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Happy Birthday bro Bugie Okhuemoi. God bless you for your active participation in all that we do as a Zone. You are unique and special to us and we love you specially.

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Happening Now... CE Mimshack church, Siluko 1 prayer rally for UNFIRGETTABLE EXPERIENCE with Pastor Mary. #uewpm #ceheninzone3

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UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE WITH PASTOR MARY PRAYER RALLY. Brethren of mimshack making tremendous power available for d upcoming program

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H.N CE Church Abundance prayer rally for UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE WITH PASTOR MARY at Ore-oghene pry sch. on Fri.13th May 2016 #cebeninzone3

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Be aware of who’s in your life. God put them there on purpose. He’s counting on you to make a difference. #CEBENINZONE3

God is in control of your life. He directed your steps in the past, and He’s directing your steps right now. #CEBENINZONE3

If you are low on faith, you need to go back & get some fuel. Don’t talk about your problems; talk about your victories. #CEBENINZONE3

If you had a dream for your life but had some disappointments, it’s not over. You have seeds of greatness inside of you. #CEBENINZONE3

Develop a lifestyle of being thankful. Remember what God has done and how blessed you are. #CEBENINZONE3

Don’t let the pressures of life weigh you down. We weren’t created to endure life; we were created to enjoy life. #CEBENINZONE3

You shouldn’t always be wishing you were something different. Be content with who God made you to be. #CEBENINZONE3

Find a reason to be grateful. Don't think about what’s wrong, start thanking God for what’s right. #CEBENINZONE3

If you have your health and people in your life to love, you are blessed. Be thankful for the blessings in your life. #CEBENINZONE3

Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something better. God has to shut a door before He can open a new door. #CEBENINZONE3

You may be a product of your past, but you don’t have to be a prisoner of your past. It’s time to move forward. #CEBENINZONE3

This is the year God wants to speed things up. You’ve entered into a time of acceleration. #CEBENINZONE3

When God is ready to launch you forward, He doesn’t check with the critics, He simply releases you into your destiny. #CEBENINZONE3

Don’t let the twists, the turns, the things that don’t make sense cause you to get discouraged. Keep moving forward. #CEBENINZONE3

Your past isn’t important; what’s important is right now. Stir up your gifts. Start using what you’ve been given. #CEBENINZONE3

God’s plans for you are bigger than you can imagine. There’s something amazing in your future. Take the limits off of Him. #CEBENINZONE3

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