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2Days to Go... 🎧 Meditate on these things. 🙇Give them your full and complete attention. 💃Then your progress and increase will be evident for all to see. It's time for an in-depth study of the message, "The Benefits of Prayer" Get ready to be upgraded and edified. #a4daystudyonthebenefitsofprayer #exclusivelyonpcdl #jointhepcdldistributionnetworktoday #ewcavz4

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HAPPENING @SUPER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR OKET Engaging young people on Digital Gospel. Taking advantage of our ministry vast technology resources to increase soulwinning capacity. The practical session focused on equipping each youth with free PCDL Subscription sponsored by our Esteemed Partners. #CampingWithPastorOket #CWPOKET2018 #GYLF #EWCAVZ4

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Great things are spoken unto you.daughter of Zion . Happy supernatural birthay #ewcavz4 #victory

Please join me to celebrate this mighty soulwinner sis merly noutcha. Happy birthday #victory #ewcavz4

For his mercy endures forever.😅😊 #CEBonamoussadi #ewcavz4

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Cell systeme is God vision therefore There is no excuse!!! #ewcavz4zclc2018 #splendor #cedouala #cameroon

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#prayerweek #prayingnow #cameroon

⭐️⭐️⭐️PCDL CLUB Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ WEEK3 Thank you for connecting many to the Word. Be our SHINING STAR of this week. Take a step now to become an active member of the Club #pcdlclubstarsjunewk3 #ewcavz4

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NEWS UPDATE!!! Begins on Wednesday! It is still our Month of Prayer and we are full of testimonies. The Global Prayer Week With Pastor Chris begins on Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th June, 2018. Kindly follow this SuperUser for updates. #ISM #Pastorchris #OnlineSession #School

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SATAN HAS NOTHING IN ME! I have a life that is superior to the adversary and everything that originates from him, including sickness and disease. I have the life of God in me, so I cannot be brought down by sickness. My life is for the glory of God and every part of my being is a reflection of His glory. Sickness cannot manifest in any part of my body, for satan has nothing in me. Amen. Get more confessions at Follow this superuser now and stay connected to enriching content. Get ready for the Healing School August Session in Lagos, Nigeria. Visit for more information. #faithproclamations #hspc #healingtothenations #hspartner #hspn

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* RHAPSODY OF REALITIES TODAY * TUESDAY 26TH JUNE, 2018 GROWING AND PROSPERING BY THE WORD. The Word has the unique characteristic and ability to grow mightily and prevail, irrespective of the situation or condition (Acts 19:20). So when you consciously imbibe the Word for your health, finances, business, and other areas of your life, there’ll be progress against all odds. Discover more from today's devotional . You can download a copy here #CEPHZONE3

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Mighty Daugther of zion Glorious things are spoken unto you. #ewcavz4

Thank you for your labour of love .we love you. #ewcavz4

Happy supernatural birthday.sis Nathalie moteka.we love you. #ewcavz4

Still Celebrating my sister.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. #ewcavz4

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An honorable personality, that's who you are. No one ever knows you and remains the same. You're an epitome of a Christian woman, an embodiment of God's love. Happy birthday sister Leo. #ewcavz4 #cedouala #Leo2406

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Today, I celebrate a mother in the house of God. Having raised many and taught thousands, your works are worthy of praise, worthy of emulation and I have several reasons to celebrate you. #ewcavz4 #cedouala #Leo2406

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Thank You father for counting us worthy and ordained us for the Work of the Ministry. #DeaconryOrdination2018 #ICLC #ewcavz4 #CEBonamoussadi

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#prayingnow #cameroon

#prayingnow #cameroon

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