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GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER: WE'RE IN THE TIME OF THE SIGNS Are you ready for the Global Day of Prayer, 26th of June? The next few years of this world depend so much on our prayers, so let's do it - Pastor Chris Watch this inspiring video! Click on this link to find a platform to participate on👇 🌍👉On Friday 26th June from 6pm to 9pm GMT+1/ 1pm to 4pm EST, we'll be cocooned in an atmosphere of Power, Grace & Glory at the Global Day of Prayer live transmission with Pastor Chris 👉👉Immediately after the opening live session with Pastor Chris, enjoy sessions of Prayer, the Word, Worship & Testimonies in a stream of live broadcasts from 9pm GMT+1 / 4pm EST on Friday June 26th non stop to 6pm GMT+1 on Saturday 27th June. 👆👆👆👆Tune in as many times as you desire to participate. 👉👉🌏Stay tuned as The Global Day of Prayer culminates in a destiny defining live broadcast with Pastor Chris starting at 6pm GMT +1/ 1pm EST on Saturday 27th June 2020. #globaldayofprayer

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Watching live from the office.. #Cephzone1 #loveworldchildrensministry #innercitymissionsforchildren #loveworldschools #kiddiesloveworld #cdc2020 #childrensday2020 #childrensday #childrensbooks #kids #children #children's #iknowwhoiam #lockdown #everychildalive

Do you know you could watch #thephenomenallifwthpeeay on NTA THREE TIMES A WEEK! 🙌🏾 NTA Sunday 1pm- 1.30pm Wednesday 7:30pm - 8pm Saturday 11:30am - 12noon SPREAD THE WORD! #peeayforever #cephz1 #sonofpastorchris #love #jesus #jesusfreaks #portharcourt

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RHAPATHON HIGHLIGHTS: 10 KEY ACTION POINTS!- Pastor Amaechi Udeaku Give NOW: PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU MINISTERING 1. Be clear on how many copies you want to sponsor and write it down where you will see it on a daily basis. Let it be inspiring enough for you. Be definite. 2. Announce and celebrate your decision. Start talking about what you will do by the power of the Holy Ghost. 1 Sam 17: 42 3. Start now and don’t postpone. Take the first step, sign that first step. John 9:5. A sense or urgency. Luke 12:35( NIV) 4. Start with what you have and grow from where you are. Be willing to believe. 5. Give this thing( your goal) full attention. You will not achieve this great result with partial focus. 1 Timothy 4:15 6. Schedule your giving and be consistent. 7. Celebrate every milestone. 8. Be open to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. 9. Don’t stop till you finish. Be tough in your mind. There may be obstacles but don’t give up. 10. When you have done all. Do some more. You will finish strong.  Join us now, call now, give now. Take action: #rhapsody #rhapathon2020 #Celebrating20YeasrofImpactwithRhapsodyofRealities

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GLOBAL RHAPATHON 2020 WITH PASTOR CHRIS. DAY 5, MORNING SESSION. Grace is a vector quantity; it has direction. When God's grace comes to you, you must give it direction. Action points from Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku's exhortation 1. Select definite copies you have to sponsor. Be clear about it and write it down. 2. Announce & celebrate your decision. Watch here now👇 #cephzone1 #languages #understanding #RhapsodyOfRealities #agenda #strategy

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It's not over for you! Never accept that you are out! Come into 2020 in the Word and experience a whole new world you have never had. Destiny awaits you! December 31st @ Obiwali Conference Centre Port Harcourt. Time: from 6pm. You have a beautiful future, don't throw it away! #cephzone1 #Enter2020WithPastorChris #2020 #resolution #focus #goals #determination #freshstart #2ndchance #peeayforever #loveworld #love

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LOVEWORLD INDIA IS NOW LIVE Glorrrrrrry hallelujah!!! & READY TO PUBLISH THE MESSAGE OF OUR MAN OF GOD PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSC DD TO 1.3 BILLION INDIANS AND BEYOND TODAY 31ST DECEMBER 2019 GUESS WHO MADE IT HAPPEN? GUESS WHO MADE IT A GREAT AND GLORIOUS SUCCESS? GUESS WHO IS MAKING HISTORY WITH THE 31ST NIGHT EVE SERVICE WITH OUR MAN OF GOD IN INDIA AND BEYOND? We present our DIAMOND PARTNER(S) The esteemed PASTOR MIKE WIGGLE and the Pastors, leaders and partners of CE TEXAS ZONE 1 & 2 TEXAS REGION Thank you for hearing and heeding to the voice of 1.3 billion Indians in search for God. You are the Lord's answer to their cry and hunger. We love you and God bless you stupendously

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YOUR LOVEWORLD PRAISE-A-THON GRAND FINALE WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY! We Are Live!!!! A seed is an outward manifestation of God's Word. Luke 8:11 says the seed is God's Word. The seed is man's number one way of demonstrating his faith in God. The destiny of any living thing begins with a seed. A seed has a future, everything else is a liability. You are the one to make what He's given you a seed or it'll be liability ~ Pastor Chris #cephzone1 #praiseAthon

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Celebrating God's General! Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Benny Hinn! We love you dearly, Sir! #LoveworldPlus #pastorchris

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When you thank the Lord for His blessings in your life, you are attributing them to Him, thus distinguishing Him from all others. The result is, He blesses you even more and reveals Himself to you in a greater way. Get a moment aside to thank Him.

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DECLARE NOW!!! I have the mind of Christ; therefore, the perfection of the Spirit works in me, for He’s called me to glory and excellence! I’m perfect and flawless, lacking nothing, because as He is, so am I in this world. I’m unblameable, unreproveable and complete in Christ. My life is an expression of His perfections and glory, to the praise and glory of His Name. Hallelujah! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD NOW:  #prayingnow #rpn #rhapsody

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... AND THE WINNER, ZONAL OVERALL CATEGORY IS... CHRIST EMBASSY PORT HARCOURT ZONE 1!!! Special Congratulations to the phenomenal Pastor Amaechi Udeaku and the esteemed Pastors and Partners of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1. Thank you for expressing love and godly care to many, through your sponsorship. #savingliveseveryday #everylivecounts #loveworldawards2019 #lmmsawards #thankyoudearpartners #hsawards2019 #tcif #vmcorps


Celebrating dedication -No 2 Partnering Zone🏆🍾🎊 Congratulations to our partners in @PHZONE1 on winning 2nd Postion in our Top Partnering Ministry Centers & Zones category in 2019 Thank you for the support and solidarity shown all year round, we are so proud of what we accomplished together in coloring the dreams of the indigent. We are positive that your partnership in 2020 would be far glorious. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow #cephzone1

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IT'S A SEASON FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS! The 2019 global Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference will mark a season of answered prayers with testimonies that will stand the test of time! REGISTER TODAY and announce your registration by sharing your ROPC picture frame. Register now on the Rhapsody app: OR on any of these links: ✍ ✍ Save the Date: 29-30 November Tell everyone! #ropc2019 #ropcglobal #rhapsody

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So my LIFE has gone to another LEVEL! 🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽 #limaa #limaa2019 #hotterthanfire #loveworld #dad #dadandsons #provokeduntogoodworks

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CELEBRATING OUR LOVEWORLD TOP 100 INDIVIDUAL PARTNERS; SILVER AWARD - PASTORS CATEGORY Hearty congratulations Esteemed Pastor Melody Nwajei on your significant attainment of the 99th position in this category. We love you dearly. #cephzone1 #ippc2019 #IppcAwards

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CELEBRATING OUR LOVEWORLD TOP 50 INDIVIDUAL PARTNERS Hearty congratulations Esteemed Bro Paul & Dcns Juliet Odogbo on your significant attainment of the 22nd position in this category. We love you dearly. #cephzone1 #ippc2019 #IppcAwards

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