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A super duper Birthday to my very own Pastor Lawrence, He is too much, too much love,too much care,too committed, so full of God's word..


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ARE YOU GETTING READY?ⁿ It's Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny! JUST ONE DAY TO GO! #CESAZONE2

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As we celebrate our cell leader and church staff....Happy birthday sis Patience ...May the grace of God n Love contineu to increase in u.

IT'S A NEW LEVEL AT THIS SUNDAY'S GLOBAL SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS. Enjoy your new level as you are catapulted by words that will transform and elevate your destiny at the May 2019 Global Service With Pastor Chris. Watch the Global Communion Service Live Broadcast with Pastor Chris on LoveWorldSAT, this Sunday 5th May 2019 at 5pm (SAST).   For privileged LoveWorldSAT Sponsorship Participation call  +2776 309 8989 (South Africa) or +234 802 307 6652 (West Africa)

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My child ur child, what better better way to raise them ...through the Word of course! Thank u Sir for the kiddies Ministry materials...

Celebration contineus..

2Day I celebrate love, favour, a super natural strategist, the wisdom of God personified, a son of consolation. HBD Pastor John Mosima Sir..

A Happy birthday to our beloved Deaconess ma Letta..your path is like a shining light which shines brighter n brighter unto the perfect day

Happy Birthday to the coolest Dcns I know. She Always wears a smile thats made of gold, always willing to help by all means. I found A Dcns that is PFCC friend in Dcns Letta. You are simply the best Ma. I salute you #26thFeb #DcnsLetta #Happybirthday #PretoriaChurch

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Happy Birthday my super, extra ordinare' mom , a light set on the hill, the salt of this Earth light supply, I love u Pastor Funmby ma


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Higher Life Conference Day 3 Recap! When God speaks, he speaks to your spirit and what he says to you your spirit does not forget! We've been licensed to grow so there's no stopping us! 1 Cor 15:39-42 When God made the first Adam he was neither mortal or immortal. Mortality was also not an issue when Jesus lived on earth! He was neither mortal or immortal. He received power from the father to lay his life down, no one could take it away from him! He had Authority of Life! Man is a Spirit that was given a body. There are celestial bodies and there are terrestrial bodies, to be on this earth you have to have a terrestrial body. Celestial bodies are immortal, terrestrial bodies are neither mortal or immortal, they are fragile but durable and can be impacted on by external forces( it is not meant to be acted on by such force). Side Note: Listen to Christ Consciousness Vol 2 Part 1 and Jesus the Godman . . 1 Cor 15:44-52 Adam was called the first Adam because he was the first of his kind(the earthy kind) Jesus was called Adam because was the first of the new creation! You are like where you came from, Everyone who follows the first Adam is of the earth; earthy, the second Adam is a life giving spirit, you are a life giving spirit. You have to understand that Jesus did not come to set up a religion! Christianity is not a religion! When he died on the cross we all died with him. The Christian is not the redeemed! We are fruits of the redemption, fruits of the covenant, heirs of the covenant. Those who continue In the first Adam no matter what they achieve it will all come to nothing, this world may offer you everything but no matter what it offers you it is not enough, what God offers you is the best! Jesus died once, one sacrifice is enough, no more sacrifices. Even when terrestrial body was made subject to sin it took 930 years to bring Adam to death, because death was strange to him after being in fellowship with God! If you are not born again you are subject to death. Some Christians die because of the fear and consciousness of death Heb 2:14-15 The fear of death is a bondage but we've be already delivered! 2Cor 4:6 Your body has the capacity to contain God! And it does! It is a living tabernacle! You either have the consciousness of life or the consciousness of death, realize that God is at work in your Spirit, soul and body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. The most important thing is your response to the word of God! The Christian life is one of perpetual victories! It is the daily walk of God in the human world, it is a relationship with a living God by and in Christ Jesus. There is excellence about your life! Wake up to that excellence 2Cor 4:10-16 Rom 8:10-11 Christ brings life to your previously mortal flesh. No one can leave the Christian life without the holy spirit, he vitalizes your mortal and death doomed bodies! He makes your bodies immortal! There is no natural death! Not in God 1Cor 15:26 God wants you to be bold, the fear and consciousness Of death is the beginning of death, Refuse to be sick! this body that God has given you should not be wasted! Col 3:9 you are no longer what you used to be, your body is a living sacrifice, stop pursuing to be in the Image of Christ, you are already in his image! So think differently! You are different, develop yourself, develop your state, develop your nation! Become inspiring! #hlcph #hlc2019 #hlc #phenomenallife #phenomenallifewithpastoramaechi #peeay #peeayforever #cephzone1

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Thank you Pastor Ose Ma for directions For Empowerment, For information, for illumination.It was so overwhelming to see what Loveworld networks is doing with our Partnership. Wow.. #LNpartnersintheatre

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#CESouth #MiracleBabies #Twins #Divine&GodsWill

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEACON OBED We love you Sir! #cesazone2

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You'll soar so high that when you reach the sky, you're just starting to fly. The sky shall be your starting point. And you will always remain above. Happy birthday, Ma. I love you #25Dec #Angeliciousvibes #HappyBirthday

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