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Eqinisweni Sec School Tembisa Mdm Bongi Ngema-Zuma handed out some copies of: "Power of Your Mind" & spent more time with matriculants.

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Life Lessons: When Men Are Cast Down...

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LEARN HOW TO CALCULATE A CAR TYRE'S EXPIRY DATE! Did you know that every tire has an expiry date after which it must be replaced? Failure to do so could risk the car owner having blown-up tyres while driving! The life span of a tyre from the date of manufacture is four (4) years. Please note that the four digits stand alone. They are not added to any alphabet(s). Some manufacturers place the asterisk sign (*) before and after the four digits, while others simply encircle it. For example, 1414 means that the tyre was manufactured on the 14th week in the year 2014. The tyre will therefore expire on the 14th week of 2018. Now, how do you know the date of manufacture of your tyre? The date is written on the tire itself as four (4) digits. The first two digits represents the week of manufacture, while the last two represents the year of manufacture. You may therefore buy a "brand new" tyre which has since EXPIRED or just about to expire! So watch out! Some dubious manufacturers don't even state the date of manufacture on their tyres. Buying a tyre devoid of manufacturing date is akin to taking a tablet without knowing the expiry date. It takes only few minutes to find out the expiry date of your tires!

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THE POWER OF PRACTISE #Practise #YearOfFlourishing #2017 _____________________________________ #BLWIntlUK Follow the BLW UK International Office SuperUser account on KingsChat.

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updated their profile photo

Finally its here update yours now

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Read the Word of God! It will make you capable to read life and it's happenings and see what's really happing in front of YOU !

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HAPPENING NOW 2016 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MINISTRY MINISTERS NETWORK WELCOME LUNCHEON Ministers engage in a session of heartfelt intercession for the nations of the world For live updates on the ISM Ministers' Network Conference FOLLOW the International School of Ministry Super User on Kingschat by clicking “Follow” at the top right hand corner of this page. For more information log unto www.ismmn.org/conference2016. Share your expectations for the conference on the comments section of this blog. God Bless You. #ismmnc2016

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2015 FALA GRAND PRIZE WINNER BAGS WOMEN OF DISTINCTION AWARD IN HOME COUNTRY! 2015 Future Africa Leaders' Award Grand Prize Winner, FALA Ambassador Rose Sakala recently received the Women of Distinction Award in her home country of Malawi. On the 31st of March 2016, 22-year old Miss Sakala was 1 of 10 Malawian women jointly recognized by 3 organisations. The award is an initiative to honour women who have tremendous achievements and encourage them and others to work hard. Congratulations to FALA Ambassador Rose Sakala! Stay Tuned! #FALA

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Celebrating One So Special @ 70

Where's your Night of Bliss ticket? Collect your ticket today! It's FREE. Call +27117818340/1/2/3/4 for more information #NOBSA2016

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our future doesn't come to us, we enter in to our future. I am entering my future with God's speed.

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Watch this video and learn to use your inner eyes to see http://bit.ly/pcl_nov_svp_1

See your health! See your prosperity! See your promotion! Shout it loud! #healingschool #healingtothenations Click @ http://cehs.ch/?i=2118

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Birthday Greetings to a wonderful, inspiring and most encouraging Uncle

484 years ago on Oct 6th 1536, William Tyndale was burnt alive for translating the Bible into English Language. Today, many have Salvation.

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Thanks to all for the joyous birthday greetings and prayers and giving my dearest CSO a wonderful day.

Exciting new video by the ICM4C Kidz recorded live @Calabar Summer Dream Trip. http://ceflix.org/videos/watch/887 #EveryChildisyourChild

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