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Minister Chits releases her debut single 'Moving Forward' . This song carries a powerful message for all listeners to continue to declare the power of God no matter their situation and believe that greater is the end thereof. We are moving foward because it is our year of Flourishing. ✈➡➡✈➡➡✈➡➡✈ YouTube link 👉👉 Soundcloud link 👉👉 #LMAMINT #LMAMUK #LMAMEU #LMAMUS #MovingForward

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Get my new single FAITHFUL now on it will bless you. Worship Jesus wherever you are. He is faithful.

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The man that came through the wall one night. What a year 2017 is. Our year of Spreading. What a word from our Man of God. To get a word that forces the environment around you to comply is a gift of God without measure. We have been equipped to live, speak, react and function above the systems of the world. This reminds me of something that happened several years ago that gave my such insight into the value of the words of our man of God in our lives and the divine protection that his words afford us. In my second year at University, I decided to forgo the standard uni accommodation and opted instead for a room off campus. Partly because my experience with four room mates the previous year was challenging to say the least. There were issues with privacy to read, visitors, sleep and the battle to protect one's provisions being tantamount amongst them along with the mystery of my missing mattress. Anyway, I found this four bedroom house on the east border of the campus in an area called Osasogie and took an unfurnished room for a year, following which I quickly began to move furniture from my parents house to set up my Palace..., I mean Domicile. I remember that Pastor Yvonne Eba of Canada later became a neighbour living in the next house which was also occupied with students. I loved my new place. It had all the quietness I could wish for and most importantly, I could determine when to switch my lights off without concerning myself about a roommate whose visitors were still laughing and joking like hyperactive hippos at 1 am. Apart from the fact that it was a longer walk from my house to the lecture halls, I quickly settled into life off campus and with my tape player handy, could listen to as much of my extensive library of Pastor Chris's messages as I wanted. There was a particular message amongst them that stood out for me and that was a message Pastor preached in Benin called "Using the Name of Jesus". I listened to that message till it resonated in my spirit. Pastor shared so much on the power of the name of Jesus in that message with hilarious yet life changing illustrations and that message gave me a boldness of mind and heart, especially with regards to the presence of angels around the saints. A couple of months later we got some news in the area about a group of occult members that were going to have a procession around the area after midnight. Now this secret group was so secret that we wandered how the secret of their secret procession became so un-secret. Anyway, warnings were actually disseminated to the houses in the area warning residents to be in their homes by midnight as the members of this group were known to carry weapons and could employ them in lopping motions on whoever was seen on the streets while they were parading. Of course, as the news of the procession of witch doctors, what doctors, sad doctors and un doctors went round, people made up their minds to be safely in their houses before midnight as nobody wanted to put their running skills to the test. In the days leading up to the night of the procession, a sense of fear settled on people including my housemates but I had a different mindset. Pastors messages had given me an orientation, I remember when he shared with us about a crusade he went for in a village and that at what time Pastor Joy Amekhienan was out on the streets with some brethren only to encounter a group of masqueraders (people dressed in very interesting costumes often depicting spirits or tribal deities) coming up the road towards them. This would normally not be an issue as you could see them in different cities at different times and people normally flocked around to watch them, however these masqueraders were not the benign type suitable for tourists and unsuspecting bystanders, they were aggressive and domineering and they carried whips with which they trashed the closest people around them. Anyway, as they were coming up the road towards Pastor Joy whipping people to the right and left of them, people moved off the road to avoid being whipped but Pastor Joy was unmoved, she didn't step off the road like other people were doing. She continued marching towards them and started speaking in tongues. By the time the masqueraders got to her they forgot about their whips and moved aside to let her pass. GLORY!!! With such a rich heritage of faith, I felt I could not react to the news we were hearing with fear. Rather I was indifferent. I didn't plan to stand in the road after midnight like Jackie Chan to watch them as I had better things to do but neither was I afraid. Anyway on the night they were supposed to have their procession I got home at about 10 pm and found that all of my housemates were at home sitting in the living room engaged in a serious discussion. I listened in and found that they were trading stories of what had happened to people who were encountered by this secret group of what doctors. They wound themselves up with stories of people going missing, etc but one of them who was a medical student who was from a different part of the country loudly declared that he was not afraid of anyone and was actually going to read in the living room with his little table lamp as always while the procession was going on. So saying, he went in, brought out his books and lamp and started reading while the rest of our house mates hovered around uncertainly. The other two who always expressed scepticism when ever I preached to them, asked me what I thought of their horror stories and I told them that I was protected by angels so I was not bothered. Of course they looked at me like I was from the planet Dunce in the star system Illiterate but I was unmoved. I knew whom I had believed. So saying, I went to my room and settled down to do some studying. At sometime after midnight one of my housemates knocked on my door and when I opened it he told me very quietly that the masquerade parade was walking past our house. Curiosity got a hold of me and I followed him into the living room where the lights were off (so as not to give those outside any indication they were being watched). The only light was from the medical students table lamp, but he had turned the lamp downwards to shutter the light. We went over to the closed window shutters and looked through at the lost doctors. All we could see as it was very dark outside (every other house had their lights off) was a long procession of people carrying unidentifiable objects and dressed in long robes. Finally they all passed and the medical student loudly proclaimed. See, I am still here. I didn't run. He turned up his electric lamp and started reading again. I shrugged and returned to my room where I put on a message by Pastor Chris and started reading again. Now here's where the story changes. About 5 minutes later I heard distinctly above the roof of our house a blood curling cry. Now, you might say it was an owl but brethren, I know what an owl sounds like. Those owls that read Shakespeare would normally make a sound similar to "To whit, to whoo" (Perhaps trying to quote Hamlet) Western owls would say, who who who woo, who who who woo. The accent, you know!!!! Those on a Nigerian diet which is carbs-heavy would normally make a sound like Hoout o owoo, Hoout oout owoo. If I didn't spell the sounds correctly, blame the Owls. I didn't ask them not to go to school and learn to make legible sounds, nor can I be held accountable for the level of Tertiary education available to Owls at the GOU (Global Owl University). This cry I heard above the house was nothing like either of those, it sounded like a creature that was half Eagle, one third owl and one quarter snake, with the final fraction being an electrocuted cat, with all four of them overdosed on expired steroids. Suffice it to say, I had never heard a sound like that before and to this day have never heard any sound to compare with it. Anyway, in true British stiff-upper lip fashion I exclaimed as I stared up at the ceiling, 'what in heavens name was that"? Before I could even decide whether to rebuke it in the name of Jesus or speak in tongues, my room door was flung open and my medical student house mate dashed into my room with his face pale (challenging to achieve with his very dark skin) and asked in a horrified voice, did you hear that?! Its amazing that when the chips are down, all pretence goes out the window and what a person really believes is manifested. All the bravado, boasting and posturing from him vanished at just that one sound. It was also interesting to me that he didn't dash to the rooms of those who didn't believe in Jesus. I John 4 verse 4 says, Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in world. When you don't have the greater one living in you to enable you overcome, all you will have access to is the weaker one who under-comes. I stood up at his entrance and told him that I heard it and I was going to the living room to check what it was. So saying I went with him following closely behind me. I noted that none of our other (I don't believe in Jesus) housemates emerged from their rooms although they heard the sound. I opened the windows to look out but there was nothing outside so I shrugged and went back to my room followed by the medical student who sat on my bed for a short while trying to discuss what could have made the sound over our room then shortly after he declared that he was not going to read anymore but sleep. So saying, he left my room. Early the next morning, my medical student housemate came into my room looking the worse for fear and told me his experience that night. He explained that when he got to his room, he took his bible, put it under his pillow as he felt a christian should do for protection and slept only to wake up suddenly in a panic staring at the wall of his room. According to him, the next moment, a man emerged from the wall and approached his bed while he lay there as terrified as a chicken watching an approaching cobra. He described the approaching man as being dressed all in black and that the man, without saying a word, took hold of his neck and began to squeeze. He said he finally began struggling and while fighting the apparition, he managed to wheeze out "Jesus" at which the man released him and walked out of the room through the wall. He went on to say he spent the rest of the night too terrified to move but finally came to tell me the story when daylight brought some security. He asked me if the man came to visit me and I said of course not. Did he think the angel in my room was there for nothing? Why didn't this midnight visitor consider my room? Not because of anything external but because of a word that had found its place in my spirit through hearing and meditation. God always sends his word, all we need to do is Lambano it and cause everything that word addresses to comply. The lesson in the story The people of the world speak carelessly because their minds are blinded. We who have sight in this natural realm and the realm above speak with multidimensional knowledge. That's why we cannot be understood by earthbound men. We communicate from a different plane, sometimes we can't even speak with natural men on the things of our realm as we don't want to panic the mortals. Only divine life gives them access to the divine database from which we draw heavenly information when we speak in tongues, also known as using SQL (Supernatural Query Language). On the 31st of December, our Man of God Pastor Chris who queried that database presented us with God's answers for 2017. God's report is that its our year of flourishing. Hallelujah. This year, there are no limits, we will flourish exuberantly on every side. Glory! God bless you For more articles like this, click like and tap FOLLOW on CE UK Virtual Zone 1 #UKVZ1 #yearofflourishing #Pastorchukaspeaks #Dec31st

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@PastorChris Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Mon Jan 9 1Thessalonians 5:18 declares: "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you". Learn more in today's Rhapsody or download from For 15min at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray mostly in tongues, and give thanks as the scripture enjoins. It's our Year of Flourishing. Fill your heart with joy and gratitude through the Word and the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

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EXPECT A MIRACLE RIGHT NOW BY REV. (DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME. I want to pray for you. You can expect a miracle right now. I believe the Spirit of God will touch you right there where you are. In the name of Jesus, I pray for you to be well. I pray for the pains to leave your body. I pray that that sickness in your body will leave. Yes, be healed from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Be healed in the name of Jesus! I command all growths to leave. Yes, be made whole; be cleansed in your blood. I break the power of the devil off of your mind in the name of Jesus that you would be free in your mind as in your body, in the name of Jesus. Receive that healing now. Receive that healing now. WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE I see someone with several growths in your body, very embarrassing growths. You have to wear certain kinds of clothes to cover yourself because of these growths. I command those growths to die and pass out of your body in the name of Jesus, and the pains to leave you. Be healed; be cleansed. I pray that you receive that miracle that you are asking the Lord for - a miracle in your job, in your finances, in your home, in your family. Receive that miracle right now in Jesus' mighty name. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. There is spinal problem that’s being healed. You have a problem with your spine. Now you are being healed. In the name of Jesus, be healed. I pray that, yeah, that deformity will be corrected now by the power of the Holy Spirit. A lady that has been suffering with migraine headaches is being healed. Yes, receive healing. That devil is gone from you, in Jesus' name. Thank you Lord. There are many miracles taking place. Receive that miracle right now through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name. See you again next week. God bless you. If you've received a miracle, write us on and let us know what the Lord has done for you. #TheYearOfFlourishing #AffirmationTrain #LuxuriantGrowth #SignificantAttainment #PersistentProductivity #RhapsodyOfRealities

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@PastorChris 2017, 'The Year of Flourishing'. Get the full message from the PCDL from tomorrow. Follow the @PastorChris SuperUser to make your comments, if you are not following already. #cephzone3

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Important post from Reverend Chris Oyakhilome. Rev 13:16-18 16 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six". See this newspaper article below. We'll discuss bible prophecy soon. Watch out. Follow the PastorChris SuperUser account for more updates from Pastor in the link below #newyorkmegalopolis #usavz2 #usaregion

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Recently, when I was going to bed after using my bathroom, I started hearing sound of drops of water from the tap in slow successions, but since it was dropping into an empty bucket, I decided to let it be. But, alas! When I woke up the next morning, around 5am, the bucket was almost full! I was surprised that just drops even in such slow successions could produce that much. I couldn't help it, 'Just drops?!' I questioned rhetorically. But the following night, I made sure that the tap in my bathroom was locked completely and I checked the bucket and saw that it was empty, though wet. Then I went to sleep. I guess you already know what I saw the next morning. The bucket was not wet as I had left it, but it was now dry! Then I realized the importance of a drop and how much difference it can make in all ramifications of one's life compared to a dry tap. Imagine letting the drops be for a year, I would be scooping with drums at the end of the year! So, how about that drop of savings? How about that drop of kindness and love everyday? How about a drop of reading useful books today and every day? How about that drop of a verse of the scripture today and every day? How about that drop of prayer today and every day? How about a drop of worship today and every day? How about a drop of step towards your God-given dream today and every day? How about a drop of giving into your heavenly account? What virtue and discipline will you start today in little drops? Never neglect the importance of a drop, for when the harvest time comes, you would have made a big difference. Share if it blessed you and follow this Superuser #CEBENINZONE2 #pastortom

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If you agree with me that this MAN, is one of the most passionate SONS of our Father, Pst Chris, pleeaaaase click like and reshare. HBD PBL.

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Happy New Year to you and your family

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#Dec31stLIVE Christ Embassy Southampton United Kingdom Brethren worshipping at Global service with our Man of God #UKZONE2 #BLW SOUTHAMPTON

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#Dec31stLIVE Christ Embassy Southampton United Kingdom #UKZONE2

# Dec31stLIVE Christ Embassy Southampton #UKZONE2 #BLWSouthampton

# Dec31stLIVE Christ Embassy Southampton #UKZONE2 #BLWSouthampton

#Dec31stLIVE Worshipping King Jesus! #UKZONE2 #BlwSouthampton Christ Embassy Southampton United Kingdom

#Dec31stLIVE Enraptured in worship! Christ Embassy Southampton United Kingdom #UKZONE2

Its still our Year of spreading!! Youtube : Soundcloud:

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"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."- Romans 10:17 Don't miss today's episode of KATALAMBANO with Pastor Uche Unubogu @ 6pm GMT, as he teaches on "Simple Principles on Multiplication. " You are in for a treat. Watch us on Freeview Channel 258 or Sky 586 or Also download | LoveWorld TV mobile app | Call us on: +442075115830 #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."- Romans 10:17 Don't miss today's episode of KATALAMBANO with Pastor Uche Unubogu @ 6pm GMT, as he teaches on "Simple Principles on Multiplication. " You are in for a treat. Watch us on Freeview Channel 258 or Sky 586 or Also download | LoveWorld TV mobile app | Call us on: +442075115830 #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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