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We have been TIE-D #TIEUK2019

Thank you Brother Alan for helping us get to TIE Conference!! 😊😊 #TIEUK2019

A gorgeous Pastor with a motivational spirit I wish to emulate! #TIEUK2019 with Pastor Esther

#TIEUK2019 was, is and forever will be a chosen sanctuary

My beautiful Pastor and I at #TIEUK2019 Such a wonderful time!! Love you Pastor Mary!!!

Thank you for impacting my world. I am not the same as a I was before. I have moved up several levels of glory after only one day on at #TIEUK2019 #CMDINTHEUK

Thank you @Pastorairen for guiding me through my spiritual life and encouraging me to attend #TIEUK2019

I am she who they seek #TIEUK2019

Had so much fun with my technical brothers at #TIEUK2019

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