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Grrraaacccceeeee!!! #radicallygraced #gracedgeng

🔥 🔥 Immortal Sauce 🔥 🔥 Happy Sunday Fam. This week is gonna be full of extravagant grace. Lemme see your graced faces yookers. Post with #radicallygraced

This is how grace was slapping me last night. What a night of EXTRAVAGANT GRACE it was!! Boshetekebaye!!

That Night. She died. Her mother was surrounded by older women with wrappers tied across their chests. Her father had his face turned to the wall with neighbours strolling in and out of the compound. He was the Chief of Adama community and his only daughter Arare laid lifeless. But he had agreed to wait for the entire duration of the Healing Streams with Pastor Chris. His wife was adamant. She believed in miracles. She believed in Pastor Chris. She believed in the name of Jesus. She had become a Christian. Thirty-five minutes into the service, Pastor Chris began speaking in tongues, almost out of cue. Arare's mother lifted her daughter closer to the tv set oblivious to the presence of those in the room. Warms hands lifted cold hands to touch the screen. She spoke in tongues too, louder and louder, matching her fervour with those from the screen. Soon, there was a presence in the room so thick it could be touched. Many neighbours found their slippers and hastened away. Those that stayed were swarmed in their own tears. Arare's father found his knees had touched the floor soaking in the pool of water that flowed freely from his eyes as he was bowed over in reference to the God he never cared to know. The God his wife never stopped talking about since she became a Christian nine months ago. As the room coloured with an air no one cared to ponder for all were lost in the convictions of their own hearts, they heard the Pastor say, " In the name of Jesus, you shall live. You shall live." In non-rehearsed unison, all hands went up in worship to the Lord as the piano began to play... She coughed. Her mother clasped her daughter's hands in hers. She was wide-eyed bouncing on her own calves staring at Arare who coughed and coughed again. The women that once surrounded her had trickled down to three. And these three scurried off in bewilderment. They couldn't believe what their ears were hearing and their eyes were seeing. Arare was alive. Her father had turned. But transfixed on his knees, his hands lifted up and thrown wide wondering at the fact that his daughter, pronounced dead by the town's medical doctor and abandoned by his own native doctor, was now seated asking for water, moving her head this way and that searching for him. He was the Chief of Adama community, a sworn traditionalist, father to three grown up boys and twelve years old daughter. He had seen many things in his life. But nothing quite like this: Arare was dead and brought back to life. He was decided. He believed in miracles. He believed in Pastor Chris. He believed in the name of Jesus. He would become a Christian. #WritingThisGospel #healingstreams #healingstreamstv #Doyoubelieveinmiracles

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Ada woke up in high spirits. She had read her Rhapsody of Realities this morning and the day's theme "He is always with you" further increased her excitement.  Her time with the Holy Spirit was a blast ;a true romance of righteousness.  From lying on the bed, to kneeling on the floor, to standing and jumping, to sprawling on the floor...dear Lord. She prayed, praised, cried, roared and laughed. It was a devotion like none other. Ada felt like she was walking on air. "Today is gonna be an amazing day" she beamed.  She went over the plan to surprise her mum that evening. It was her mum's birthday and she was going to make it the best 49th birthday surprise. Things had been very challenging since their dad passed the previous year. She almost dropped out of school but her mum...oh her mum! "Ada!! Ada!!" Her younger brother barged into her room panting. Several emotions on his face. Ada couldn't place it. But she knew. She knew something wasn't right. "Emeka what is it?" "Mummy...." "Mummy what?" Ada ran past him. Opening her mum's bedroom door, Ada saw her mum curled up on the bed, writhing in pain. Her right arm under the left side of her body, her left hand pulling the bed sheets. Her face was almost completely buried in the bed. Her mum  groaned, cried and panted at the same time.... ....and then she stopped moving. It was a whole two seconds but it felt like excruciating hours. Ada's throat completely dry,  her tummy in knots, her chest  pounding so loudly she thought she would go deaf, she ran to her mum. "Mummy wake up!" Emeka cried, shaking their mum so hard Ada thought his arms would rip out from their sockets. Ada was in shock. A thousand bolts were going off in her brain but her body wouldn't respond. She wanted to scream, she couldn't find her voice. She wanted to touch her mum, her hands wouldn't move. Ada felt paralyzed as she knelt by her mum. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Then she heard words echo from deep within "He is always with you". Suddenly, Ada sprang to her feet. With an inexplicable boldness she told her brother "Emeka stop crying. Mummy is not leaving us today. We serve a living God. Clean your eyes okay." Muttering under her breath "God is with me Sigrabadegestes. I refuse to fear. Mandobaye. God is with me." Ada walked briskly to her room and picked her Rhapsody. Back in her mum's room, she sat on the bed, lifted up her mum's head, put it on her lap and began to read the day's article to her mum as though she were sleeping. The further she read, the louder she read. The further she read, the bolder she became. By the time she got to the confession she shook her mum saying "Mummy , in the Name of Jesus, repeat this after me" No response. Then Ada began to shout the confessions into her mum's ears. As she finished and started speaking in tongues, she heard a familiar voice speaking alongside her. "Mummy!" #WritingThisGospel #LGNScribes #TheScribes ............ Are you a Christian writer or one interested in writing? Join the LGN Scribes today. Signup at Subscribe to my space so you don't miss anything. Slide into my space and click on the 🔔 icon.

🔥 My name is Glodean and I am spirited. 🔥 🔥

She gat swag like nobody else🥰🤩😍. Thank you for loving me specially ma'am. May the Holy Ghost surprise you today. Happy happy birthday @truch 🎂 🎁 💃💃💃🥰🤩🤩😍

Her smile can raise the dead.. 😍🤩🥰 More and more grace, more and more people, more and more praise for you ma'am. Happy graced birthday. @truch

Such a large heart you have ma'am. @truch . We join Heaven to celebrate you today for all you do in pushing the Gospel for6. Happy birthday ma'am.

Happy birthday sweet, loving excellent ma'am @truch . Thank you for all you for us in the LMAM. I love you personally ma'am.

Gear up for an unforgettable journey with the word on Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 2 with the Man of God Pastor Chris. From Monday March 1st to Friday March 5th 2021. Prepare!! #Yourloveworld #Yourloveworldspecials #Season3Phase2

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Not every dream has to be achieved. You gotta know by the Spirit when to let some things go which are not in the script of your life. Or know when the script has been updated. Some peopoe have spent years pursuing one dream or the other which they should have let go of and moved on to some thing else. Your greatness is not tied to a particular thing. Rather it's dependent on your walk with the Holy Spirit. And moreover, just like Pastor said in a message "God is not limited to his destiny for your life. He can create a completely new destiny for you."

🔥 🔥 Immortal Sauce 🔥 🔥 Here's your sugar serving for the today. 😍🤩🥰 Happy Sunday fam.

#WritingThisGospel #TheScribes #LGN

Gen 46-50 The story of Joseph is one story that inspires me so much. At the end of the day, all that matters is if you fulfilled your purpose in life. But how will you know if you've fulfilled or if you're even on course if you do not first know what your purpose is? The greatest thing for an individual, after getting born again, is to discover his/her purpose. Life is in phases and so is purpose. Oh how I prayed that prayer for years when I was much younger. I didn't wanna waste my life running another person's race or doing something that wasn't in the written story of my life. I didn't wanna waste time studying a course that had nothing to do with my future or be in a job that had no role in my script. I didn't wanna be on the road to nowhere-nowhere in the eyes of God. I had dreams of greatness but I wanted to be great in God. I would ask the Lord to please reveal it somehow, show me in a dream perhaps...I just wanted to know for certain what I was to do in life. I'm forever grateful for coming in contact with the message of our Man of God. Coz in focusing on the generic purpose of bringing glory to God and most importantly, in learning how to walk with the Holy Ghost I realized there were no shortcuts. You have to invest time into building that relationship (just like any other) with Him where his thoughts become your thoughts, His inspirations become yours, where your yielded to His nudgings and ultimately, where you just give up control and let Him take the wheel. As I start a new phase of my life I look back and I can see the hand of God at every step of my life. I'm grateful I learnt how he leads me. Sometimes expressly in words but most times through thoughts, increase or decrease in inspiration, nudgings, inexplicable inner drives....where you just know this is what should be priority now...leave this one for now...focus on this now...the page has not yet turned so stay here...this is not in the script, let it go...etc. Such that even when it doesn't make sense to you or others, when the road ahead doesn't seem clear, when there are oppositions/tough times, there's just this inner restrain from changing course. I realize every challenge I've faced, every knowledge I've gained, every experience I've garnered, every road I've passed, has been to prepare me for this phase. And those words keep ringing....DO YOU HAVE THE CHARACTER FOR THE NEXT PHASE OF YOUR LIFE?? #finishthebibleb4rapture #biblereadingchallenge #2yearplan

When the Anointing comes into your life by the reason of the Holy Spirit, you are exempted from any kind of afflictions 🤗🤗🤗🙌🙌🤗🤗🤗 An Expose' on Grace (with highlights on Spiritual Mindedness) is still up on Watch and listen to LIFE IS SPIRITUAL for Day 3 Study #AnExposeonGrace #A14DaysStudy #watchonpcdltv

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♦️ Live Participation in the ongoing LoveWorld Ladies Network 24 Hours Online Prayer. #lln #lln24hourprayer #loveworldladiesnetwork #ceaccraghanazone

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HAPPENING RIGHT NOW👇👇 The Much Anticipated LoveWorld Ladies Network 24 Hours Online Prayer. Join the Livestream via the link: Invite others to participate as well!! #CEMCABUJA  #LoveWorldLadiesNetwork  #LLN  #Lln24hrsprayer

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We are on live @ 24hour online prayer with love world ladies network. #LLN #loveworldladiesnetwork #24houronlinenetwork #cephzone2 #cecitygroup

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When we pray, God answers... Glory, glory, Halleluyah #LLN

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