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Happy birthday to Diadem Senior Leader, number one soul winner in Christ Embassy Ottawa Dcns Samia. Chosen Generation and Royal Priesthood cell celebrate you for your commitment, passion and selflessness. Congratulations on your new milestone. Enjoy it Dcns. We love you dearly. ❤

Happy birthday Papa. You're indeed an icon with a difference. Plenty love #revken918 #cecanada

Happy birthday dearest Rev. Ken. You're a champion of the gospel and a blessing to many. We love you. #revken918 #cecanada

Happy birthday Dearest Sister Angie. May your life be prolonged and beautified. Keep up the good work for Christ. Plenty love.

Pastor Benny Unravels the Preeminence of Christ through the Scriptures "Jesus is the revelation of all God is," Pastor Benny declares, teaching on Christ's preeminence... "Truth is a person, whose name is Jesus; He is the very power that’s holding the atom together," Pastor Benny said, describing the wonder of our Savior. Elucidating the power of the Holy Spirit, he declared, "the Holy Spirit took God, turned Him into a seed and put Him in the womb of a woman, and that seed became Jesus!" Gain more insights in the featured video. download more inspiring messages here God bless you.

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