreciations and gratitude to our father, mentor and live coach for raising us in ministry and leading us in faith. Thank you Pastor sir. I love you dearly. Easter Program Praise reports 60 locations 5 Countries (in 4 languages) 6,888 First timers 3, 212 New Converts (just like Acts. 2.41) Several others attended online Get acquainted already held in many churches and countries. Students already enrolled for Foundation school Water Baptism coming up this month of Truth. What a mighty harvest. We are most grateful sir for the opportunities to Impact our world. Truly we are the sons of the Prophet and we are making Lasting Impact. The Lord be praised.

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#CeLz1YouthChurch #celz1rocks

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR CHRIS Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Prayer Outreach Host your Global Day of Prayer Outreach anywhere and everywhere online and onsite -At the office -Online -At Home -Via Calls -In Cell Meeting -In School -In Your Street -At the parks -Everywhere When we pray, we receive answers, When we pray, a new order is created, When we pray, the siege over our nation is lifted, Get ready for the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Prayer Outreaches happening everywhere in your city. #globaldayofprayer #cellministryprayeroutreach #cellministry

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In preparation for the Global Day of Prayer the Cell Leaders, Bible Study Class Teachers, Cell Executives, Pastors and Deaconry members were stirred up by the esteemed Director of Cell Ministry, Pastor Christine Davidson - Eke #cellleadersfireconference #monthofchange #celz1rocks


Happening now. Zonal Hour of Prayer LIVE on Pastor Chris Live Prayathon. #prayathon #CELZ1Rocks

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Happy cheerful birthday to our Esteemed Pastor Henry Omodigbo. For your passion and dedication to the things of the kingdom I celebrate you specially sir. Glorious things are spoken of you. #sg1 #pho1803

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Open the Curtains!!!!! Beat the Drums!!!!! Play the Music!!!!!! We Welcome Her Royal Majesty The Esteemed Pastor Tutu Balogun Happy Perfect Birthday Ma We love and appreciate you dearly #celz1rocks #HBDPTB #PTBis50 #HBD0206

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Celebrating our Exploits in February Cell Outreach. #CELZ1Rocks #celloutreach #cgi

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Christ Embassy Lagos Zone1, making global Impact via the Pastor Chrislive Prayathon. Changes are happening everywhere. Glory to God. 🙏🙏🙏. #celz1rocks #celz1prays #pclprayathon

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What a day it will be.A day where men and women , children are going to celebrate the word of God.We will give for the gospel.Ror our messenger angel will go into all nations.Gloryyyy #celz1rocks #ce Campground #celebratingrhapsody

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Waoh!! It is a day to our epic program with our esteemed Zonal Pastor; Pastor Lekan Balogun. #ketuchurch #K2naiton #celz1rocks #celagoszone1 #celebratingROR

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Thank you Sir for giving us the advantage through the CGI Program. #CGI #celz1rocks #yearofpreparation #preparingwiththegospel

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CELEBRATING A RHAPSODY BIBLE TOP PARTNER, OUR ESTEEMED DEACON ABAYOMI ADELOWOTAN Thank you for being a huge blessing to the body of Christ. We greatly appreciate your outstanding commitment to keeping the Bible in its place as the No 1 Book in the world Happy Birthday! We Love you Dearly!

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Celebrating my God fearing,fineeeeee😉kind,triple extra thoughtful&easy to please husband🕺🤸‍♂️🕺 I love you profusely,HBD Waluzy💕❤👑

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Happy Birthday Esteemed DcnWale A Leading Member Of The Deaconry You Look Out For Many, Take Care Of Several Functions & Make Up For Much The Lord Who Sees Even In Secret Bless You & Endow You With More Wisdom & Strength For The Work Of The Ministry. Much Love My Brother #CELVZ

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WE MUST ACT FAST! Circulating the Bible is becoming more difficult by the day in most countries in Asia, yet there is an increased hunger for Bibles among the people requiring our urgent attention.  THE BIBLE MATTERS · Take a stand for the Bible · Advocate for the Bible ·

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🏆🎷TOP Strategy Implementation Awards: 1st Position: Congratulations to Lagos Zone 1! 🎊 💃 🎺🔶🔷RIN ADVANCE AWARDS IS LIVE!! PARTICIPATE ON : Rhapsody Website: Rhapsody App: 💪 Get Active Today! #digitalrevolutionreloaded #rinadvancesummit #forcefuladvancement

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There is so much excitement in the air as the Ministers' Relief Program Team in CE Mexico (CE LZ1), working together with The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International and the Inner City Missions for Children prepares to receive the Ministers in Dire need and Families affected by the hurricane. #celz1rocks

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