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Happy Birthday Sweet Mummy. Love you Pst ma plenty

Happy Birthday Pst Lydia. I love you dearly ma

This happened today. #gracelocatedme. #CEArlington thank you pastor for all the life nuggets. In three years time will look back and say, yes God visited us.

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Our man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD. Live in Christ Embassy Arlington. God's plan for you is to be successful in life #CETXZONE2

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Happening Now Live in Christ Embassy Arlington with Our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #CEARLINGTON #CETXZONE2

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BREAKING NEWS*❗❗ Pastor Chris pays a surprise visit to CE Arlington, Texas Zone 2.

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SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT JOKING AT ALL. THE #R815 SINGING CHALLENGE HAS METAMORPHOSED INTO A DANCING CHALLENGE.🎵😂 On the beat is the esteemed Pastor Evangeline Odigie👏👏👏👏👏👏 Challenging The Esteemed; 1. Pastor Victor Egoh 2. Pastor Chris Otabor 3. Pastor Kris Agbale 4. Pastor Ify Ukakpu 5. Deaconess Chichi Nwabueze 6. Pastor Sylvester Esedebe 7. Pastor Ore Esedebe 8. Pastor Kelvin Enabulele 9. Deaconess Ivie Enabulele 10. Pastor Oge Oketunji Alright now, we are waiting to share your video. #CELEBRATINGREVTOM #REVTOM #CEAMC

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360lace is a resource tool that helps you Locate a Christ Embassy Church wherever you are! V 2.0 LACE:-(Locate a Christ Embassy)

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That thought from the HolyGhost could be worth more than a million dollars...don't lose it! Take it down immediately on your #360notebooks. Download yours now:

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Download your 360notebooks now!: some features: simple, extra-ordinary note-taking app with support for notes organization. 360Notebooks has an eye catching and user-friendly interface, never let a thought escape your mind just because you do not have pen and paper around Create your note Serving as a simple note-taking app, and notes organizer, the text option allows for as many characters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can edit, share, erase, wipe, insert, undo, redo, set a reminder, or delete a note using the top menu action button. Notes are automatically saved when created; this prevents you from losing any of your inspirations, thoughts and ideas.  Note Organizer Organize and customize your notes into notebooks to keep track of all your inspirations, thoughts and ideas. Reminders note Easily set reminders for your notes and store your reminders for reuse with creating a new reminder.  PDF Reader Accessing your PDF files has become easy with the PDF reader feature as this allows you open your PDF files and helps keep a history of all PDF files opened with your 360Notebooks Sticky note widget This is a resizable widget that put your notes on your home screen for quick and easy access to your special and favourite notes Search notes/notebooks You can search notes by created topics, this also helps you conduct a search through all your notes or notebooks. Pen settings Select from various pen types, sizes, and colours, with ability to adjust pen colour size  Attachment Attach a file from your device to your note. You can easily attach files like document; videos and audios files from your device to your note and this can easily be shared with your friends and family. Prioritise notes (Sorting) This function allows you set priority on your note and notebook list; it manages your notes or notebooks based on your urgency.  Syncing notes via cloud options
 1.Tap on the sync options button at the bottom of the note to sync notes to the following options (kingscloud, LoveWorld cloud, Google drive, Dropbox, SMB storage). 2.Register with or sign in into the clouds options to sync notebooks using the sync options on the menu. Key features: • Simple navigation • Auto-saved. You don’t have to do anything to save them • Create custom notebooks by colour (colour notebook) • Share notes via SMS, e-mail or kings chat • Powerful note reminder with archives for reminder • Create custom background for notes • Move notes from one notebook to another notebooks • Drag and drop between notes  • Drag and drop of notes into notebooks • Offline backup and restore of all your notes on your device. • Very useful widgets - put your notes on your home screen: • Efficient search helps you to get the information you need very quickly • 30 background colours for note to choose from (one of them can be set as default) • Sorting notes by modification e.g. A-Z, Newest-Oldest, Oldest-Newest, Last modified 

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WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE 2019 DAY 2 WITH PASTOR CHRIS 🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼 Our great man of God, Pastor Chris enraptured the whole auditorium with the emphatic impression of the importance of meditation on the scriptures saying, "Your continued walk with God will be limited by your revelation of him." - Pastor Chris #wec2019 #loveworldnetworks

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Happy Birthday CSO.... Lovely First Family.... 😊❤ #LoveworldNext #WEC2019 #EWCAVZ5

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To my priceless perfect Wife. You make life easier and make each day a beautiful one by simply being in it! I love you Sha Sha ♥️🎉 @carissasharon

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ICLC in my City, we are fired up and bringing back the head of Goliath. We have taken over the City of Pittsburgh #CEOFPITTSBURGH #CECINCINATTIGRP #CETXZN2


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Join us this Sunday for a Special THANKSGIVING Service, Thanking the Lord for His love through this half of the year across CETXZONE2. #Thanksgiving #CETXZONE2

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🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻SPECIAL APPRECIATION FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE ADOPT A TRANSLATION INITIATIVE ON PCDL IN JUNE💃💃💃 THANK YOU ESTEEMED PASTOR AFOLABI OKETUNJI SIR! To participate this JULY, Kindly see information leaflet below 👇👇👇 #adoptatranslationonpcdl #target200translationsonpcdlareality

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Happy birthday to our dearest Sis Chere Tantua your light shines ever so brightly. Thank you for your unique exceptionalism in all you do. We love you very dearly and declare many more years of supernatural excellence in all you do. We love you Dearly Ma #CETXZONE2

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