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Happy Birthday Pastor Ma, we are happy to have you as a Coach and Shepherd. We thank you for your sacrifices and love. We love you. # welovepstval # Happy Birthday pstval

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR, Thanks for demonstration and the character of Christ, I love you Sir. #FORMIDABLE PC


There is always confort for a child of God. Super midweek service #CEFRANKFURT @PASTOR STEVEN

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#PSO#CEFRANKFURT#GERMANY. Happy Birthday Man God and thank you for your LOVE toward me and us, we appreciate and love you too Sir.

#PSO#CEFRANKFURT#GERMANY. Happy Birthday the good Shepherd and thank you Sir, for been a BLESSING to me and to us, we love you so Dearly MAN OF GOD.

Happy Birthday Sir and thanks very much for for your TEACHINGS. God bless you

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Updated his profile photo

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