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I WORSHIP - BY ESTHER BENYEOGO PART 2 Come on now! Come on!! Just focus!! Don’t look away from my word, don’t get swallowed up in distractions, Look!!! I want to show you, I want to lead you,I want to guide you, I want the best for you. FOCUS!!! HAPPY SUNDAY FAM I LOVE YOU ALL

I WORSHIP - BY ESTHER BENYEOGO PART 1 And God is saying , Forget about the pain, focus on me. Forget about limitations,focus on me. Forget about your mistakes, focus on me. Forget about what people will say, focus on me. Forget about what people have said, focus on me.

We are More than Conquerors...We cover more Grounds...Gloryyy!!! #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY MA We love you so dearly Ma!!! #blwzonej #mothersday

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Holla!! So here’s a little freestyle to put a smile on someone’s face.😁 Have a blessed Friday and take charge today!!! #worshipsessionswithesthy #starasings #jesuslovesyou

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No dull moment with my dad. Very funny, you cannot frown around father, you must laugh even though you felt like the world was ontop your head few secs ago. Daddy, daddy!!!!

A great prophet. I am a living witness. All your prophecies concerning my music, they are happening LIVE!! and as the day goes by I am seeing more... Happy birthday to my prophet, I love you daddy.

Daddy yo!!! The best dad in the world. No amount of money will get you this kind of daddy but God gave me free of charge. Happy birthday daddy, I love you......

Mum, you love like Jesus!! I'm a VIP recipient of your love and care. Thank you for loving me so much and believing in me. For believing in my music ministry and for always making sure I'm on the right track. I love you ma. #exceptionalmum07 #blwzonej

Happy birthday mama. Words cannot describe what you mean to me and you are worth celebrating everyday. I love you so much mama. #exceptionalmum07 #blwzonej A thousand tongues are not enough to praise you Lord. I live to worship!!

Happy Birthday Mum!! It's a whole new level for you. I love you!!!!

Your love for Christ is tangible, one can feel it, touch it. And with each passing day, it's ever increasing. You've influenced me in that area cause my love for Christ is ever increasing, it's like I can't get enough of him. I love you sir #PH29 #blwzonejcelebrates

Happy birthday pastor!!! I'm going to make a joyful noise today. I join the Almighty God,the angels and elders in heaven to celebrate you sir. Father!!! I shall make noise. This is just an introduction. I tried but I can't keep calm. #blwzonej #PH29

We are a chosen generation!! Called forth to show his excellence. I will be there LIVE!!! #ycbenin

I'm a better Esther because you came.My music lyrics are powerful because of d message you teach.HBD PST SIR,I LOVE YOU#blwzonej#blwuniben

11K Followers & Counting Glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for answering my prayers that I prayed along the dark streets of Agbowo in Ibadan so many years ago. My prayers to Him was to amplify my voice to influence people all over the world. At the time, I knew that being with Pastor Chris was home and I would never leave Pastor's side, yet as I looked at the stars in the sky as I "prayer-walked" the neighbourhood, someone pulled my heart strings to yearn to influence the world. I felt a trepidation to even pray such a prayer because I didn't ever, then and even now, want to seem (not to talk of actually) be disloyal to my father, Pastor Chris. But God and Pastor Chris, himself, had other plans. My immense and heartfelt gratitude goes to my Pastor, my Guide, my Man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, who many years ago, as I had just been transferred to Asaba, told me: "Tuoyo, you can influence the world from Asaba. When God wanted to plant the largest church in the world (then), he didn't put it in the USA. He put it in South Korea, a 3rd world country. He didn't give the message of the Cell System to an American Pastor. He gave it to a Korean. An Asian from a buddhist nation. God doesn't save by greatness or by number. From Asaba, you can influence the world". Pastor, Sir, you encouraged me to believe that I can have a voice. Then you gave us a platform (KingsChat) to speak from. Oh, how great your heart is. Thank you, sir. Today, I have 11K Followers on KingsChat. Thank you, most esteemed child of God. I value your readership. I value you. Thank you for your acceptance. Thank you for your time and for allowing me to reach your heart. I know and appreciate that you read my words because of our father and Man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. I value that and I appreciate it. Yet, I know that 11K followers is currency. In our world today, 11K followers is a Force to push down barriers and expand the boundaries and borders of the Gospel and the ministry of our Man of God. 11K can change the world radically, inspirationaly and completely. Yes, we can. In the next couple of days, I will be sharing with you, my esteemed readers, some very simple but incredibly powerful initiatives to expand our message together. All 11,001 of us (I'm the 001 in the 11k) can make a change using the internet. We are currency. God's currency. Are you with me? #YearOfSpreading

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SUCCESS ACTIVATION I will make today a successful day as I say and do everything that I should say and do to make today a successful day. No Procrastinations. No Delays. No Shirkings. No Shrinkings. #YearOfSpreading

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BIBLE COMMONSENSE with Pastor Ewaen Edun Earlier tonight, Pastor Ewaen hosted the 1st session of a new format event: Bible Common Sense. This is a program presented in an informal discussion chat session where Pastor Ewaen, assisted by a panel of 3 female ministers, counsel an audience with scriptural common sense solutions to daily matters that challenge Christians. The inspiration for the event was the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch who came to Jerusalem to worship. Like many Christians, today, he had a great time in church but it was while journeying (everyone is on a life journey to our destiny) in his chariot (our career, families, sphere of contact) that he got confused by the reading and application of the Isaiah (the Scriptures). The Holy Spirit sent Philip to explain the Word to him in a common sense, no frills, way. This is Bible Common Sense. Tonight's meeting saw Pastor Ewaen and her team answer questions on: Do I use a cane on my kids?; Should I lend money with interest?; Should I borrow money with interest?; Should I stand as surety for anyone? etc The meetings run through Thursday. #ceAsaba #YearOfSpreading

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