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Wen U feel the prayers @ ur waist..... YES ure ready. BLW Abraka Group Rocks.

God honors your words more than the congress..... God honors my Words....Sosa says.

Success is not in a place, success is in a man..... Are you that man?

I have more Spora....Says Sosa.

You can start LATE and still become the LATEST and greatest ... So be encouraged... Time is on your side my beloved

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When you save a second you save a minute, you save an hour you save the day......What would you save ?

Hmm As an expert I can't be ignored.... Am a wise master builder.

Blw Ozoro Rocks Triumphantly.... Spora Sporus.

Happy Birthday...

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And my list is endless..Who got a Father,Boss,Director,Superstar like mine???Congratulations sir! I Salute#November2Rmember#Seeing4Realities

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Seeing realities = Seeing Truth = Seeing the Word.To every matter, there is a Truth.This month, I see only the Truth of the Matter!#theword

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Your imaginative power is your creative ability, recreating my world, seeing for realities, I see my perfect health!!!!!!!

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Addiction is a good thing, only if you are addicted to the right things. Mine is the gospel and everything associated with it. #pastorchris

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I see my self singing life to the dead, strength to weak, peace to the trouble hearted and the Word (Christ) to the world.

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faith must be steadfast, unyielding, fearless, faith must be vocalised. faith comes by hearing the word of God.

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I have abundant supply to meet every need, now and always.

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The word of God.... Such a medicine now now working.


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