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The BLW Campus Ministry Welcomes YOU!, our highly esteemed Pastors & Partners, to December - Our Month of Blessings in Thanksgiving!!!! #Blwcampusministryrocks #Dec7 #December

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to my Highly Esteemed Pastors Sir& Ma'am. Thank U for your inspiring & most exemplary union of love, honour & faith in Christ. Your joint exploits in the Kingdom have greatly impacted lives around the world in our LW nation I love u so dearly♥️ #CECANADA

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DAY OF SERVICE IN THE CITY OF FAMAGUSTA In honor of our dearest father, life coach & mentor, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. Dd., members of BLW Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, embarked on several acts of service to the city of Famagusta. Acts such as washing of cars, Cleaning of the various school dormitories, the beach, parks and business offices were carried out, and were of great impact to the city! More to come.... #LWDayofService #Dec7th

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Happy birthday to my daddy's son, helper of war, maker and builder of men... Selfless devoted to the call. Thank you for your labor of love and all you do for our Master. God bless you Pastor Teagle. Happy happy birthday @pstteagle

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And the BIG ONE! - The Highly Esteemed CMD arrived the auditorium for Friday evening session of TIE Conference Western Nigeria amidst shouts of joy by the delegates! Sharing on LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS, he read from Matt 28:19, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations...” with this he said the Lord has given us leadership. If we are charged to teach all nations, it means we are ahead, we possess superior knowledge, we have something others need, it means you are leader. Leadership is beyond a position, it is a responsibility! 👉🏻 A leader is one who shows others the way. 👉🏻 A leader is one who influences others to do what ordinarily, left on their own, they may not do. 👉🏻 A leader is one who sees ahead of others, and moves them into that place. Abraham, Moses, David and the phenom of all time- Jesus, were all leaders. They saw ahead, took responsibility for others & influenced them in the direction of God’s vision for their day (Acts 13:36). So a leader is a model of what the led/members should and can be! 👉 Leadership is INFLUENCE and one of the best influences is your EXAMPLE. The best trained people are those who were with you while you were doing it; they saw you do it. Leaders always model it before asking others to do it. 👉🏻 Leadership is responsibility. This means you’ve come to maturity, you’re now accountable for what you know. Maturity is the acceptance of responsibility. When you mature, you take up responsibility, it means you have come to leadership; you’re now accountable for what you’ve learnt. It is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the group in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. To lead, you must be ahead, you must know more, keep learning and growing more hence the need for personal development as a leader. When you stop learning, you stop growing. Going further, he expounded on The responsibility of leadership Visionary leadership How to be a visionary Wow! What a feast, and Its getting Hotter!!!! Stay Glued!!!! #TIEWesternNigeria #TIEConference2019 #TIENIGERIA #CMDISFIRE #BLWCampusministryrocks

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“If you don't make time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend a LOT of time dealing with a life you don't want”. With these words the Highly Esteemed CMD kicked off the Saturday morning session, teaching the leaders on ‘Leadership Essentials: Personal Development Through Prayers & Bible Study’. Amongst several other definitions, he defined Development as the progressive advancement, evolution, growth of a person or thing from one state or stage to another; usually from a lesser, simpler state to a superior more complex state through the activation of established laws, processes or action. It’s about building your spirit- the real you. Whatever happens there controls your world. Your effectiveness in life & in the things of the Spirit, is directly proportional to your level of spiritual growth. [If you’re not growing you’re not glowing]. * As a leader, understand- Leadership is responsibility; responsibility for others. In leadership, you’re taking people where they’ve not been, how can you take them if you’ve never been there yourself? You cannot put in people what is not in you. You cannot give what you don’t have. PRAYER is primarily communication with God. Through prayer you build your spirit & increase your spiritual sphere of influence. The man that God will use is a man of prayer. * Now on Campus, practice the art & life of prayer. If you get it now, you have it made. Mark 1:32-35 notice vital things to learn from this portion; 1. The Time of Prayer 2. The Environment & place of prayer 3. The Solitude/seclusion in Prayer Luke 5:16, Matthew 14:23, Luke 9:18, 28 STUDY- Searching the scriptures to learn more, discover more about God, life, you, the Kingdom and appropriating the lessons and truths in your life. * Life is spiritual machine & the Bible is the manual. Don't presume! Study to know 2 Timothy 2:15 * Make time for success- for prayer, study, meditation. In our world today, so many things competing for your time but you must fight to get that time for your spiritual development. 1 Timothy 4:7-8 He proceeded to elucidate steps to cultivating a lifestyle of prayer and how to study effectively. Wow!! What an eye-opening session!!! #TIEWesternNigeria #TIEConference2019 #TIENIGERIA #CMDISFIRE #BLWCampusministryrocks

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Something important you need to understand about grace is that it craves recognition and appreciation. If you fail to recognize grace, it will cringe and withdraw, walking behind you. Recognize the 'graces' of God in your life! #PastorChrisatTHC #liftchallenge

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Special Birthday rap written and produced by moi. Had to come out of my rap retirement just for my Rev Ken. I love you dearly Rev sir. Watch the rest of the song at the link below. Too long for KC. https://youtu.be/r2CFhSpF_Bo #RevKen918 #cedallas #usaregion2

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🔥FOR MY DADA🔥 Challenge Accepted Pastor Brianna! @pastorbriannak Happy Birthday to my NUMERO UNO! I love you forever Reverend Sir♥️ #RevKen918 #cecanada #cetxzone1

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C H A L L E N G E A C C E P T E D ! ! ! TheGodMan/ MakerofRain Dance Challenge #RevKen918 #RKO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY

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Its my Daddy’s Birthday! Stay tuned for more dance videos soon. Meanwhile, I challenge @stburnish @azudyogwu @alexthegreat @pschrisowusu # RevKen918

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#REVKEN918 #CANADA #BLWUSAGROUP1 Happy birthday to most highly Esteemed Reverend. I love sir. Thank you for showing me the way of love, humility and kindness. I am indeed honored to be part of this challenge. TRAD. SUPERMAN. I challenge Pastor Dan. Gotip Pastor Deji...

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Celebrating my daddy. Whoop whoop Hurray #RevKen918 #canada Sis Nsiki, challenge accepted 😀🕺💃 I challenge: Pst Thabani Pst Sbu Pst Percy Pst Christian Pst Borosko Sis Yolanda Sis Flo

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Challenge accepted! Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love you so much Sir, this dance is specially for you This is part 1, more to come #REVKEN918 Now I challenge: PASTOR LEBO LEPAAKU Sis Hlakaniphile Dennis Oshea Sis Eunice Sithole Sis Tamara Martin's Ipeleng Makgopela Moslen Moses

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Challenge accepted!!! Only for you Sir! Happy Birthday Pastor. We love you Sir!!! #0918 #cecalgarygroup #canadaregion #Revken

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Challenge Accepted 😎 Celebrating my Super Dad! #RevKen918 It’s on! I challenge: Pastor Brianna Pastor Elaine Aunty Nicole Pastor Lebo Pastor Esther Pastor Becky Pastor Cynthia Pastor Carl Sis. Hlakaniphile Thank you Sir!

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 😎 Come and try to best these moves 💁🏾‍♀️🎉💃🏾 All for our Daddy #RevKen WE CHALLENGE: Doreen Owase Nigel Dara Natanya Dara Andrea Okocha Valerie Okocha Jimmy Ifon Beverly Omoregie Naa Anorkor Adjei Esse Odenore Chevaunne Stewart #RevKen918 #CECanada

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#revken918 Happy Happy Birthday sir! Thank you for your exemplary leadership and training you are truly a reflection of Love, wisdom and strength. I love you dearly sir ❤️❤️❤️ @rev

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W🌟E 🌟L🌟O🌟V🌟E 🌟Y🌟O🌟U ❤️R❤️E❤️V ❤️K❤️E❤️N 🌟S🌟I🌟R🌟 #revken918 #dancechallenge

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