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The next big thing is Night Of Bliss Garrick with Pastor Moses Olayemi.. Don't miss it

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Reach out Nigeria loading...... #cebeninzone1 #istandfornigeria

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To a most extraordinary man of God who has literally effected and transformed the lives of millions around the world, through the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit; Dearest Pastor Benny. Thank you for the tremendous blessing you are to me, and for always expressing the love of Christ in a most inspiring way. Happy Birthday from me and from all of us. Pastor Chris

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With my Man of God, Pastor Moses Olayemi . My giving attracts the right investments #hlcbenin #hlcbeninwithpastorchris

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If you agree with me that this MAN, is one of the most passionate SONS of our Father, Pst Chris, pleeaaaase click like and reshare. HBD PBL.

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Overheard somewhere in Nigeria: Election that you're not sharing rice, is that one election? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I don't think so... #electionDay #USA

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MHIS DAY ONE PART TWO: Pastor Says to Pastor Benny Hinn, "Your presence here is based on God's prophetic utterance....You have particularly been a blessing to me. In my quest to learn more about the Holy Spirit, one whom I adore so much, I got hold of your book "Good Morning Holy Spirt"....you changed my world. You helped us see that the Holy Spirit is a person; as a person, friend, lover, giver...one that was sent to be with us everyday.....And your book communicated something that a thousand teachers may never have been able to give us. Thank You!....I dont think you'd ever know all of us whose lives you impacted. You may never know until we get to heaven. I wanna thank you for touching my life" . They said I was too much like Benny Hinn...because how could the results be so alike? So you were like a covering..... Thank You! Thank you so much for coming, for changing our lives. Everyone here respects you and honors you! Pastors join me to welcome to the microphone, Pastor Benny Hinn! Pastor Benny says," We met for the first time last night and we had a very blessed time I must say.We talked for a long time, we tried to eat I don't think we finished our dinner. I knew yesterday, and I told him this that God's hand is truly mighty on him, we all know that but I will say this to you, God is about to shake this world with him. That's something I know.... Very few men today are declaring the message of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit hss become in some places not only unknown, but he's become unwanted, but we want Him, Pastor Chris wants Him and you want Him...Lift your hands and tell him you want Him... "Pastor Chris will be my friend forever....The Lord says this will be a new beginning for me". 95.4% Culled from LoveWorld News PS: Kindly go to LoveWorld News to relive the moments by watching the video excerpts from the Day One of MHIS #Mhis

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WELCOME TO OUR MONTH OF INCREASED GRACE!!! 🌏 The Lord is increasing the grace that He has given us both as a ministry and as individuals 🌏 The grace is what enables us to fulfil his word in our lives. It is what covers and protects you in that which God has given you to do. 🌏 As long as you are walking in this grace, nothing can stand against you successfully. 🌏 There is no possibility of failure when you walk in this grace. 🌏 The grace causes you to produce results. 🌏 You don’t need more anointing because you have got all of the anointing. 🌏 The grace is the effect and power of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Enjoy a beautiful month of INCREASED GRACE. #CEABUJAZONE

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There's no possibility of failure with me because I walk in increased Grace #Communionservice #cebeninzone1

The month of October brewing..... #Communionservice #Christembassyerediauwa #cebeninzone1

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