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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEACON KAYODE!! BLW UK Zone 2 celebrates the one and only Deacon Kayode Idowu, an inspiration and a true example of how to serve in the house of God. Happy birthday, Deacon. Thank you for your love, zeal, and passion for the things of God. You are a great blessing and inspiration to all in UK Zone 2. We love and celebrate you today! #ukzone2 #OuryearofLights

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What an awesome sevice,Educating your Human Sprit, As i change my inward man, my out ward man conforms Greatness is the quality of your personality even in your words

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Celebrating an amazing personality, the mother of mothers. Thank you for the lives you changed, touched and built in UK Zone 2 much. In this new year, your light continues to shine ever so brightly. I love you dearly ma.

Happy birthday of Light Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma Onubogu. We join the host of the LW family to rejoice and celebrate with you. Enjoy your new year filled with the best of God's blessings. We love you.

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Celebrating a Luminary! #PastorIfeoma1306 #LWBolton #Ukzone4 #loveworldkzone4

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Happy Birthday to a Caring Mother, Highly Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma Onubogu Thank you ma for being a paragon of excellence and an archetype of the LoveWorld Exceptionalism. As inspiration you are to us and many around the world. Thank you ma for your Unwavering Commitment to the propagation of the Gospel around the World. We Love You Dearly #pstifeoma1306 #LoveWorldUKZone4 #LoveWorldCentralChurchManchester #LoveZone

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Happy birthday Pastor ma. Thank you for being an amazing person so full of love. Glorious things are spoken of you. I love you dearly ma❤❤

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Talk show on prayer by our able CELL LEADERS at welwyn Hatfield chapter, anchored by our dear PASTOR FRANCIS.

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It such fun to see, such fun to see satan lose, ROR is a winner book, a winner book all the time #RORRUKREACHOUT2019 #Northampton carnival #BLWWELWNHATFIELD #BLWUKZONE2

Illuminating the nations with the glorious gospel committed to our trust #RORRUK #NORTHAMPTON #UKZONE2

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Happening live. Northampton carnival #RORREACHOUT2019PHASE2 #UKZONE2 BLWWELWYNHATFIELD

Happening now! Reachout United kingdom phase 2 #RORRUK2019PHASE2 #CENTRALCCHURCH #UKZONE2

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Happy 10th wedding anniversary to my dearest brother and sister, Esteemed Dcn Ortega and Pastor Mo. God continually bless and increase all that concerns you. Keep waxing strong in God’s grace. I love you dearly 😍 😍💖💖💕💕

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What a rendezvous of saints! Thanks to our esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Tony Aduroja for an amazing gathering of champions, the first of it's kind for a twofold service. The impact of today's service will be seen for generations to come. BLWWELWYNHATFIELD #BLWUKZONE2

What an amazing service today with my Zonal Pastor. Our light is shining ever brighter in ukzone 2 #celebrationoflights2019 #UKZONE2 #LWKingston

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SEASON OF LIGHTS - DAY 2 (Each-One-Win-One Street Storm) IT'S DAY 2 OF THE UK ZONE 2 3-DAY OF POWER, GLORY AND ENLIGHTENMENT PROGRAMME WITH THE ESTEEEMED PASTOR TONY ADUROJA. Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning; Luke 12:35 KJV LIghting up your world with God's word! #SeasonOfLights #CelebrationOfLights #UKZone2

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A heartfelt gratitude to My father for the opportunity to attend this years staff week Congratulations to all my wonderful & exciting team.Thank you for all you do in ministry & the zone. Congratulations to our award winners Pst Dan & Sis Maria . We are 1000 times better

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Season of Lights 2019!! This very light of yours let it shine..

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Happy wedding anniversary pastor Nelson and great dcns,more blissful years ahead. You are bless.Enjoy.

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