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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma. Thank you for always leading us in Perpetual VICTORY Parade and helping us to SEE that anything is POSSIBLE. My family and I love you Specially. Congratulations MA. We love you more #CELVZ #LCACHURCH1 #ZA5 #PYK125 #PYKFACEOFPERFECTION

Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma. Thank you for always inspiring us with your inspiration. More Grace for the next and higher level of glory Ma My family and I love you so much. #dauntlessPYK #celebratingpykaniconoflights


Na me, The Spiritual warrior AreaFada Charly Boy. Abegi, make una take style welcome me.

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Happy Birthday Deaconess Ma! An Amazon & Legendary Being, belonging to the Elite Special Squad with a bold seal. I love you specially much!

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PRAYER FOR YOU! Meditate on these words of prayer and prophecies from our Zonal Director: It's your time and season, the glory is risen upon you. In all that you do there's increase and supernatural prosperity. No plan of the enemy concerning you shall prosper! There's an outpouring of the Spirit and God says this is your time and season to walk in my rest. #CELVZ

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The Midweek Online Service highlights. It was a glorious time on set as the Zonal Director was flanked by two of our Esteemed Leaders; Deacon Geri Roberts and Pasor Sade Imoagene, taking to us about the Zonal Leaders Convention, 2 Days of Blessing and the First Fruits. Here are a few refresher points from the service today: 🔶THE ZONAL LEADERS CONVENTION 🔹The things God requires of us are so simple they can be missed such as being at the right place at the right time. This is because God is interested in your obedience and the Zonal​ Leaders Convention is where time and chance will happen to each and everyone of us. 🔹Something small will suddenly become so big and that's supernatural. 🔶2 DAYS OF BLESSING Our Esteemed Zonal Director​ explained the significance of these many meetings happening even in the first month. Admonishing us to be at the 2 Days of Blessing with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn, she said: 🔹The intensity of preparation (meetings) for this year should give you an idea of what God has in store for you. 🔶THE FIRST FRUIT 🔹Giving your first fruit proves indeed you're God child and you're giving Him authority over your finances. If you want Supernatural supply, You can't do it outside the principles of giving. Our Esteemed Director led us through Proverbs 3:9-10, which showed us that giving is an act of honor to God. 🔶WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GIVE YOUR FIRST FRUIT 🔹Immediately you drop that first fruit, begin to rejoice. By reason of your giving, your barns (bank accounts, stores, pantry, etc) will be filled with plenty and your presses will burst forth with new wine(ideas, creativity, opportunity) 🔹Be alert to understand the strategems of the devil to steal and distract you with needs to stop you from giving your first fruit. #CELVZ

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The Supernatural

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WORDS SO PRECIOUS😍- Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu These WORDS by the Highly Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu- Zonal Director of CE Lagos Virtual Zone speaks volume of the work of the #InnerCityMission. "The stories are real, the lives are real and we need to do more to get more children off the street. As you do so, God would honour you Remember our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome says.."Every Child is Your Child" God Bless You" #EndChildpovertynow

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One thing is certain. Being at the right place at the right time is one of the tickets to locating yourself in the Supernatural. These are the right places to be at 6:30pm 👇 Online- click here: Service Centers- click here: Be a blessing to someone and take the Midweek Online service to them. It's sure going to be a Supernatural time in God's presence. Be there #CELVZ

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#SupernaturalEpistles SUPERNATURAL SUPPLY Hear me..God didn’t plan your life around your salary. He planed it around the riches in Christ Jesus. Phil 4 :19 Hallelujah.

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6. George Aiwuyuse 7. Mrs. Susan Aiwuyuse 8. Miss Ola Aiwuyuse 9. Michel Aiwuyuse 10. Zion George- Akhator 11. Nissi George- Akhator

Happy Birhday dearest Sis.Iddy Essien. I celebrate The Anointed One & His Anointing in U.Thank U 4ur acts of faith & faithfulness.I love U!

Happy Birthday Bro. Austine,a man of uncommon grace.This year,God will increase ur greatness geometrically & comfort U roundabout. I love U!

Happy birthday DUGR! Pst Said there are 2sets of people God cannot do without: Soul Winners $ Givers!U have these double honour.We love U Ma

Happy Birthday Pst Karen! Thank ur labour of love. Thank u 4spreading d gospel through ur commitment and passion 4 RoR ! My wife I love U!

Celebrating a Burning & a Shinning Light, Bro.Alexander Nwabudike in d month of 'The Shinning Light".10q 4 ur works of faith & faithfulness.

I have registered for CWC. I am ready for the work ahead. #CELVZ #LCA7

Yes, I have registered for CWC. #CELVZ

Get ready for the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris!!! September 8th-10th, 2017 @ the O2 London, United Kingdom. How to prepare for the Conference : 1. Register to attend at: 2. Pray concerning the program 3. Invite someone for the program 4. Be there! #HLCwithPastorChris

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