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Happy Birthday Pastor Henry! You’re dashing into a new realms of divine direction by the Holy Ghost, your steps will never slide, and you’re making a constant and persistent progress in every area of your life in Jesus mighty name Ameeeeeeeeeeennn!!!! #PHU1311 #PastorHenry

Happy Birthday Pastor Henry! Divine health is yours! You’re 10 years above your contemporaries in Jesus mighty name Ameeeeeeeeeeennn!!!! Enjoy this day in its fullness!!!! I love and appreciate you 🎉🎉🎉🎉🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 #PHU1311 #PastorHenry

Happy happy happy birthday to you Pastor Henry! This new year of your life will be 10 years in one for you! You’re continually celebrating your riches in Jesus mighty name Ameeeeeeeeeeennn!!! #PHU1311 #PastorHenry

Please do me a huge FAVOR! Make sure you come to the Total experience on August 25th expectant. Prepare your hearts and minds to receive a life changing WORD from God and your life will never be the same again. Glorrrrrrry!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!! Total experience with our own Pastor Deola is happening on August 25th 2018. Don’t miss it!!!

Aren’t no party like the Holy Ghost party because the Holy Ghost party don’t end. Be sure to attend Total experience happening at all churches across USA Region 2 on August 25th and 26th respectively. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for such a time as this in the land of the living. I can’t wait for this life changing event! Are you ready?

What an awesome time it will be in the presence of God! Glorrrry Total experience here we come!!

I can’t wait for total experience with Pastor Adeola Hallelujah!!

Total experience is on August 25th 2018. Glorrrrrry!!!

The word is prevailing mightily! Glroy to God!! #prayingnow #mycountryUSA #mydeclaration

When I heard Pastor Uche is coming to Dallas #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

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#cedallasgroup is coming thruu with the program of the year! #greaterblessings with Our MOG Pastor Uche 🙌🏾!!

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Look at me now my life will never be the same again for I’m already in greater blessings. Thank you Pastor #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

It’s like a fire shot up in my bones I can’t keep this to myself therefore I shout greater Thank you Jesus #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

My goodness! What else will I & family be doing on Sunday 4/22/18 other than dancing in greater blessings! #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

Wow!! Greater is he that’s in me than he that’s in the world! Revelation knowledge with greater blessings. #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

Hallelujah!!!! It’s truly our year of the supernatural! Greater blessings here I come. Are you coming? #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

What an awesome time it will be swimming in greater blessing with our man of God Pastor Uche. I’m ready!!!! #greaterblessings #cedallasgroup

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