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#WeHaveMoved #IhaveMoved

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 25TH MARCH. I affirm that the Father has blessed me with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. My life Lord is like a well-watered garden; I am fruitful and productive always, and at all times. I am in the centre of God's will; therefore, divine supply-system has been set in motion on my behalf. I can never be broke; for the Lord has blessed me lavishly and supplied all my needs. My heart’s desires are granted me as I delight myself in Him. Even now, I receive my supply for today. Hallelujah! I am blessed and fortified in Christ Jesus with everything I need for life and godliness! I am great because the seed of greatness is on the inside of me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I’ve been endued with power from on High, to win and reign in life as a king. Hallelujah! I know who I am; the world belongs to me because I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ. I reign and rule over circumstances by the power of the greater One who lives in me! He lives in my spirit, in my soul, and in my body! Fear is paralyzed in my life, for the Word of God has taken centre stage in my heart. I am moving forward from glory to glory and from grace to grace. Hallelujah! The glory of God is in, and on me, and I manifest that glory everywhere. Today, and always, I display the wonderful deeds and perfections of Him who has called me out of darkness into glory and virtue! Blessed be God. Hallelujah! SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES NOW • Be bold to say the same things that God has said concerning you in His Word. That is what takes you beyond salvation, to enjoy the benefits of salvation ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You can now reach us on: • • God bless you. #mydeclaration #prayingnow #loveworld #pastorchris #teaching #talkingsession #upward #forward #empowerment #signs #wonders #leadership #gospel #illumination #peace #affirmationtrain #music #possession #supernatural #strengthened #invigorated #excellence #divinemight #reigning #winning #victorious #power

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Glorious Sunday Service. #theyearoflights #ewcavz4 #celimbe2

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2018 FALA Winner Ngassa Merlin from Cameroon at the FALA Cocktail. Glory. #FALA #FALF

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We love and celebrate you Pastor Sir #Offer7 #internationaldayofservice #CEMokundange #Limbe#Cameroon #Ewcavz4

Like my Pastor will say " success is making your world better than u met it". Thank you Pastor Sir for teaching us how to serve humanity. We love you beaucoup. #Offer7 #Servicetohumanity #CEMokundange #Limbe#Cameroon #Ewcavz4

This is something to shout 📢📢 about... I celebrate my most Inspirational n Selfless Father today. A man called by God to be a blessing to the world at this time. Glorious Birthday Pastor Sir. I love you too much.

Flourishing birthday Sis Rhine. May grace and peace be multiplied in ur life as u celebrate this new year. We love u dearly. #SisRhinerocks #CElimbe #Cameroon #Ewcavz4

Its all by the Power of the Holy Ghost. #ewcavz4 #TotalExperienceYaoundé #celimbe2

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Abba and me at the Royal Wedding. Thank you sir. I love you dearly. Congratulations Sharon and Phil. #sharonandphil #sharonwedsphil #royalwedding

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Abba and me at the Royal Wedding. Thank you sir. I love you dearly. Congratulations Sharon and Phil. #sharonandphil #sharonwedsphil #royalwedding

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*💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼...khalassssss it is Done, from glory to glory, Congratulations CSO & Phillip OTMHG💞💞💞*

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Royal Wedding Continues..THE LOOK Of LOVE❤ #pastorchrislive #royalwedding #supernatural #unitedkingdom #sharonwedsphil #yourloveworld #ukvz4

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Sharon Oyakhilome a.k.a. CSO and Phillip Frimpong complete traditional wedding rites in Lagos, Nigeria. Get the full story and see more pictures on LoveWorld News: #SharonwedsPhil #SharonandPhil #RoyalWedding 👸🏻💕🤴🏿

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God’s perfect will in manifestation!!!!

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It's awesome. Thank You Pastor Sir for this glorious program. #Rhapathon #RhapathonCameroon

RHAPATHON LIVE UPDATE We're influencing the world. We are all harvesting the seeds we sowed years ago. Be like David. Build God a temple. With Rhapsody of Realities, you are building God temples in nations around the world. Don't wait! Don't hesitate!! SPONSOR NOW! - Pastor T T Edun

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